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Spectrum Technologies

Aurora, IL


Spectrum Technologies is a global business located in Aurora, Illinois. They manufacture specialty equipment for the agricultural industry. Their equipment provides key crop information like weather, precipitation, soil moisture, and disease models so agricultural workers can react accordingly. Realizing the need for an Ecommerce site to showcase their products and speed up checkout times, Specturm Technologies turned to Americaneagle.com for the design and development of their new website. Americaneagle.com utilized the user friendly iDev Content Management (CMS), a powerful web development platform that allows back end users quick and easy access to new and old content.

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Spectrum Technologies needed a new site to improve key performance website metrics, including site visits, sales volume, and conversion rates. Their audience consists of two main groups: knowledgeable but busy executives or university workers, and agricultural workers looking for extensive usage instructions and general education. To be successful for the internal staff, the site needed to reduce the time it takes to fill an order. Additionally, they wanted the new site to feature a user-friendly design and tailored messaging and tools for the different target audiences. Since Spectrum has set their sights on regional and international expansion, displayed content needed to be relevant to their geographic location.


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The new site now offers an ideal user experience for all of Spectrum Technologies’ key audiences. When busy and knowledgeable university and research companies visit the site, a few clicks drives them to the product page and checkout. Farmers and other agricultural workers benefit from step-by-step instructions, reading materials on how to properly read and act on Spectrum equipment readings, and in-depth buyer’s guides. The site also features unique functionality that allows the site’s content and functionality to change depending on the visitor’s country of origin. Depending on whether the customer is domestic or international, various checkout options appear. The new website is now positioned to reach a broader international audience. Americaneagle.com also provided a unique, time-saving integration between the website and Spectrum Technologies’ Internal system run by Microsoft® Dynamics GP.

Spectrum Technologies, Inc. Homepage
Spectrum Technologies, Inc. Interior 1
Spectrum Technologies, Inc. Homepage
Spectrum Technologies, Inc. Interior 1


As a result of the redesign, Spectrum has seen, met or surpassed all of their metrics benchmarks. “We're at a 27% increase for our year-to-date web sales and have already passed last year's online sales total only 6 months in,” said Scott Lemke, Art Director, Spectrum Technologies, and lead on the website redesign. “So, needless to say, the website is doing great! I can’t wait to present the annual numbers!” Spectrum continues to grow their customer base for their ecommerce store.

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