8 Innovative Healthcare Websites Created with Sitecore

For healthcare organizations looking to deliver high-quality patient and customer experiences through a cutting-edge website, Sitecore website development stands out as a powerful choice. Its robust features perfectly cater to the healthcare industry with the ability to create personalized patient portals and simplified management of information and health resources.

Sitecore shines in omnichannel marketing, ensuring consistent messaging across every patient or client touchpoint. The Sitecore platform has strong security features to ensure patient data remains safe and organizations are HIPAA compliant. Ultimately, Sitecore empowers healthcare organizations to build trust, transparency, and personalized experiences that drive patient satisfaction.

Americaneagle.com is an original Sitecore development agency partner. Read more about our partnership here and listen to our podcast The Sitecore Water Cooler for meaningful discussions on all things Sitecore. 

Collage of healthcare organizations' Sitecore website thumbnails showing branding and customer engagement for digital platforms.


Using the Sitecore Platform for Modern Healthcare Websites

With Sitecore, healthcare businesses and organizations can forget about clunky, slow-loading, and poorly performing websites. Instead, visitors can experience modern design, personalized experiences, and user-friendly journeys. Sitecore offers flexibility in website management, allowing you to choose a hands-off approach or take more control. However you choose to manage the site, with Sitecore, you'll have simplified content management, enhanced security, and a greater degree of reliable performance. 

Healthcare Distribution Alliance


The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) is a national association representing primary healthcare distributors responsible for delivering 15 million prescription medicines and healthcare products to nearly 200,000 pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics daily. Americaneagle.com teams utilized the Sitecore digital experience platform and delivered a responsive design with greater security and scalability.

Community Healthcare System

Various device screens showcasing the Community Healthcare System website with COVID-19 safety measures highlighted.

Community Healthcare System, a northwest Indiana hospital organization, enlisted Americaneagle.com and its design and development teams to update its website using the Sitecore Content Management Sitecore content management system. The site features Hawksearch, SEO management, banner campaigns, and pin results for a vastly improved user experience.

SameSky Health


SameSky Health web design and development on SitecoreSameSky Health has a diverse and large membership community and its website needed a powerful Content Hub tool as the foundation to create a better experience for customers. With Sitecore, the marketing team can streamline the creation and deployment process, scale to offer personal paths to members and store the entire customer life cycle messaging in the Sitecore Content Hub.

Renown Health

Renown Health Sitecore website

Renown Health is northern Nevada's leading healthcare organization and Reno's only locally-owned, not-for-profit health system. It is a large network of hospitals, specialists, lab services, and much more. Renown Health partnered with Americaneagle.com, which involved in-depth research, technical and design strategies, content strategy, and integrations with systems like Healthwise and Sitecore Connect. Renown Health saw increased acquisitions, engagements, and conversions, demonstrating the agency's expertise in healthcare implementations on Sitecore.

Sanford Health

Sanford Health

Sanford Health, the largest rural-based not-for-profit healthcare system in the US, partnered with Americaneagle.com to create a better website solution for its consumers. Built on the Sitecore platform, it offers a much more user-friendly experience so visitors can access information on services, appointments, health plans, and much more. The goal was to present these resources in an accessible and user-friendly manner, ensuring Sanford Health has a premier digital solution that meets their diverse needs.

The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission's Sitecore website on different screen sizes

Founded in 1951, the Joint Commission is the nation's oldest and largest standards-setting body in health care and has grown to four main business units. The task was to optimize the Joint Commission's online operations by consolidating the many websites across a wide variety of platforms. Additional tasks included addressing outdated design, user frustration, and the need for multiple sign-on. The end result was to use  Sitecore implementation and development to achieve better customer acquisition and lead generation while making sure of a seamless digital presence for all business units.

American Health Information Management Association

Collage of AHIMA website on various devices promoting ICD-10 code books, HIM professional development, and webinars for healthcare information management.

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) collaborated with Americaneagle.com to integrate the Sitecore Content Sitecore content management system System on three websites, assisting with platform assimilation, front-end development, graphic design, and programming while serving 52 state associations with over 103,000 health information professionals.

American Association of Neurological Surgeons

AANS Screens

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons, a leading organization representing all neurological surgeons, has secured its website using the Sitecore web platform and Americaneagle.com's PCI level 1 hosting facility, ensuring a secure and up-to-date experience.

Why Choose Sitecore for Healthcare Websites?

Sitecore empowers healthcare businesses to create secure, personalized, and engaging websites that enhance patient experience and improve access to sensitive information, resources, health plans, and countless other resources, all of which ultimately drive better health outcomes for their clients and customers. 

Sitecore and Americaneagle.com Agency Services

Specialized Sitecore services are offered through Americaneagle.com, a 2023 Sitecore Ultimate Experience Award winner. This relationship has stretched over a decade and continues to strengthen every year. Americaneagle.com helps businesses design, develop, implement, and maintain their websites using Sitecore DXP and truly makes us a one-stop shop for all your Sitecore needs. The benefits of Sitecore and an Americaneagle.com partnership can help your business thrive and grow to greater success.

Enterprise Implementations and Integrations

Americaneagle.com has years of experience with building large-scale enterprise solutions leveraging Sitecore. Thanks to the platform’s functionality, scalability, and flexibility, enterprise organizations are equipped with the right tools and futures to deliver high quality experiences to their customers.

Ongoing Support and Managed Services

Our ongoing support means we'll work with you to maintain your site after it launches. We offer round-the-clock support with a dedicated team to make sure all your business goals are met. Part of our services include scalable support packages for greater flexibility.

Rescue Missions

Fifty percent of Americaneagle.com's current Sitecore clients started with another agency. These businesses came to us to help them get the most out of Sitecore's solutions and services. Whether you're live with your website, in the middle of a Sitecore build, or need a complete takeover, our consultants are here to help you make the most of your Sitecore solutions.

Sitecore Solution Audits

Americaneagle.com offers comprehensive Sitecore solutions audits. We'll take a deep dive and see exactly what is holding your website back. If you need actionable recommendations or a plan to refactor your solution, consulting, audit services, or all of the above, we're here to help you get back on track.

Sitecore Version Upgrades

Americaneagle.com has a successful audit process that helps validate the best upgrade that works for your specific needs. We offer the most comprehensive Sitecore Upgrade Services and Annual Upgrade Packages.

Sitecore Training

Sitecore is powerful, and you may need training in order to use and maximize your technology investment effectively. Americaneagle.com's experts are standing by. We provide training for content authors, marketers, and developers. Our teams can show you the most effective way to leverage all of Sitecore's tools.

Sitecore Hosting Services and Migrations

Americaneagle.com owns its own data centers, and we're one of only a few Sitecore partners to do so. We're also Sitecore Managed Cloud Partners and Microsoft Azure Gold Partners, providing you with the best managed services wherever your site is hosted. 

Staff Augmentation

Technology, the digital landscape, and your customers' needs all change lightning-fast. Our teams utilize Sitecore's capabilities and can help your staff stay in sync with your customers and technology's ever-changing expectations and needs.

Experience Marketing Strategy

A/B testing, personalization, and segmentation are a few of the Experience Marketing tools we use as part of a comprehensive strategy. Our experts support Sitecore customers in getting the most out of this powerful suite of marketing tools. 

Sitecore Web Design FAQs

What experience does your agency have with Sitecore?

Our website agency has extensive experience with Sitecore, having worked on hundreds of projects spanning various industries. We have successfully designed and developed many Sitecore websites for healthcare and wellness institutions, organizations, and businesses. We currently have six Sitecore MVPs on staff and have earned specialization status for all five of Sitecore’s core composable products, which include Sitecore XM Cloud, Sitecore OrderCloud, Sitecore CDP + Personalize, Content Hub, and Experience Platform.

How do you approach website security, data protection, and HIPPA-compliant issues for websites on Sitecore?

Americaneagle.com’s Sitecore developers work diligently to ensure website security, data protection, and HIPPA compliance. Through a number of procedural measures, including risk assessment, compliance review, data encryption, audit trails, secure development practices, and more, our team ensures that your Sitecore website remains secure, compliant, and capable of protecting sensitive patient data.

Can you share testimonials or references from previous clients in the healthcare industry?

We're proud of the positive feedback we've received from healthcare institutions we've worked with, and we'd be happy to share their experiences. Please contact us and we will happily supply those on request.

Do you offer ongoing maintenance and support for the website after it’s built?

Yes, ongoing maintenance and support for clients post-launch is a service we provide. We proactively monitor your website on an ongoing basis. When issues arise, our team is available 24/7/365 to ensure seamless support and rapid resolution. Learn more about our client services.

Can you customize the website to align with our organization’s branding and unique requirements?

Customization is one of our strengths at Americaneagle.com. We collaborate closely with your team to find all the specific needs, goals, and branding guidelines of your healthcare organization. We can adapt our design and development process to meet your unique requirements.

How do you ensure the website is mobile-friendly and responsive?

At Americaneagle.com, we follow responsive web design best practices, ensuring that your website adapts to various screen sizes and devices. We conduct rigorous testing across different browsers and devices to guarantee a consistent and user-friendly experience.

Does Sitecore have plugins or third-party integrations?

Yes, we can integrate a variety of plugins and third-party solutions to amplify your website's functionality and cater to your exact needs. Our Sitecore team meticulously selects and configures the most suitable plugins to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly experience.

How long will it take to complete the website and what is the process from planning to launch?

Depending on the complexity of the project, the timetable may change. We give you a thorough project plan with deadlines and milestones. Our process usually includes a discovery, planning, design, development, testing, and deployment process that is supported by open communication.

What is the cost of building a Sitecore-hosted website for our healthcare organization or business?

Americaneagle.com offers clear pricing that is determined by the size of your project. This covers the price of domain registration, hosting, development, and any other extra features or services you might need. In order to make sure there are no unstated costs, we will also specify the ongoing maintenance and support expenses.

Why should I choose Americaneagle.com for building a healthcare website?

Americaneagle.com is committed to helping healthcare businesses and institutions harness the power of Sitecore to achieve their strategic objectives. Our expertise and Sitecore Platinum Implementation and Hosting Partner status, along with a suite of digital services, make us a valuable partner for healthcare businesses seeking to thrive and grow in the digital landscape. Additional services for healthcare institutions include SEO, digital marketing, analytics and data analysis, and UX design. Learn more about our partnership with Sitecore and the benefits it brings to your clients. 

Man in yellow shirt having a virtual consultation with a doctor on his laptop in a modern kitchen.


Looking for a Certified Sitecore Partner to Build Your Healthcare Website?

Healthcare organizations and businesses of all sizes will find powerful Sitecore features that allow patients and customers to experience online healthcare in a modern way with easier navigation, the highest security, and better access to important information. In addition, Sitecore websites have a great deal of flexibility and customization options and a CMS that supports personalization, omnichannel marketing, and advanced functionalities. These and other features make Sitecore the go-to choose for healthcare institutions. Ready to build a better healthcare website? Reach out to Americaneagle.com by calling (877) 932-6691 or the Contact Us form to discuss your Sitecore web development needs.

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