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An Enterprise Multi-Site Solution for Leading Health Care Accreditor

Founded in 1951, The Joint Commission is a nonprofit organization that seeks to continuously improve health care for the public by evaluating health care organizations to ensure they reach the utmost standard of care. As the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting body in health care, Joint Commission has grown to four key business units: The Joint Commission, which certifies and accredits organizations; the Center for Transforming Healthcare which offers training solutions; Joint Commission Resources, which offers documents and products for purchase; and Joint Commission International which accredits hospitals and organizations abroad. 


The Joint Commission desperately needed to optimize online operations for its four key lines of business. With so many web properties, all with different goals and business lines, the organization’s digital presence was very disconnected, both for its external audience and internal business users. Each website was on a different platform and operations were driven by over 25 homegrown systems. Furthermore, the overall design of each website was outdated and clunky, users struggled to find the critical information they needed to get accredited, and multiple sign-ons led to a frustrating experience. Joint Commission’s goal was to consolidate all of its websites on to one platform while still reaching their goals of customer acquisition and lead generation.  



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The Joint Commission website design project


The Joint Commission partnered with and work began with a comprehensive foundational strategy phase to discover the audience, business processes and technical requirements involved with the project. Using this information, created and implemented an enterprise solution for The Joint Commission that helped to unify the user experience, provided staff members with invaluable data, and created new marketing and sales opportunities.

All four of The Joint Commission’s websites were developed on to the Sitecore Platform, eliminating redundant software and reducing the time it took to make content updates across properties. also simplified the customer journey through an extensive redesign that cleared up the path to becoming accredited. The look and feel of each site was created in a mobile-friendly manner with cohesive, yet distinct branding. Additionally, the enterprise is now powered by Coveo’s enterprise search tool. Through the power of machine learning, this enables seamless findability of documents, products, and information from all of the Joint Commission’s business units.

Another major focus for this project involved streamlining the user experience and this solution did just that. Through federated single sign on functionality, users only need one login for all of the sites and internal TJC applications throughout the enterprise. This not only unified and dramatically simplified the experience for users, but it also reduced maintenance and issues for Joint Commission staff. Thanks to this mechanism, the organization gained the ability to personalize content across properties based on what resources a user purchased, when their accreditation is up for renewal, where they are in the purchase cycle, and more. An additional integration with Salesforce furthered this effort and surfaced user-by-user data for Joint Commission’s team to use for upselling purposes.

Since launching, The Joint Commission has received great user feedback. The organization now has a powerful enterprise presence that will further its mission to continuously improve health care for the public.

"For our project, it was key that understand the complex needs of Joint Commission and our audiences, and respond with a site that simplified the online experience on both the user and administrative side. They delivered an insightful and achievable plan that has increased our digital presence and online effectiveness!”
Frank Barancyk Internet/Intranet Communications Manager

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