's Mastery in Sitecore Solutions Strengthened with XM Cloud Specialization Achievement is delighted to announce that it has earned the Sitecore XM Cloud specialization badge, a coveted achievement held by only a handful of other Sitecore partners in the world. With the XM Cloud badge, has now earned specialization status for all five of Sitecore’s core composable products, which also include Sitecore OrderCloud, Sitecore CDP + Personalize, Content Hub, and Experience Platform. 

“We are very proud of our Sitecore team for being one of the first few agencies to achieve Sitecore’s XM Cloud Certification badge,” Jon Price, Global Sitecore Practice Director at, said. “We have a great track record on XM Cloud to date and look forward to more success in the future.”

To achieve the XM Cloud specialization,’s Sitecore development team needed to fulfill several requirements. First, six XM Cloud developers must pass the most recent Sitecore XM Cloud Developer Certification Exam. proudly has a growing list of ten certified XM Cloud developers. 

Second, a qualifying project must meet the following criteria: involve a new implementation or a substantial extension of an existing implementation and verified by both the Partner Technical Advisor (PTA) engaged on the project and the Customer Success Manager. Third, the XM Cloud project must demonstrate a commitment to the following: participation in implementation tracking with a PTA or services, adherence to Sitecore’s best practice guidance and code of conduct, and remediation of any issues in the solution identified by a PTA.   

As one of the leading Sitecore implementation partners in the world, boasts more than 10 years of experience in developing dynamic, user-centric experiences leveraging Sitecore’s composable offerings. Through its expertise as a Platintum Sitecore Implementation and Certified Sitecore Managed Cloud Hosting Partner, has successfully executed over 1,200 projects for a diverse range of clients. 

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