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It's vitally important to have timely and accurate insights into user behavior within your website and applications. This information is extremely valuable when determining your website's return on investment and when shaping responsive enhancements to user experiences.

Our analytics and data analysis services team at, each member a Google-certified data expert, help our client businesses explain how, where, and when visitors navigate through their website, apps, and other digital channels. We provide actionable strategies that truly move the needle and give clients a better understanding of overall website and digital solution performance.

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Analytics & Data Analysis Services offers a range of Analytics & Data Analysis Services to help businesses make data-informed decisions and progress towards their goals. These services include providing customer-centric analytics solutions, access to analytics, data quality audits, and performance and UX research.'s team of Google-certified data experts provide thorough analysis, compliance evaluation, and data quality checks. Additionally, our expertise extends to social media marketing, SEO, content writing, email marketing, and system integration services to enhance overall digital marketing efforts.

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Analytics Setup

If your business is just getting started with website analytics, we have the knowledge and experience to set you up for optimal success. The data and analytics team at will integrate your website with Google Analytics and other reporting software to consistently provide an accurate and inclusive understanding of the page views, traffic sources, and user behavior on your website. With the use of Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Analytics 4 tags, event tracking, Semrush, ad campaign data, and more, we will help you gain a clear view of your website performance.

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Google Analytics 4 Implementation and Consulting has helped a long list of clients successfully implement and customize Google Analytics 4 (GA4). In doing so, we are confident in every set-up consideration to be made and its ongoing influence on trusted data representation for our clients.

With the adoption of GA4, our business clients are recognizing significant benefits from this version of the world’s most prevalent analytics platform. Cross-device tracking has been enhanced to more capably represent user journeys across both websites and web apps. Measurement of events that used to require manual tagging, such as page scrolls when a user hits 90%, outbound clicks, engagement with embedded YouTube videos, and file downloads, are now standard within GA4.

Much of the development focus for GA4 was on privacy enhancements. Prior to its release, there were a number of prominent privacy laws passed, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). When GA4 was initially released, it was not compliant with all GDPR expectations. Because GA4 platform updates, settings, and implementations are ongoing and face periodic challenges, we will refrain from sharing specific set-up recommendations or legal advice regarding analytics privacy, cookies, and personally identifiable information (PII) on this web page. We work closely with each client and their legal representation to be confident and up-to-date with analytics compliance for their business.

Learn more about the impact of business transition to GA4 in this article, “A Deep Dive into Google Analytics 4.”

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Google Tag Manager Consulting

We help clients utilize Google Tag Manager (GTM) to efficiently install, store, and manage small snippets of code, or tags. By using one simple snippet of JavaScript code on a designated website, GTM allows full management of user-triggered website tags without any additional need to access website code. These tags can be useful in a number of ways to track specific user actions and collect important data. Commonly tracked events include form submissions, shopping cart abandonment, addition of items to a shopping cart, call to action (CTA) performance, scroll behavior, button clicks, video views, and more. works closely with each client team to identify a conversion-focused GTM strategy. We then help each client to implement, test, and ensure optimal GTM performance. The flexibility and ease-of-use of GTM make it a valuable marketing tool for businesses. It is free to use and many internal marketing teams fully manage GTM without requiring ongoing developer involvement. The analytics team at provides an experienced resource for additional consulting and support, when needed.

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Analytics Audit

An analytics audit often serves as the foundation for data analysis success with our clients. Our team investigates existing website statistics that the business has gathered. We identify gaps, trends and patterns that can inform recommended changes. All adjustments help to maximize engagement and advance targeted audiences along a digital journey toward specific business goal conversions. The thorough analytics review establishes immediate priorities for remediation and provides essential information to improve ROI on future website revisions.

Please consider listening to this insightful podcast episode of Modern Marketing Messages from Studios, “The Importance of Auditing your Analytics.”

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Data Analytics Strategy and Consulting 

Accurate data is crucial to intelligently informed business decisions. Our analytics team at is available to partner in the most complex analytics scenarios from account setup to third-party data integrations and sustainable success strategies. We welcome the opportunity to assist with your brand’s data analytics needs across all digital solutions and digital marketing channels.

Established business goals consistently lead all shared data strategy, tactics, and initiatives with our clients. Every combined effort contributes toward a sophisticated understanding of digital relationship journeys toward business conversion success. Significant user actions within those digital journeys become key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs are prioritized within tracking, reporting, and improvement strategies. Data-driven findings become a roadmap to repeated client success and business growth.

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Analytics Reporting and Dashboards

Our dedicated Google Analytics Certified strategists offer client relationships key insights and strategies on an ongoing basis. We develop Looker Studio dashboards and custom reports that enhance clear and consistent data visualization. From first introduction, a stakeholder meeting defines and clarifies specific client goals, audience needs, and engagement tactics. Those pillars of business objectives become the visual communication priorities of analytics reporting and dashboards. Each client dashboard has proven to be an impactful contributor to informed business decisions. Supporting KPIs, goals, and benchmarks lead our shared agendas for the scheduled cadence of client review meetings that highlight detailed reporting, findings, and recommendations.

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Enhancing the Analytics Journey

Analytics and data-informed strategies can be significantly advanced via user segmentation. User segmentation involves categorizing users into specific groups or segments according to common attributes. These segments become important marketing personas. We help clients to segment important users and their significant characteristics to create personas. 

The analytics team at further enhances the positive impact of data with advanced user path analysis. We help clients identify their most popular user paths, which user paths lead to the highest rate of conversions, and where paths are commonly abandoned. Those important revelations can immediately improve navigation emphasis, content priorities, and customer-centric adjustments to digital solutions.

Customization of Analytics Solutions

There is not a simple analytics setup that all businesses can deploy to maximize data-driven decision success. Each of our clients bring a unique business proposition, brand, audience, tech stack, data sources, and more to the table. We create impactful analytics solutions and strategies tailored to each unique client. Thorough introduction and business discovery ensure all analytics strategies closely align with business objectives.

Training and Capacity Building

Analytics and data analysis is not a set-it-and-forget-it business venture. Our highest performing client teams are consistently engaged with established dashboards, insights, and regularly contribute to sustained strategy success and adjustments. We assist those client teams with training within all implemented tools as well as data analysis and interpretation. We aim for our clients to continually gain confidence in their own independence to maximizing the day-to-day metrics available to them.

Integration with Other Platforms

The analytics tools referred to in this introduction are the most commonly used across many business implementations of digital solution analytics and strategies. These, however, only scratch the surface of the toolset with which the team at has extensive professional experience. We help clients integrate many other platforms that can promote understanding of business data and successful brand relationship journeys. Some of those tools include Google’s data warehouse, known as BigQuery, and emerging players like Power My Analytics and Super Metrics.

Mobile and Multichannel Analytics

Thorough analytics strategies spotlight user success and KPI assessment for prominent devices. Certainly, the most prominent of those today is smart phone engagement. Does your business know performance trends for your digital solutions on mobile devices? It should. Have your business apps been recently tested on popular mobile device operating systems? Proper analytics set-up and visualization can flag issues before they become a serious drain on time and business revenue.

Performance data across popular digital channels is also important. Some businesses are very active within particular social media advertising opportunities. Others deploy large-scale email campaigns. Throughout every channel of digital engagement there is an opportunity to integrate performance data to ensure a complete representation of your brand’s analytics.

Analytics & Data Analysis Insights

Web Analytics & Data Analysis FAQs

  • The process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting website data is known as web analytics. An organized approach to web analytics, maximizing available applications and website data sources, allows savvy businesses to learn important information about website visitors and their behavior. Intelligently deployed, web analytics can provide a clear understanding of the ways specific users interact with your website, what content receives highest engagement, and most impactful navigation and progression toward goal conversions. Web analytics inform the continued optimization of high-performing websites, improve user experience, and lead data-driven decisions to achieve business goals.

  • Web analytics provide insights that can be gathered from a variety of sources. By aggregating the best of available customer data, sophisticated web analytics take the guesswork out of customer demographics, interests, and behavior within your brand’s website and digital solutions. Our team at partners with clients to identify patterns and trends that clearly reveal customer preferences, needs, and pain points. Tailored content priorities and features can then be efficiently deployed to improve overall brand experience with a laser focus on specific customer needs.

  • The analytics team at utilizes a variety of tools for web analytics and data analysis, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Looker Studio, and other industry-leading platforms. These tools allow us to collect and analyze data, create custom client reports and dashboards, and provide actionable insights to help leading brands achieve established business objectives.

  • Analytics consultation begins with discovery to understanding business goals and identifying the key metrics and KPIs that align with those goals. Data sources are then identified, accessed, and organized. Tracking tags, using tools like Google Tag Manager, are among the technical set-up that is specific to each client and their conversion goals. Specifically, these tags can collect data on user behavior, conversions, and other relevant metrics. We also set up specific goals, events, and custom reports within Google Analytics that can be consistently accessed, monitored, and analyzed by the client team and our analytics experts.

  • GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics, designed to provide more advanced features and insights compared to Universal Analytics. Google’s Universal Analytics was discontinued in July of 2023 and is no longer available. GA4 provides improved event tracking, cross-platform tracking, and AI-powered insights. It also boasts a more versatile interface and allows for extremely flexible data analysis. GA4 was built with a renewed focus on user privacy and modern compliance with data protection regulations.

  • GTM is a tool that allows you to manage and deploy tracking tags on your website without having to modify the website code. It provides a centralized platform for the efficient management of tags that interact with Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more. GTM provides an interface that simplifies the process of adding and updating tags, improving site performance and promoting accurate data collection.

  • With our clients and their legal representation, we have global business experience prioritizing data privacy and security. We keep up-to-date in the very fluid landscape of global data protection standards and best practices. We use secure technologies and practices to ensure that user data remains uncompromised. Our solutions provide transparency and user control over data collection and use, complying with specified client data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

  • Each business chooses metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to prioritize. Those choices hinge on specific business goals and objectives. Standard metrics to be considered include pageviews, sessions, bounce rate, conversion rate, and average session duration. Effective KPIs involve the completion of goals, revenue generation, lead acquisition, and customer lifetime value. Our team’s collaborative approach helps clients identify the most impactful metrics and KPIs tailored to their business, then configure tracking and reporting systems to align.

  • Data analytics empowers intelligent business leaders with a confident understanding of user behavior, preferences, and areas of dissatisfaction. This analytical process enables the identification of website opportunities for performance enhancement, the refinement of content and user experiences, and the deployment of conversion-boosting strategies. Leveraging data-driven insights, we help clients employ tactics such as A/B testing, personalization, and precision-targeted marketing campaigns that elevate conversion rates.

  • Data visualization involves the transformation of data into visual elements like charts, graphs, and dashboards. This visual representation can simplify and efficiently communicate intricate data, facilitate the detection of patterns and trends, and foster the generation of data-driven insights. By offering a concise representation of data and analytics, data visualization empowers brands to make well-informed decisions, enabling rapid assessment of performance and focused implementation of responsive strategies.

  • We provide a scheduled cadence of reports and website performance insights based on each client’s preferences and business needs. Typically, members of the team at offer client partners either monthly or quarterly reports with detailed analysis and recommendations. We have also provided weekly reports to best support the agility needs of some clients, or throughout designated high-volume times of the year (like holiday season).

  • Yes, we create custom dashboards and reports tailored to the business needs of our clients, using tools such as Google Looker Studio. We work alongside each client to identify the key metrics and KPIs that align with specific business. Then, dashboards and reports are created to provide brand teams and their leadership a clear and concise view of important data.

  • Creating a data-driven strategy begins with a thorough and streamlined business discovery session, aimed at precisely defining and representing the unique business objectives of our client. We collaborate to pinpoint the pivotal metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with these objectives and establish intelligent tracking systems. Subsequently, we gather and analyze data to extract insights into user behaviors, preferences, and pain points. Armed with these insights, we craft a data-driven strategy, complete with actionable recommendations tailored to advance the achievement of business goals.

  • Web analytics empowers brands to make data-driven decisions to refine strategies and budget allocation. These decisions can be led by performance analytics from specific digital marketing campaigns, including traffic sources, user engagement, and conversions. By analyzing this data, brands can identify which campaigns are performing well and where there are opportunities for improvement. Data analysis alongside our clients consistently contribute to the achievement a higher return on digital marketing campaign investment.

  • has built a seasoned analytics team that has consistently played a pivotal role in client success across diverse industries. Each partnership is uniquely shaped by the requirements of our clients. We personalize our expert assistance and consultancy services for web analytics and data analysis. This encompasses everything from setting up and implementing analytics solutions to deriving actionable insights from data, crafting tailored reports and dashboards, creating data visualizations, and providing continuous support and consultancy. Our team of Google-certified data professionals are ready and able to address all client data analytics and analysis demands across the spectrum of available digital marketing channels.

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