Transportation Technology Partners (TTP), a division of can provide cutting edge ticketing solutions. Modern ticketing solutions can help increase efficiencies and are ideal for a variety of industries, including transit, sporting events, the entertainment industry, theme parks and more.

Along with many other industries, ticketing solutions can help the transit industry to modernize and speed up boarding.
Mobile Solutions

Mobile use continues to rise. Our vast experience in mobile development is essential to our work creating mobile ticketing solutions.

Post Launch Support

We understand the complexities of launching a new ticketing system, and will be available 24/7 after your system goes live to provide all the support you’ll need. Ticketing Products

We can help you create ticketing systems that are reliable, flexible and configurable.

Account-Based Central System

All our solutions connect to an account-based central system to ensure real-time accuracy. Some of our past experience includes the development of an account-based web portal for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)'s Chicago Card Plus and Chicago's Ventra & Ventra Mobile web portal.


We can create apps for iOS and Android devices.
One of our most popular apps was created for the Chicago Auto Show, to allow customers to look for information and purchase tickets on their mobile devices.

CIPURSE™ open standard Smart Cards and Wearables

Smart cards enable ease of use – add money to your account and a simple tap of your card deducts fare payment to allow fast boarding.  Wearables are smart cards in a different form – they can be presented as key fobs, smart watches, wristbands and more to accommodate different applications or events

2D Barcode Tickets can provide 2D barcode tickets to work with the apps we create. They can be printed, or presented to the ticket inspector on the screen of your mobile device or validate via portable handheld devices or on-board validators.


Portable Fare Inspection Device

To enable the ticket inspector to scan and validate customer’s 2D barcode tickets or smart cards

Retail Point-of-Sale (RPOS) Terminal

A Point–of-Sale terminal for those purchasing tickets on site. In several instances we have worked with our partner Star Micronics to provide the mPOP, Mobile Point of Purchase Solution to sell tickets or reload smart card accounts.

Bus On-Board Validator

This standalone validator will allow easy confirmation as to the validity of a customer’s 2D barcode tickets or smart cards.

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