Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards

Progress Sitefinity has recognized its customers and partners for the last 12 years with the annual “Website of the Year Awards.” The awards are given to winners for the exceptional digital experiences they deliver to customers and end users. The contest is open for all Sitefinity platform deployments that were launched or significantly upgraded during the past year.

List of Sitefinity customers that have won Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards; including P.F. Chang's, NECA, & Kirby Risk

What is Sitefinity Website of the Year?

Sitefinity Website of the Year awards honor the outstanding websites that utilize Progress Sitefinity to create incredible user experiences and push the envelope of innovation with Sitefinity's impressive features and capabilities. is proud to consistently be in the running for these awards for the past decade, winning a variety of times! has over 100 certifications and employs one of the first-ever Progress Sitefinity MVPs, making our Sitefinity services unmatched in the industry. Some of our Sitefinity services include:

  • Sitefinity Web Design & Implementation
  • Sitefinity Upgrades & Support
  • Sitefinity Performance & Security Audits
  • Sitefinity Multisite Design & Deployment
  • Sitefinity Insight & Personalization
  • Sitefinity System Integrations & API Development

We have been creating award-winning websites, B2B ecommerce development, and other solutions for over 25 years and our services have helped our clients greatly improve their digital experiences. Our Sitefinity development team builds visually appealing and highly functional websites, helping clients in all kinds of industries with their long-term success.

The Prestige of the Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards

The Progress Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards is a prestigious award given to digital agencies and Sitefinity clients, recognizing exceptional and innovative websites, web applications, and digital experiences using Sitefinity's platform. The award celebrates outstanding achievements in web design, development, content creation, and user experience.

The inaugural Progress Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards was first launched in 2011. The award's objective was to acknowledge the exceptional websites and digital experiences built using Sitefinity's platform. Since then, the awards have gained significant recognition in the technology industry as a prestigious award that recognizes excellence in web development.

The number of participants in the awards process has grown significantly over the years, ranging from small digital agencies to large global companies. The award categories have also expanded to represent various industries such as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and many more.

The selection process of the award is highly rigorous, and the submissions are assessed by a panel of expert judges. These judges evaluate the submissions based on various criteria such as creativity, innovation, usability, and overall user experience.

The Progress Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards are a highly regarded recognition for web developers who have built exceptional websites using Sitefinity's platform. The awards have seen tremendous growth over the years and continue to celebrate excellence in web development across many industries. 

Judging Process: How Sitefinity Website of the Year Winners are Selected

Since they began in 2011, the Website of the Year Awards recognize websites powered by Progress Sitefinity for their excellence in user experience and innovation in applying Sitefinity features and capabilities. It’s a two-phase process: an internal Progress jury carefully evaluates each submission based on visual design, content, layout, navigation, complexity, innovation, and significance. After rigorous deliberation, they select three outstanding finalists in each of the 17 contest categories. Then, the community has a say in who takes home the awards and helps determine the winner in each category. 

The Criteria for Sitefinity Website of the Year

The Sitefinity Website of the Year is one of the most esteemed awards in the web development industry, recognizing outstanding digital experiences powered by Sitefinity CMS. The criterion for this award is carefully curated to ensure that the winners stand apart from the rest with innovative designs, exceptional user experience, and advanced functionality.

  • Visual Design: Importance of aesthetics and alignment with company messaging
  • Content: Diversity, engagement, relevance, and personalization
  • Layout and Navigation: The necessity for intuitive and user-friendly design
  • Innovation: Pushing technological boundaries for enhanced user experience
  • Complexity: Measuring the technical depth of website customization and integration
  • Significance: Assessing the site’s impact, role, and recognition in the online space

Sitefinity Website of the Year Winners: 10 Years of Excellence has proudly enjoyed a decade-long partnership with Progress Sitefinity. As a Premium Progress Sitefinity partner, we deliver exceptional web development solutions and innovative content management systems to clients in a diverse range of industries. Over the course of this collaboration, has consistently demonstrated our expertise in leveraging Sitefinity's powerful features and capabilities to create customized and scalable digital solutions that drive business growth and enhance user experience.

2023 Website of the Year Winners

The 2023 Sitefinity Website of the Year winners were selected in two phases – an internal Progress jury evaluated each nomination against six selection criteria and, after narrowing the field, voting was opened to the community at large. We’re proud to announce the following winners.

Financial Services Website of the Year: Credit Union National Association (CUNA) – Your Money Further

Client’s WebsiteYour Money Further

CUNA came to with an objective to increase awareness of credit unions as a personal finance solution and improve the digital user experience. Credit Union Awareness (CUA) is the marketing arm of CUNA, focused on driving consumers to join a credit union. CUA's website,, was initially created as a supplement to their advertisements. However, after some success, they wanted to engage with customers and show the value of joining CUNA. They also needed a more mobile-friendly design due to the high traffic from mobile devices. partnered with CUA and offered to leverage Sitefinity’s content optimization, SEO, and responsive design capabilities. CUA is thrilled with its new site and the flexibility and functionality the Sitefinity platform provides. It’s produced excellent results in a short period of time and it now serves its members better. In addition, it has attracted 16 million visits in the first year of the site’s launch, attracting more potential new members. For more details, check out the Your Money Further Sitefinity case study

Associations, Government & Public Sector Website of the Year: Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia (PDSDC)

Client Website: PDSDC

The PDSDC came to in need of a website that would provide clear and concise information to promote their services to the public. PDSDC provides quality legal representation to adults and children, and its new Sitefinity-powered website has helped it protect society's interest in fair justice administration through increased traffic, a greatly improved user experience, enhanced website performance, and better content curation.

2022 Website of the Year Winners

Below are the winners of the 2022 Sitefinity Website of the Year awards:

Best Digital Experience: P.F. Chang’s

Client’s Website: P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s original Sitefinity website implementation and supporting technologies grew outdated over the years. They needed to completely revamp the user experience. Basic website changes, such as daily updates and promotional content, were difficult to do, and there was a high site abandonment rate due to a badly performing, slow website. Our Sitefinity team proposed a complete restructuring of the website to the latest version of Progress Sitefinity, with powerful integrations. The new site allows P.F. Chang’s to take full advantage of its latest capabilities with a new admin and content editing user interface. P.F. Chang's partnership with now allows them to focus on site enhancements and optimizations instead of fixes. Sitefinity has improved their page speed and performance, giving marketers more control and it’s led to a decrease in site maintenance costs.

For more details on the project's success, read the P.F. Chang's restaurant website and app design case study

Graphic Design: National Electric Contractors Association

Client’s Website: National Electric Contractors Association (NECA)

A complete revamp of NECA's website was required - the previous “build-as-you-go” approach led to a decline in usability, design, information architecture, content, functionality, and search. NECA needed a more agile, intuitive, and search-friendly website solution that would serve their membership more effectively. We helped NECA leverage Sitefinity for content management and governance. Success came quickly – with a 55% increase in time spent on the website and a 14.5% decrease in bounce rates.

For more information on this client success story, visit the NECA Sitefinity website case study on our website detailing it all!

Personalization: Legal & General America

Client’s Website: Legal & General America

Legal & General’s previous platform was lacking the essential developer tools and digital marketing capabilities needed to create a seamless user experience. The objective was to deliver personalized customer journeys. We utilized Sitefinity’s personalization capabilities to design a modern customer experience. Their marketing and IT teams are now able to provide high-performing, seamless user experiences that have positively impacted company growth and customer satisfaction.

You can get all the details on this project by reading the Legal & General America case study here.

Ecommerce: RDO Equipment

Client’s Website: RDO Equipment

RDO Equipment needed to provide a seamless B2B ecommerce experience for their customers. Our team partnered with RDO for a digital transformation project with full ecommerce capabilities on the Sitefinity platform, along with conversion of their legacy Sitefinity content. The new, freshly branded website allows users to explore and easily shop for equipment and parts. There’s been a 31% increase in users and a 917% increase in page speed.

For all the details on this project, go to the Sitefinity manufacturing web and app development case study.

Financial Services: Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Client’s Website: Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Their previous digital solution and content management system (CMS) was unmanageable and inaccessible. The objective? Improve members' digital experiences during the pandemic. Services provided included the launch of a user-friendly, Sitefinity-powered website that now accommodates the growing demand for online banking and virtual services. Our team equipped Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union with a Sitefinity-powered website that has led to continuous growth in their business in a post-covid era.

For more information on Affinity Plus’s Sitefinity implementation, read the case study on our website.

2021 Winners by

Below are the winners of the 2021 Sitefinity Website of the Year awards:

Energy & Utilities: Cleco

Client’s Website: Cleco

The content on Cleco’s website had grown tremendously over the years and their old CMS made it difficult to manage. In addition, it was hard to make it mobile friendly and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. We implemented a modern Sitefinity-powered experience and Cleco’s ranking in J.D. Power Study, which measures customer satisfaction, improved by 69 places. 

Financial Services: Legal & General America

Client’s Website: Legal & General America

LGA needed to increase traffic and deliver an innovative customer journey to reach their aggressive growth goals. We worked with LGA and implemented a personalized experience across multiple channels using Sitefinity and Sitefinity Insight. After implementation, organic sessions increased by 17.7% and website conversions by 9.5%. Read the Legal & General America digital marketing case study details.

B2B: XTRA Lease

Client’s Website: XTRA Lease

XTRA Lease needed to revamp their operations for the digital age and they wanted to enhance their crucial branch processes and revolutionize the user experience on their website. XTRA Lease partnered with with an objective to increase website traffic and deliver an innovative customer journey. The new website includes a wide range of visual and functional improvements, delivers a better customer experience and makes it easy for new customers to do business with XTRA. Visit the XTRA Lease website case study page.  

2020 Winners by

Ecommerce: Kirby Risk

Client’s Website: Kirby Risk

Kirby Risk needed a website solution that would help them achieve better B2B/B2C operational efficiency. They wanted to engage customers in real-time and provide an efficient site search. The new Sitefinity platform was integrated with ROC Commerce, Eclipse Ariba Punchout Coupa Punchout, SciQuest Punchout on Progress OpenEdge. It also utilizes Hawksearch and Live Chat. The website integrated online and offline operations, while improving the website user experience along with efficient navigation, thanks to Sitefinity’s powerful platform. Learn more about the Kirby Risk ecommerce website example.  

Financial Services: Hughes Federal Credit Union

Client’s Website: Hughes Federal Credit Union

Hughes Federal Credit Union needed to substantially improve website performance and functionality. They also needed to provide Spanish versions for a majority of the site and improve the load time.  The new Sitefinity powered website was integrated with Google Maps,, loan and deposit rate APIs, financial calculators, and JazzHR, leading to a 30% improvement in page load time after the site redesign.

Associations & Non-profit: Association for Institutional Research

Client’s Website: Association for Institutional Research

The Association for Institutional Research (AIR) needed a streamlined internal content creation and management tool that supported mobile and SEO strategies. Our team was happy to utilize Sitefinity’s customization and extensibility capabilities, along with integration with the Association Anywhere AMS, to provide a better user experience to their members as well as an easier, better way to create and management content. For many more details on the 2020 winner in the Associations category, visit the Association for Institutional Research's website case study.

2018-2019 Winners by

Healthcare: Change Healthcare

Client’s Website: Change Healthcare

They came to in need of an entire overhaul of their digital presence, better search visibility, and an increase in website traffic. Our team integrated the new Sitecore-powered website with Eloqua, Coveo, VidYard, and Analytics Ninja. The award-winning website saw over a 90% YoY increase in all website traffic after launch, +100% YoY increase in organic traffic, +70% YoY increase in pageviews, and +250% increase in search visibility.

Technology: Blackbaud

Client’s Website: Blackbaud

Blackbaud was transforming its brand communication strategy and wanted a new website to support the change. Their objective was to drive traffic across regions. Our team implemented Sitecore and integrated it with Marketo, Coveo, BoldChat, UberFlip, and SSO. The success was almost immediate - new users +49%, Sessions +27%, and +106% growth in top 3 keyword positions. For more information, visit the Blackbaud website technology and design example.

Travel & Tourism: Crystal Cruises

Client’s Website: Crystal Cruises

The luxury cruise line company was looking to decrease their dependency on IT and speed up their digital marketing campaigns. We worked with their team to integrate with Salesforce Community, Versonix Seaware, Mapbox, Live View Feeds from Ships at Sea, and Crystal Cruise’s trip booking web application. Crystal Cruises has seen a game-changing shift in how they handle their content, empowering their marketing team to make updates without developer involvement with the Progress Sitefinity platform. You can find more information on the Salesforce website integration project on our website. 

2017 Winner by

Five clients were named finalists in the 2017 Sitefinity Website of the Year awards. We received one winning nomination, detailed below. 

Government: Cuyahoga County

Client’s Website: Cuyahoga County

The County government came to to enhance their online customer services and the overall user experience. Upon implementation of the Sitefinity platform, the site fulfilled Cuyahoga County’s strategic priority of providing superior services and customer experiences to the residents of Cuyahoga County.

2016 Winners by

Associations: SASED

Client’s Website: SASED

SASED chose to work with to Improve accessibility of content and enhance the user experience. We utilized Sitefinity to create a new, modern site that would work seamlessly across all devices with responsive design. The Sitefinity platform was chosen for the SASED website because it was ideal for easy updates and one that would support future expansion.

Sports & Entertainment: Packers Everywhere

Client’s Website: Packers Everywhere

The Packers wanted a website to engage fans in real-time by improving the mobile user experience and integrating it with third-party systems. Upon implementation, the new site was a big-time success. The Packers scored big with a 17% increase in page visits within the first week after launch, most of which were from mobile. For more details on the NFL website design and development project on Sitefinity, read the case study on our website.

2015 Winner by

Construction: Essex Crane

Client: Essex Crane

Essex Crane came to us in need of an efficient website management system, one that was able to leverage multisite capabilities and integrate the dynamic site search software Hawk Search. Upon implementation, the award-winning website allowed their multi-websites to share the same code base, simplifying website maintenance.

2014 Winners by

Best Design: World Book

Client’s Website: World Book

World Book needed a web presence that would personalize their content based on user type by integrating Constant Contact, Zoho CRM, and Americommerce. The implementation was a rousing success, with a 24% increase in traffic and a 16% increase in page views.

Real Estate: NAI Global

Client’s Website: NAI Global

NAI Global needed to completely redefine the web experience for a global network. We utilized the Sitefinity platform to integrate the website with 3rd party applications like Salesforce. The new site was a success and NAI Global’s website won the website of the year award from Sitefinity. 

2013 Winners by

Ecommerce: Liebherr

Client’s Website: Liebherr

Liebherr needed a dynamic web presence that would provide product information and support online sales. The new site was a success and led to an enhanced online visibility and an increase in sales.

Government: Naperville, IL

Client’s Website: Naperville, IL City Website

The city of Naperville needed to modernize their website for the digital age. Our team of Sitefinity experts implemented Sitefinity's content management system which led to increased website traffic and a much-improved user experience.'s Expert Sitefinity Development Services

As a Premium Progress Sitefinity partner, we are proud that our clients’ exceptional websites were honored with Sitefinity Website of the Year awards, where innovation meets incredible user experiences., a leader in the industry, has consistently been a top contender for the past decade, securing a number of wins. With over 100 certifications and pioneering Progress Sitefinity MVPs, our Sitefinity services are unrivaled. We offer a range of services, including Headless CMS, Web Design & Implementation, Upgrades & Support, Performance & Security Audits, Multisite Design & Deployment, Insight & Personalization, Cloud, and System Integrations & API Development. With over 25 years of experience, our award-winning websites and solutions have transformed the digital experiences of countless clients. Join our diverse portfolio of visually captivating and highly functional websites and unlock your long-term success!

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Contact us and experience the power of Progress Sitefinity through our decade-long partnership. As a Premium Partner, we specialize in delivering exceptional web development solutions and content management systems to clients in all kinds of industries. Our expertise in leveraging Sitefinity's powerful platform ensures customized and scalable digital solutions that drive business growth and enhance the user experience. We encourage all businesses and organizations that are seeking to optimize their digital experience to consider's expertise! Read on and learn more insights on our partnership with Sitefinity.

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