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Providing a Luxury Digital Experience for World Travelers

Crystal Cruises is the premier name in world class luxury travel via the oceans, seas and rivers of the world. The company provides passengers the finest, world class accommodations in the industry. Crystal Cruises offers trip itineraries to unique destinations all across the globe and passengers can choose a variety of vessels to travel upon, including ocean and river ships, as well as luxurious yachts.


The previous website did not align consistently with Crystal Cruises’ luxury branding, nor did it provide adequate navigation tools for travelers to explore the many voyage options the ship line has to offer. In addition, the site required the intervention of a developer whenever the company’s marketing department wanted to revise, add or update any online content.
Integrating with other CMS plug in product systems proved to be problematic and subject to functionality issues. Lastly, while it was clear that Crystal Cruises needed to develop a new website, it was crucial that their current one continue to function, despite some ongoing limitations.



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  • Experience Design
Crystal Cruises website design


Crystal Cruises partnered with to develop an entirely new website that today successfully conveys the ship line’s luxury travel brand to customers. New site navigation tools allow prospective travelers to find a voyage to virtually anywhere in the world, explore international destinations with interactive maps and choose their preferred mode of travel, whether it be via ocean ships, river vessels or aboard luxurious yachts. The website is now operating on the Progress Sitefinity CMS platform, which has trans- formed how Crystal Cruises manages their content. Their marketing department no longer has to involve a developer in order to change, add or update content on landing pages. This has saved an enormous amount of time for the marketing staff, as well as freeing up the resources of developers and other technical team members. also successfully integrated Salesforce Community Cloud, which allows the Crystal Cruises website to offer an exclusive membership feature that provides travelers with the ability to view past voyages, compare future trip options, as well as review interactive deck plans. Other integrations included Versonix Seaware, an advanced reservation system, Crystal Cruises’ trip booking web application, Mapbox and live onboard ship views.
“On behalf of the Crystal Cruises team, I would like to thank for their partnership and commitment to building our new website. The professionalism, energy, dedication, integrity and team spirit have exceeded our expectations.”
John Polimenakos VP of IT

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