Enterprise Ecommerce Simplified: 10 BigCommerce Website Examples

With over 25 years of experience and expertise, the innovative website design and development team at Americaneagle.com takes clients' websites to the next level and enhances their digital experience for the modern era. We provide tailored website services to meet clients' unique business needs.

Americaneagle.com is a proud enterprise BigCommerce development partner, helping clients grow their digital presence and delivering powerful experiences. We utilize the powerful functionalities and capabilities from the BigCommerce platform to exceed all businesses' digital needs. Discover how Americaneagle.com can help you build engaging, seamlessly functioning websites that leverage the capabilities of the BigCommerce platform.

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How Can BigCommerce Help with Enterprise-Level Ecommerce?

BigCommerce provides comprehensive solutions for enterprise-level ecommerce businesses looking to enhance their websites and digital experiences. At Americaneagle.com, we utilize development, support, and design services to create a tailored website that caters to your unique business goals.

We work with you to harness BigCommerce’s development services, which include data and website migration, product catalog development, system integrations, multi-storefront development, cloud-based SAAS platform development, and custom theme development.

For businesses that require support services, we ensure the smooth operation, security, and performance of your BigCommerce-hosted website with 24/7 maintenance and support. Additionally, we offer other training, content writing, digital marketing, custom integrations, and so much more.

8 Inspiring Enterprise BigCommerce Websites

Check out eight fantastic enterprise client websites that have been transformed with the help of BigCommerce’s powerful technology and Americaneagle.com’s BigCommerce development services.

Freedom Outdoors

Responsive website design of Freedom Outdoors across multiple devices showcasing discounts on hunting gear.

Before coming to Americaneagle.com, Freedom Outdoors’s state-of-the-art shooting facility and archery range had two websites hosted on different platforms. They sought a partner that could combine both websites into a redesigned, effective BigCommerce online store.

Utilizing BigCommerce, the team at Americaneagle.com created one website that was cohesive, user-friendly, and optimized for product categorization. The team chose out-of-box functionality to streamline inventory and custom page builder widgets, empowering internal team members to add and update content easily. The new Freedom Outdoor website also benefits from HubSpot Marketing Hub and the Yoast search engine optimization (SEO) plugin.

Customers no longer have to visit two websites to find what they need. Now, they can seamlessly navigate within one new, intuitively designed website. The modern website supports both internal team members and customers and is experiencing exceptional results, including a 117% increase in website visits YoY and a 46% increase in revenue YoY.

Gordy & Sons

Gordy & Sons BigCommerce website on different screen sizes

Premier outfitter Gordy & Sons wanted to increase online revenue by enhancing their ecommerce website. They chose Americaneagle.com to build a new site that would be user-friendly, SEO optimized, support content development, and activate an intelligent digital advertising campaign to boost return on ad spend (ROAS).

The team developed a BigCommerce website with a point-of-sale environment and an inventory management system, providing accurate, real-time data on product inventory, orders, and customer details. Gordy & Sons then launched a new targeted digital advertising campaign to expand their customer base. The site has seen significant performance increases, with 151% increase in keywords in SERP top 10 and 100% in revenue from organic acquisitions.

FKA Brands

FKA Brands BigCommerce Website

FKA Brands is a company that operates several businesses in the electronics, health, and personal care industries. The company required a website that enabled them to add new portfolio items quickly and seamlessly. Additionally, they wanted the website to be launched on country-specific domains with successful translation, payments, and shipping across Europe and North America.

FKA Brands chose Americaneagle.com as its website agency partner to determine the right technology, web development solutions, web page components, and online functionality to support each brand’s unique goals while allowing the business operations to scale.

The internal teams required cohesive content management solutions and backend systems to manage the branded websites more efficiently. BigCommerce was selected because of its leading ecommerce capabilities, flexibility, and scalability in an open-source, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

Americaneagle.com is helping FKA Brands with the migration of nearly 30 different brand and country sites to BigCommerce. Each website will showcase a reliable and high-performing combination of digital solutions.


HoMedics BigCommerce web design on different devices

One of FKA Brands' subsidiary brands, HoMedics, which manufactures various health, wellness, and fitness products, was also one of its businesses that needed a new website. It needed to migrate its site to a new ecommerce platform that would enable it to achieve its unique business goals and objectives. FKA Brands chose Americanegale.com to complete the first website among its broad portfolio of businesses, which would be the framework for the remaining branded websites.

The team launched HoMedics.com with a custom homepage and product detail page, which included a variety of platform integrations such as Hawksearch, Shogun, BazaarVoice, Bronto, and VWO. HoMedics’ new BigCommerce website is equipped to offer the necessary features to meet its specific business goals, including increased functionality.

Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka website on different devices

Badgley Mischka, a leading American design team creating some of the most iconic fashion designs, ran its online storefront on the BigCommerce platform. However, it sought to improve its digital presence to increase its customer base and attract shoppers to its physical storefront locations.

They decided to work with the team at Americaneagle.com, who immediately got to work creating a foundational strategy that would focus on Badgley Mischka’s target audiences. By tailoring experiences around each audience, the redesigned site boosts online engagement and sales.

Furthermore, the team worked on an integrated marketing strategy to expand on email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing efforts. Soon after relaunching the Badgley Mischka BigCommerce site, it saw a significant increase in its digital presence and performance, with a 153% increase in email marketing transactions and a 70% increase in social media revenue.


Collage showcasing the Choose-Your-Gift website on various devices, highlighting gift selection and service features.

The Choose-Your-Gift® program aimed to improve its online presence to stay ahead of competitors and solidify its position as the original brand of the gift-giving industry.

Choose-Your-Gift® decided to partner with Americaneagle.com to make this happen. The team decided to focus on various strategies, including specific user experience (UX), SEO, navigation, and landing page and content optimization. After implementing these strategies successfully, they began a digital marketing campaign. The result for Choose-Your-Gift® was record-setting, with a 97% increase in revenue (YoY) and a 53% increase in sessions (Q4 YoY).


PinMart's BigCommerce website

PinMart, a designer and manufacturer of custom and stock lapel pins, lanyards, key chains, and rubber bracelets, has been a long-standing client of Americaneagle.com. After experiencing significant growth in recent years, PinMart decided to redesign its site with the help of its website design and development partner. The revamped website supports PinMart’s growth and offers greater scalability. The Americaneagle.com team decided it was best to incorporate a responsive design, video content management system, and more, taking advantage of the powerful BigCommerce platform.


ZokyDoky website design on different screen sizes

ZokyDoky, New York's exciting ecommerce shop for jewelry, handbags, and fashion, wanted a BigCommerce website that followed its ethos of a guilt-free purchasing experience. It hired Americaneagle.com to create a beautifully designed and functional website.

BigCommerce was leveraged because it allows countless personalization and customizations. The new ZokyDoky website includes various product categories beautifully displayed on all devices. The checkout page is clean and free of ads or excessive images that could distract the user and lead them away from the page.

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