10 Bank and Credit Union Web Design Examples on Sitefinity

Financial institutions need websites that deliver optimal performance, the highest levels of security, an intuitive user experience, and possess an ease of use for marketers and admins to update and load content. With Americaneagle.com's experienced web development teams and the incredible power of Sitefinity, we deliver financial businesses a beautiful and responsive digital experience.

In this blog, we'll discuss what makes a great Sitefinity website, why it's an ideal choice for banks and credit unions of all sizes, and answer questions in the FAQ section. Plus, don't forget to explore our top websites powered by Sitefinity and Americaneagle.com's award-winning design and development services.

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What Makes a Great Sitefinity Website

Sitefinity offers tools to help take an average website and make it extraordinary. The platform's tools and solutions make it easy and accessible for your marketing team and editors. In this section, we'll look at what makes Sitefinity websites stand out and a few tips to get the most out of it's robust capabilities.

User-Centric Design

Sitefinity offers robust content management capabilities, and a great website will utilize these tools to create a visually appealing design that's both intuitive and responsive across devices. When you're thinking about your website design, be sure to cater to your target audience's preferences and needs so that you reach your target audience.

Rich Content

Your website must feature high-quality images, videos, and other multimedia visual elements that engage users, which can be implemented using Sitefinity's digital asset management (DAM) tool. At the same time, the written content on your website should be organized, relevant, and regularly updated.

Here at Americaneagle.com, we have a team of highly skilled content writers who can work with your business to create engaging and informative content. Explore our copywriting services to learn more today.

Personalized User Experiences

Sitefinity offers customer journey personalization, so individual users will have content that is highly tailored to grab their attention yet be unique to their journey. Personalized UX may improve user engagement on your website and also boost conversion rates.

Seamless Digital Commerce

For websites with ecommerce functionalities, a smooth shopping experience is non-negotiable. Users must be able to intuitively move around the site and easily find and purchase items. A great user experience includes easy product search, secure payment gateways, and a natural checkout process.

Multichannel Consistency

In today's digital landscape, consistency is crucial for brand awareness and the user experience. Sitefinity's multichannel management, content, and user experience remain consistent across all channels, including the main website, mobile apps, and other digital touchpoints during and after a sale.

Interactive Features

To boost user interactions, web chatbots can be used. Chatbots can be an engaging way to keep users on the site and serve other functions. Chatbots provide instant responses to a user's questions, can deliver an immersive experience, and resolve customer questions that would normally route to a human. Chatbots can also be used to guide users through the website.

Optimized Performance

The best websites load quickly, are available with minimal downtime, and offer smooth navigation. Sitefinity web developers can monitor on a number of potential performance indicators such SSL offloading, caching, debug mode, content compression, and other settings.     

Flexibility and Extensibility

Sitefinity's hybrid headless CMS feature allows you to create and manage content in a central location and then deliver it to any front-end application using APIs. This allows you to choose the right front-end technologies for your specific needs and deliver a cohesive experience across all your digital channels.

Integrated Systems

Sitefinity has low-code integration in addition to built-in integrations and add-ons. A finance or banking website will seamlessly connect with other business systems like CRM, ERP, HubSpot, Google Tag Manager, and many other marketing automation tools. With this robust integration, teams can streamline operations further.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Users need to have refined search results. Sitefinity's advanced search features allow users to easily find the information they want. Features include autocomplete, accurate recommendations, AI-powered personalization of search results, and more.

Robust Security

When building a website, it's important to include mechanisms that gather user feedback and integrate with analytics tools. This allows for continuous monitoring of site performance and user behavior, which means you can make better data-informed improvements. Americaneagle.com has a highly skilled analytics team that can help you better understand your metrics and ensure that your website has the proper tools to get high-quality data. Explore our data analysis services and learn more today.

Feedback and Analytics

Including mechanisms for user feedback and integrating analytics tools is essential. Sitefinity has powerful web analytics features that are integrated with Google Analytics. It allows for continuous site performance and user behavior monitoring, to make data-informed improvements. Dive deeper into data analysis and optimization with our expert analytics team. Ensure your website has the tools to gather high-quality data and make informed improvements.

Sitefinity websites that Americaneagle.com builds have all of the features mentioned above. 

Why Use Sitefinity for Bank and Credit Union Websites

Now that we understand what makes a Sitefinity website such a comprehensive and well-established content management system, let's explore why it's the preferred CMS within the financial services industry.

Trust and Security

Trust and security are of utmost importance in the banking and credit union industries due to the constant handling of private financial information. Sitefinity's robust security features protect customer data, boosting trust among customers and ensuring compliance.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Banking customers expect tailored services. Sitefinity's highly customizable CMS means that banks and credit unions can easily have a website that meets their customer's needs. Personalization tools allow financial institutions to offer customized recommendations, alerts, and promotions based on customer's behavior, enhancing user engagement even more.

24/7 Customer Engagement

We live in a 24-hour world. With AI-driven chatbots, Sitefinity ensures that customers get their questions answered any time of the day or night, improving customer satisfaction and gaining greater insights into customers.

Multichannel Consistency

Customers accessing banking services from various devices and platforms need consistency across all channels to avoid confusion. Manage the entire digital experience with Sitefinity's multichannel management to ensure a seamless experience across all touchpoints. Touchpoints beyond the website may include apps, marketplaces, social media, chatbots, emails, and more.


As banks and credit unions see greater growth and increased traffic, Sitefinity's cloud-native PaaS solutions allow them to expand their operations without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Sitefinity is a highly scalable CMS, so it can easily scale up to handle that increase in traffic without sacrificing performance.

Integrated Ecosystem

Sitefinity's integration capabilities ensure that all backend systems work harmoniously, providing a seamless experience for customers and bank staff.

Content-Driven Engagement

Financial literacy and education are crucial for credit union and banking customers. Sitefinity's robust content management system allows banks and credit unions to create, manage, and deliver highly informative content that educates and engages customers.

Cost Efficiency

By offering a platform that combines content management, personalization, security, and integration, Sitefinity can reduce the total cost of ownership, a significant benefit for cost-conscious banks and credit unions. Sitefinity also offers additional cost efficiency through its scalability features and its reliability.

Developer and Marketer-Friendly

Sitefinity is designed to be user-friendly for technical and non-technical users. Developers can leverage advanced features for customization, while marketers can easily update content, run campaigns, and analyze customer data without deep technical expertise. As a PaaS CMS, Sitefinity also supplies robust and responsive customer support. 

10 Best Sitefinity Website Designs for Financial Service Businesses

Hughes Federal Credit Union

Digital banking interface of Hughes Federal Credit Union on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Hughes was in the midst of a rebranding initiative when it came to Americaneagle.com. The credit union wanted a new website to serve as the main online branch. Read more about this Sitefinity financial service project, and the custom integrations made for the site. 

First Guaranty Bank

Multiple devices displaying First Guaranty Bank's website interface with online banking options.

First Guaranty Bank is a 75-year-old financial institution that had the goal of developing a new website that would increase shareholder value while providing financial services to its communities. Americaneagle.com used the Sitefinity CMS for ease of access capabilities and responsive design features. Read more on the complete Sitefinity web development services we offered for this redesign. 

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union website displayed on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens.

With over 600,000 members, this financial website needed all of Sitefinity's powerful features, including top security, scalability feedback, and analytics. Sitefinity implementation also boosted the credit unions' marketing capabilities. Take a look yourself and learn more about how our web development project using Sitefinity turned out.

John Hopkins Federal Credit Union


Another complete redesign project. John Hopkins Federal Credit Union site now offers engaging chatbots and fun tools for members. Utilizing Sitefinity CMS for the John Hopkins financial services site now brings multichannel consistency.

Cyprus Credit Union

cyprus credit union spotlight

When looking for a website refresh, Cyprus Credit Union came to Americaneagle.com. The company wanted a fresh site that was responsive and user-friendly for its credit union members. It also wanted to be able to make updates on their own. Sitefinity with its easy to use content modules was the perfect choice.

Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants


An outdated website is what visitors to the Texas Society of Certified Public Accounts had to tolerate when getting important industry news. Americaneagle.com redesigned the site using the intuitive Sitefinity content management system for a beautiful and powerful new update. It now allows administrative users the ability to manage SEO, create new pages, and upload images with much more ease. 

Sammons Financial Group

Sammons Financial Group's website across multiple devices with a COVID-19 update banner.

This site offers an excellent user experience, all thanks to Sitefinity and its ability to easily publish pages, update content, and import images and documents. Experience the fast-loading pages and optimized performance and learn more about this Sitefinity digital transformation.  

CoreFirst Bank & Trust

CoreFirst Bank & Trust website displayed on a desktop, tablet, and smartphone with COVID-19 updates.

CoreFirst Bank & Trust needed a secure online banking experience that only Americaneagle.com could deliver. With the Sitefinity CMS, we built a platform that gave members a smoother experience, added a slideshow feature, and a better way for members to see important updates and information.

Corporate America Family Credit Union

Cross-device view of CAFCU online banking portal featuring login and account options.

Corporate America Family Credit Union has a large member base, and they needed to unify their brand, optimize conversion rates, and have a highly secure website. Americaneagle.com's web development team, along with Sitefinity's powerful tools, was able to accomplish those goals and offer an intuitive structure that is easy to navigate, making the client and credit union members happy. Find more information on this creative credit union web design on Sitefinity.

Credit Union Awareness – Your Money Further

Responsive website design showcasing 'Your Money Further' financial services on various devices.

Credit Union National Association (CUNA) advocates on behalf of all US credit unions. They had a big task in taking an outdated site, yourmoneyforward.com (YMF), and turning it into a modern, mobile-friendly, and informative site. After launch, the site saw over 6,000 % increase in keywords and 521% increase in organic traffic. See the site and read more on how Sitefinity web development significantly accelerated YMF's digital presence. 

Sitefinity Bank and Credit Institutions Web Design FAQs

Below, we answer some of the most common questions regarding Sitefinity development services.

What makes Sitefinity a preferred choice for web design at Americaneagle.com?

Americaneagle.com prioritizes platforms that are adaptable and easy to use. Sitefinity's drag-and-drop interface and customizable design features make it a great option for creating visually appealing and responsive websites that meet the specific requirements of each client.

How does Americaneagle.com leverage Sitefinity's customization features for unique web designs?

Americaneagle.com has extensive experience in web development and uses Sitefinity's customizable layouts, themes, and templates to create tailored websites that reflect the client's brand and objectives.

Does Americaneagle.com ensure responsive web design with Sitefinity?

At Americaneagle.com teams prioritize mobile-first design, combined with Sitefinity's built-in responsive design tools, this guarantees that websites look and function seamlessly no matter the device.

Can Americaneagle.com help migrate my existing website design to Sitefinity?

Skilled teams at Americaneagle.com have a deep well of experience in migrating existing designs to Sitefinity. Migrating ensures a smooth transition but retains the brands look and feel with minimal disruptions.

How does Americaneagle.com handle multimedia elements in Sitefinity web design?

Americaneagle.com uses Sitefinity's digital asset management (DAM) system to organize, optimize, and embed multimedia elements, creating rich and engaging user experiences.

Does Americaneagle.com offer A/B testing for Sitefinity designs?

Yes. Sitefinity has powerful A/B testing capabilities. This gives marketing teams the ability to compare performances, sessions, gauge customer engagement, increase leads and sales, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) all in an effort to ensure optimal user engagement. Learn more about Americaneagle.com's outstanding CRO services.

How does Americaneagle.com ensure SEO-friendly web design with Sitefinity?

Americaneagle.com's SEO experts work hand-in-hand with our design team, using Sitefinity's SEO tools to optimize website content, URLs, and meta tags, ensuring maximum search engine visibility. Check out Americaneagle.com SEO services.

Can Americaneagle.com integrate third-party tools into my Sitefinity web design?

Yes, Americaneagle.com integrates a wide range of third-party tools, APIs, and plugins into Sitefinity websites. This creates almost endless design opportunities and enhances functionality it also can boost website performance and improve the digital experience.

How does Americaneagle.com handle web design updates and revisions in Sitefinity?  

Americaneagle.com uses Sitefinity's versioning and workflow capabilities in order to make any updates or revisions. Changes undergo a complete review and thorough approval process before going live.

Are there any Sitefinity-specific design best practices that Americaneagle.com follows?

Americaneagle.com is continuously monitoring and staying up-to-date with the latest Sitefinity guidelines and best practices. By doing so, we ensure that our clients' websites are always performing at their peak and are compatible with the latest Sitefinity features and functionality.

Work with an Expert Sitefinity Development Partner

As a Premium Sitefinity development partner, Americaneagle.com has extensive Sitefinity CMS experience to create stunning and powerful websites for your business.  Working with Americaneagle.com to build your Sitefinity website means you'll have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team every step of the way. Learn more about our web development servicesand how we can transform your financial institution's website.

What's Next?

Ready to explore the possibilities of Sitefinity for your bank or credit union? Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor a solution to meet your needs. Call (877) 932-6691 or fill out the contact form to discuss your Sitefinity web design project.

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