Your Guide to Long-Tail SEO Keywords

Long-tail SEO is a strategy focused on growing your website's organic traffic through long-tail keywords with higher conversion rates and lower competition.

Here, we answer frequently asked questions on SEO long-tail keywords so you can create content that ranks higher for the most relevant terms. 

What are Long-Tail Keywords in the Context of SEO?

You can tailor written content on your website to include certain “keywords” – words your user is likely to be searching for.

Long-tail keywords are typically longer and encompass three to four words. A long-tail SEO strategy will use these keywords in copy, metadata, and more, to add value, target your audience, and increase conversions.

What is an Example of an SEO Long-Tail Keyword?

Compared to short-tail keywords, which are usually only one to two words, long-tail keywords include more and are much more specific. For instance, if someone searches for the keyword “bitcoin,” they will receive a wide range of results; however, if they search for long-tail keyword “how to invest in bitcoin,” they will likely be shown results closely related to their search intent.

The specificity of long-tail keywords is beneficial for targeting people looking for your business or something closely related.

Why Are Long-Tail Keywords Important for SEO Strategy?

There is valuable traffic in long-tail SEO keywords; you wouldn't want to miss people looking for businesses like yours. Short-tail keywords tend to have a higher search volume but are highly competitive to rank for. Long-tail keywords may have a lesser volume, but they won’t be as difficult to compete for, so you’re more likely to rank in top positions. The people searching for long-tail keywords are also more likely to be looking for the specific information you’re sharing. Also, with long-tail SEO, you are investing in keywords that have higher conversion rates.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a significant part of long-tail SEO strategy. You will need to complete in-depth keyword research related to your business and your audience. Get to know your audience and what they like, what they are interested in, and what you can tell them that they want to know. 

Create Content Using Keywords

Next, you will want to ensure your old and new content aligns with your researched search terms. Your content should be high-quality and original and include your long-tail keywords. As with all keyword work, specific long-tail keywords should be assigned per page. Every blog post should have its own unique target keywords. 

Optimize Your Pages

Optimize your current and new content, meta descriptions, title tags, images, URLs, and more, with your long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords in your headlines can also help readers understand what your page is about immediately.

Access and Reoptimize Content

Tracking your keyword performance is essential for measuring the success of your long-tail SEO strategy. Once you’ve launched your optimized pages, keep track and continually analyze your keyword traffic and rankings, and make changes for continuous improvement. 

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