How Does On-Page SEO Work?

On-page search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy that focuses on improving and making changes to your business’s website. These on-page optimization adjustments can increase your site ranking, web visibility, traffic, and more.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to the practice of optimizing individual web pages to improve their visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). The goal of on-page SEO is to make the content and structure of a web page more appealing and relevant to both users and search engines, thereby increasing the likelihood of attracting organic (non-paid) traffic.

Is On-Page SEO Important?

By making your website more user-friendly, including quality content, improved keywords, meta descriptions, speed or download time, and image meta tags, to name a few on-page fixes, your website can improve dramatically. Note that on-page SEO changes take time to see the results, but once search engines notice these improvements, your ranking and traffic will grow extensively.

Optimize Your Website with an On-Page SEO Checklist

There are plenty of effective on-page SEO tactics to include in your business’s following marketing strategy plans. Optimizing your URL, title tags, meta descriptions, page speed, keywords, content, internal linking, images, and site navigation can include on-page SEO factors. These action items will help your website rankings and the ability to fare any algorithm updates.


Your business's URL or page address should include keywords very closely related to your business. This shortened, keyword-specific URL will help people immediately understand your business. An organized and simplified URL will also improve your search engine ranking.

Title Tags

Improving your meta descriptions and back-end code will also help your website's ranking potential in search engines. Your website's title tag will be the first line people see about your business while browsing sites that appear in search engine rankings. A captivating title tag is essential, including what matters the most, such as your company name and related keywords that describe your business. Also, keep your title tag under 55 characters, or it will cut it off.

Meta Descriptions

Your website's meta description appears under the title tag in search engine results. This section again helps people quickly and easily understand your business. The meta description should be 160 characters or less and include your most relevant keywords describing your company.


Keywords or words that best describe your business should be used in your website’s URL, title tag, meta descriptions, content, and more. Have your SEO team analyze keywords for their monthly search volume and competition to determine the best keywords to include. 


Content is essential for on-page search engine optimization, whether a blog, product page, headlines, or more. High-quality, optimized content on your website benefits people visiting your site and your website's ranking. To improve your content, keep it fresh and relevant, proofread for errors and grammar, and make sure what is being said is reliable and accurate.

Page Speed

If your website takes forever to download, the likelihood that potential customers will bounce and leave your website increases. You can improve how fast your website takes to load by compressing photos, deleting unnecessary website code, and more.

Internal Linking

Adding links to and from other web pages on your site can help your pages be indexed (from search engine bots crawling your site) and allow people visiting your site to explore more and stay engaged. 


Images on your website are not only attractive, but they help people get a better understanding of your business. Optimizing the images on your website will need to be compressed to decrease load time and add alt text.

Site Navigation

Simplified and organized navigation on your site will make it more streamlined. Streamlined navigation makes it easier for people to explore your site and find what they are looking for. 

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