How to Make Money with SEO

The ultimate goal of any ecommerce website is to make sales and drive revenue. Getting new customers to your website is where search engine optimization (SEO) strategies come into play.

You can make money with SEO if you have a comprehensive plan backed by expert insight and implemented by an experienced digital marketing agency. SEO strategies are more complex than inputting high-traffic keywords into title tags and headers, and SEO ROI can be achieved through various methods. A strong SEO strategy is one that is designed to meet your specific site needs and bring relevant prospects your way.

In this article, we’ll highlight three primary considerations to ensure you make money with SEO

1. Focus on Quality Prospects

Consumers have more power than ever over the marketing process. Thanks to search engines, they can find exactly what they want, when they need it. Having a solid SEO strategy in place is key to ensuring you get your business in front of consumers when they search for products and services like yours.

A targeted SEO strategy involves extensive keyword research to find words and phrases related to your industry that people are typing into their search engines. It’s essential to balance keyword search volume with how difficult the term is to rank for. Focus your efforts on long-tail keywords rather than trying to target broad terms that are difficult to rank for.

Long tail keywords are also likely to be used by higher-value prospects. Ranking for more general terms could attract customers who aren’t sincerely looking for your services or products. Those using precise longtail phrases that are very specific to what you offer are most likely to be ready to convert. 

2. Turn Traffic into Conversions

Once you have a great SEO strategy in place, you’ll see a rise in organic traffic to the site. Your next goal is to ensure those new users turn into customers. Whether a conversion means a sale, email sign-up, or form fill for your business, it’s essential that your website offers a good user experience to encourage those unfamiliar with your site to take the next step, and become customers.

Use Google Analytics to ensure you’re seeing an increase in conversions as well as traffic to the site. If traffic is soaring but revenue isn’t, it’s time focus on UX (user experience) and optimize your website for conversion.

3. Stay Aware of Your SEO ROI

Whether you’re a business owner or marketing manager, you know the importance of evaluating any marketing tactic’s return on investment (ROI). The number of leads or sales a strategy generates isn’t worthwhile unless the revenue gained outweighs the money spent to get them.

How to Measure the ROI of SEO

So, the big question is how to measure the ROI of SEO. The advanced analytics available to marketers makes determining SEO ROI easier. There are various tools for evaluating your marketing data online, but one of the best is Google Analytics. To assess your SEO ROI, take a look at your organic website data. How much revenue was made via organic data, and how much did your SEO practices cost during the same period? If your primary conversion is form fills, consider how much, on average, each of these is worth to your business. There are also formulas you can use to calculate SEO ROI.

SEO ROI may not be easy to calculate on your own, but any experienced SEO company can regularly provide you with the numbers you need. You can create an extremely cost-effective strategy by monitoring SEO ROI and changing your plan according to success.

Work with an Agency to Make Money with SEO

So, can you make money with SEO? The answer is yes!

To make money with SEO, you need a targeted approach designed specifically for your business, developed by SEO specialists who have an in-depth understanding of Google and its ever-changing algorithm. is an experienced SEO company that works diligently to boost your online growth. Through various SEO strategies, such as SEO keyword analysis, SEO audit, SEO content marketing, local SEO, backlinking, and more, we are your reliable, results-driven growth partner.

Contact our SEO experts today to get started with SEO or improve your SEO ROI. You’ll see results in no time!

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