5 Signs Your SEO Needs Help

Search engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO, refers to a set of strategies used to improve a website’s visibility. SEO plays a vital role in boosting organic search rankings. Therefore, a website with professional SEO help will bring in significantly more traffic than without.

Ranking highly on search engine results pages (SERPs) is essential. According to Backlinko, a Google search’s top organic result garners 27.6% of all clicks, and only .63% of Google searchers clicked on a link displayed on the second page. These statistics demonstrate just how valuable SEO help can be to a business.

Let’s look at some signs that it’s time to seek out professional SEO help from a search engine optimization agency.

5 Signs it's Time for Professional SEO Help

Your Website is Not Getting Much Traffic

Traffic is a term used to describe the people visiting your website. You’ll want to enable Google Analytics on your website to view this information. Once it’s set up, navigate to the “Acquisition” tab in Google Analytics and click on “Overview.” This allows you to see how many people are visiting your website and how they are finding it. If your top traffic-driving channel is not organic, it is time to search for SEO help, as your website is not being found enough on the SERPs. A search engine optimization agency can help you read further into your Google Analytics stats and use these to build a sound SEO plan for success.    

Your Website is Not Ranking on SERPs for Your Most Valuable Keywords

It is vital that you recognize keywords that are valuable to your business. For example, if you own a hardware store in Lisle, Illinois, you want your website to appear as a top result when a person searches “Power Tools for Sale in Lisle.” If your website isn’t popping up in the top three search results that involve valuable keywords for your company, then you should search for SEO help. 

Your Website is Not Compatible with Searches on Mobile Devices

Over 60% of online searches come from mobile devices; if your website is incompatible with this form of inquiry, you will miss out on many potential customers. Even if your website is a top search result, your business can significantly suffer by failing to optimize for mobile users. You can use Google’s free and easy-to-use mobile-friendly test tool to check if your website is mobile-friendly. If your website is incompatible with mobile devices, you should seek expert SEO help. 

You Do Not Use Content Marketing

To ensure that your website is a candidate to become a top search result, you must ensure your site includes in-depth and comprehensive content regarding your professional services. Search engines aim to display websites that answer the questions and solve the problems of a particular searcher. You want the content of your website to include important keywords and phrases that signal to a search engine that your website offers an answer to the searcher’s problems. Effective content marketing should enhance the likelihood of your site becoming a top search result. If your website does not provide valuable information that can assist searchers, it is time to look for SEO help.

Your Website is Not Loading Quickly

Nothing can scare a potential customer away from your website like technical problems. If your website doesn’t load within three seconds, searchers will likely leave the website they are trying to enter. You can check the speed of your website through Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool. If you are not happy with the result, SEO professionals can help. 

How Would SEO Help Work for My Business?

We’ve established the signs to look out for that indicate a need for SEO help, but what might search engine optimization services look like?

Here are some simple examples of SEO strategies:

  • Improving page speed to keep users engaged and reduce bounce rate.
  • Cleaning up a site’s technical elements to optimize performance.
  • Including backlinks that enhance the reputability of a site’s content.
  • Creating in-depth content that targets keywords that are related to your business.

Applying these strategies can boost your site’s rankings on the search engine results pages and drive organic traffic to your site. 

Get SEO Help from an Online Agency Today 

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