Kentico's Green Initiative: Trees for Kentico Bugs

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Kentico has a unique and eco-friendly initiative to give back to the community and environment. Their “Tree for Bugs” initiative not only helps the environment, but it also helps improve the platform as well. They plant a tree for every bug their customers find! After their development team fixes the bug – they plant a tree in the name of each person who reported a bug and helped make Kentico better. They do this twice a year and they have planted over 3,000 trees since the initiative began.

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Kentico's Commitment to a Greener World

Environmental sustainability plays a crucial role in the modern tech world. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, it’s important to consider its impact on the environment and work toward sustainable practices.

Kentico makes a big effort to contribute positively to the environment. The green initiative has received positive feedback and has been well-received by the community. It reflects Kentico's commitment to environmental sustainability and their dedication to continuously improving their software.

What is Kentico's Trees for Bugs Program?

The Kentico Trees for Bugs initiative is a program launched by Kentico that involves planting trees to reward individuals who report bugs in the software. The initiative serves as a team-building event for the company and symbolizes their core values of hard work and teamwork.

The initiative was first introduced with the release of Kentico CMS 4.1. It has since been renewed and continues to be an ongoing program. For every bug found and reported in the latest versions of Kentico CMS for ASP.NET, a tree is planted.

Twice a year, Kentico organizes tree-planting events where employees come together to plant trees. These events serve as a celebration of the bug-fixing progress made and an opportunity to give back to the environment.

In one instance, over 200 trees were planted, representing the number of bugs found and reported in a specific version of Kentico CMS. Since they began the initiative, they’ve planted over 3,292 trees. 

Kentico Hotfix: Tackling Software Issues the Green Way

Kentico's hotfix program is a crucial aspect of their bug-fixing process. When Kentico bugs are reported in their software, Kentico aims to address them promptly by releasing hotfixes within seven business days.

The hotfixes serve as updates that fix specific problems or apply patches to the Kentico Xperience or Kentico CMS installations. These hotfix packages can be downloaded from the official Kentico website and installed to resolve the reported issues. It’s important to have a Kentico partner like complete hotfixes. We have the experience and expertise to handle any Kentico project you have in mind.

The hotfix program ensures that customers receive timely bug fixes and updates without having to wait for the next major release. This helps maintain the stability, security, and performance of the Kentico software. The hotfix program reflects Kentico's commitment to providing ongoing support and continuous improvement for their software. By addressing bugs and releasing hotfixes in a timely manner, Kentico aims to ensure a seamless experience for their users.

The Trees for Bugs initiative by Kentico rewards bug reports with tree planting. This unique initiative not only fosters teamwork but also reflects the company's dedication to hard work and collaboration. Kentico grows a greener future with Trees for Bugs!

Memorable Kentico Trees for Bugs Planting Sessions

In honor of the late Tomáš Foral, Head of Environment for the city of Pozořice, a special event took place on Saturday, April 13, 2013.

Kentico workers and residents gathered near the famous battle of Austerlitz, armed with spades, pickaxes, sandwiches, and trees. With high spirits, they planted 220 trees, including European mountain-ash, Norway Maple, Serbian Spruce, and Japanese Cherry. The day was a great success, with the sun shining and the atmosphere filled with excitement.

In honor of Tomáš Foral, who played a vital role in securing the seven planting locations, one of the alleys of trees was named after him and a special ceremony was held. Kentico proudly contributed to the "Passport of Green" for Pozořice. In addition to Pozořice, Kentico has planted trees in other cities like Podivin as well. 

Kentico Trees for Bugs Impact Beyond the Environment

“The Kentico Trees for Bugs initiative is not just a team-building event for our company; it symbolizes what we stand for: hard work and team spirit, deep roots in good soil, and healthy, organic growth… Working with the team at Trees for Bugs is just like any other day in the office!”

 — Petr Palas, CEO and Founder of Kentico Software

The Trees for Bugs initiative by Kentico, as Mr. Palas said, is not solely about the environment; it also encompasses team building, community engagement, and the core values that Kentico upholds. This program serves as a unique way to address software bugs while fostering a sense of unity and responsibility within the company.

Kentico recognizes that bug reporting and fixing are collaborative efforts, and the initiative aims to involve the entire team in the process. The tree-planting events serve as team-building exercises, where employees come together to contribute to a common cause and make a positive impact on the environment.

The Trees for Bugs initiative reflects Kentico's commitment to its core values of hard work and teamwork. By planting trees in the name of each person who reports a bug, Kentico acknowledges and appreciates their valuable contribution to improving the software.

Additionally, the initiative promotes community engagement. Kentico organizes these events in collaboration with local communities, inviting people to join the tree-planting activities.

The Trees for Bugs initiative showcases how Kentico integrates environmental sustainability, team building, community engagement, and their core values into a great program. and Kentico: A Partnership Rooted in Excellence


Long-term partnerships are a priority for We value teamwork, working hard, and having deep roots in the community. This goes hand in hand with Kentico’s ethos, and their Tree for Bugs initiative is proof of that. Check out some of our own Kentico manufacturing website examples.

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