Ensure you're staying up to date with the latest and greatest Kentico has to offer.

Over the last few years, Kentico has aggressively adopted progressive .NET standards. As a result, its tech stack and feature offerings have changed rapidly to support MVC and .NET Core utilization. Support windows for legacy versions of the Xperience product are closing with portal engine support (pre-Kentico 12) having been phased out at the end of 2023. Support will remain active for Kentico Xperience v13 through 2026. In the meantime, Americaneagle.com can help your team with an upgrade to Xperience by Kentico.

As a Kentico Xperience Gold Solutions and Quality Expert & Hosting Partner, Americaneagle.com, a Kentico Development Partner, has years of proven success with Kentico Xperience. We’ll help you identify priorities and goals to ensure you’re staying up to date with the latest offerings, putting your implementation to work for your brand.

Why upgrade?

  • Performance – The shift to MVC and .NET Core technology means massive performance gains, including the ability to better structure and maintain your website and faster load times which directly impacts your user experience and SEO.
  • Scalability – Ensure your ability to leverage Kentico’s many advanced, out-of-the-box features and integrations to help scale your business.
  • Marketing – Empower your marketing team and increase performance by utilizing Kentico’s built-in digital marketing capabilities.
  • Security – Protect your digital presence against online threats by making sure your site is up to date with hotfixes and major version increments.
  • Quality – Preserve the value of your implementation while simultaneously eliminating pain points and developing strategic solutions.