9 Ecommerce Website Examples on ROC Commerce

Get ready to be inspired by these diverse ecommerce businesses and how they have achieved remarkable success by leveraging the power of ROC Commerce. Through these nine websites you'll see how ROC Commerce and Americaneagle.com can empower your ecommerce venture, no matter the size or industry.

A well-designed ecommerce website is no longer optional – in today's world, it’s crucial. A powerful site, above all, creates trust and credibility. It can attract new customers and retain loyal ones. A website should have an intuitive design that’s optimized for mobile and prioritizes security, convenience, and efficiency at every click.

ROC Commerce is a powerful ecommerce platform designed for both B2B and B2C needs. Its power lies in its speed, flexibility, and affordability, making it a popular choice for businesses in any sector. Having a website backed by ROC Commerce, a leading omnichannel commerce platform, gives business owners valuable data about their site and secures a digital foundation for long-term success. 

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9 of the Best ROC Commerce Website Design Examples 

Below, we highlight nine websites hosted on the ROC Commerce platform, offering business owners and stakeholders a glimpse into its diverse application and capabilities. Spanning a wide selection of industries and business models, these examples underscore the platform's flexibility, customization, and power. For more information dive into each project's case study. And for more examples of the platform’s powerful capabilities, check out our ROC Commerce case studies.


Soletrader web design implementation on ROC Commerce

This UK company, Soletrader, had an outdated site and a cumbersome checkout process. The site was redesigned and developed using ROC's omnichannel solutions with its robust web platform that allows administrative users greater functionality. The new site is more cutting-edge, aligning with the brand's image. Plus, checkout is much easier to attract and retain customers. Read the Soletrader case study to learn more.

Mars Electric

Mars Electric web design case study

Mars Electric needed an ecommerce website that complimented its retail stores and offered an easy shopping experience. With complex product management and order fulfillment, the ROC Commerce omnichannel platform will easily support and integrate with the existing business systems. View the Mars Electric case study to learn more. 


Hellermann Tyton website design and development

A responsive design, highly customizable, and robust CMS are what HellermannTyton needed to support its dedicated clients online. Americaneagle.com built the site using the ROC Commerce platform, allowing administrative users greater ease in creating new pages, uploading images, and much more. Read more about HellermannTyton’s case study on our website. 

Ron Jon Surf Shop

Ron Jon Surf Shop web design

Known worldwide, Ron Jon Surf Shop has a dedicated online presence and brick-and-mortar stores. The challenge was an ecommerce site that had outgrown its old platform, was not mobile-friendly, and lagged in speed and performance. Americaneagle.com imagined a modern, redesigned online shopping experience that would match the company's mission of delivering the greatest possible customer experience. View the Ron Jon Surf Shop case study to learn more about this innovative website design.

KWM Gutterman

Electronic devices showcasing the KWM Gutterman website with product listings and company information.

As the largest manufacturer and number one seller of gutter machines, KWM Gutterman needed to have its own ecommerce site rather than rely on various distributors. ROC Commerce platform and its integration flexibility was a big factor in KWM Gutterman's decision. ROC Commerce's advanced search functionality and site speed performance cemented the choice for the client. Read the KWM Gutterman case study to learn more,

Kirby Risk

Kirby Risk website design and development

Kirby Risk sought out Americaneagle.com as its B2B commerce activities grew. The company needed a comprehensive, single-source solution for all business units. With the new site, Kirby Risk takes advantage of Hawksearch, the powerful on-site search tool, as well as manage all vital business functions. Read more about the Kirby Risk case study for information on ROC Commerce’s robust ecommerce features.

SMC Electric


SMC Electric needed to strengthen its online B2B functionalities, which included creating better search experiences, following manufacturer distribution rules, and giving customers a better overall experience. With the powerful Hawksearch from ROC Commerce, customers have a more personalized and easier-to-use search experience. Read the SMC Electric case study here.    


Multiple devices displaying TapeCase website pages with search and product features.

TapeCase sought an ecommerce solution that would offer an intuitive shopping experience for its 35,000 products. They chose the ROC Commerce platform, which maximized site integrations with their existing business systems, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics GP. The new website environment features custom calculators, persistent customer pricing tiers, and advanced customization options. Learn more about the ROC Commerce implementation by reading the TapeCase case study

BBI Battery Builders

Electronic devices displaying a website for Battery Builders, LLC, featuring battery accessories, sizing guides, and product listings.

BBI Battery Builders partnered with Americaneagle.com and ROC Commerce to create a digital configuration tool for their 15,000 battery variations. The tool allows customers to input vehicle make, model, battery voltage, and other specifications, and then submit a detailed form to BBI Battery Builders. Visit the Battery Builders case study to learn more about the project. 

Why Choose ROC Commerce for Your Ecommerce Site?

ROC Commerce continues to emerge as a versatile platform that caters to B2B and B2C ecommerce businesses. Tailored to adapt and evolve as your business grows and needs change, ROC Commerce stands out as the innovative solution for online commerce.

One Ecommerce Platform That Meets Your Needs

ROC Commerce is not just a platform; it's a total solution designed to centralize and streamline all your e-business operations. With its dynamic administration, this platform facilitates easy management and customization of ecommerce sites. ROC's framework is engineered for growth, ensuring scalability and adaptability for future enhancements. The developer-friendly module builder allows for the creation of a dynamic admin page and seamless navigation, making it a one-stop solution.

Responsive and Customizable Design

ROC Commerce excels in this area, offering unparalleled flexibility and adaptability in website design and layout. This versatility is crucial in today's market, where consumer preferences and technology trends constantly change. ROC Commerce's design capabilities ensure that your ecommerce site not only resonates with your brand identity but also meets the diverse needs of your customer base. With a focus on user experience, ROC Commerce enables businesses to create websites that are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional across various devices and platforms.

Native search features of ROC Commerce include:

  • Category and facet filtering: refine search results by category, brand, price, color, size, and other attributes.
  • Autocomplete: suggest relevant products as users type their search query.
  • Product suggestions: display related and complementary products based on the user's search history and browsing behavior.
  • Search ranking: rank products based on relevance, popularity, and other factors.

Intelligent Search and Navigation

ROC Commerce enhances user experience with its intelligent search and navigation capabilities. Help users find what they need quickly and discover better engagement and higher conversion rates.

Advanced search features include:

  • Robust search and configurable autocomplete.
  • Powerful filters to provide easy ways to navigate.
  • Advanced recommendations to enhance the ability to upsell and cross-sell. 

Large SKU Volume Support

Understanding SKU (stock keeping unit) volume is crucial for businesses with extensive product ranges. ROC Commerce excels in managing large SKU volumes, making it an ideal platform for companies with diverse and extensive product inventories. This capability ensures efficient handling of large product data, strengthening the scalability of a business.

Intuitive One-Page Checkout

ROC Commerce revolutionizes the checkout process with its intuitive one-page checkout system. This feature streamlines the buying process, reducing the time and steps needed to complete a purchase.

Too many steps involved during checkout could mean losing a customer. With ROC Commerce, ecommerce businesses can significantly enhance the customer experience and potentially increase conversion rates.

The Competition is Using ROC Commerce. Why Aren't You?

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However, our expertise goes beyond the ROC Commerce platform. Americaneagle.com is a full-service website agency offering a complete suite of solutions to support your online success. From search engine optimization (SEO) to engaging content marketing, data-driven analytics, and so much more, we partner with you to drive traffic, improve conversion rates, and achieve your unique business goals.

Don't settle for generic or rigid template solutions. Take the next step and contact Americaneagle.com. We can discuss your vision and collaborate to craft a ROC Commerce website that's not just beautiful but strategically designed to propel your business forward. Let's unlock the full potential of your online presence together. Call today at 1-877-932-6691 or contact us via email to set up a consultation. Let's get started! 

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