7 Manufacturing Website Designs Utilizing WordPress

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What Makes WordPress Websites Outstanding?

Many enterprise-level businesses, including manufacturers and distributors, choose WordPress for their websites because they need a powerful content management system (CMS). The platform provides various tools and features to support companies' growth and unique needs, including easy customization and enhanced SEO.

Powerful Content Management System (CMS)

The WordPress content management system enables businesses to create, manage, and customize content without needing development. It empowers users to easily and quickly update content, post blogs, and manage all digital content on the website. The CMS is extremely user-friendly, requires no prior knowledge for organizing content, and offers a vast selection of plugins to customize to your business needs.

Easy Customization

WordPress is also a popular CMS because it allows full site customization, from controls to files and appearance. Create a completely unique site for your business and professional online presence using WordPress custom themes. Companies can create custom themes to tailor their site, optimize performance, and enhance client engagement.

Enhances Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Businesses can have more control over SEO elements like keyword placement, meta tags, and structured data with WordPress custom themes, which helps improve the site’s overall performance and search engine rankings. As a highly SEO-friendly platform, you have complete control over your SEO while also being able to add SEO plugins to enhance it.

Why Choose WordPress for Manufacturing Website Design?

WordPress is a favorite for manufacturing website design because it’s user-friendly and easy to maintain; it offers easy navigation, a simplified dashboard, and an intuitive interface. Many features can improve the speed, performance, scalability, SEO, security, and more of a website designed using WordPress.

Optimal Speed and Performance

When utilizing WordPress’s custom design themes, you can avoid adding elements that don’t add value to the page. Instead, you can carefully tailor the layout of each page to improve the user experience. By doing so, these streamlined page designs eliminate unnecessary code and improve page speed and download time, leading to a faster, more responsive website that users will enjoy.


WordPress themes focus on scalability because they're designed for growing and changing businesses that need a website that can evolve with them. The custom themes offer high functionality and seamless integration, allowing companies to adapt their website to their unique needs.

Improved Security

Websites created with generic themes have a higher risk of being hacked. In contrast, a custom WordPress theme requires unique code that is not publicly available, making it harder to hack and increasing website security. Using WordPress's design and security features minimizes breach risk and provides robust defense against threats.

Enterprise WordPress Development

Discover website examples that showcase WordPress's excellent design and development features, all expertly built and curated by Americaneagle.com.

Kelco Industries

Kelco Industries website displayed on multiple devices, showcasing component manufacturing services and products for industry applications.

Kelco Industries needed to combine its family of manufacturing brands under one high-performing website to showcase Kelco Industries’ diverse product catalogs and four individual product lines. They wanted to use WordPress’s CMS to maximize capabilities and empower the Kelco team to manage the new website without developer assistance. 

They sought a website agency to help them redesign and redevelop the website. The team created a user-friendly site that strongly focuses on the user journey, supporting easy shopping of all online brand product catalogs. Americaneagle.com helped improve Kelco’s online presence through keyword-targeted content, enhanced metadata, improved the sitemap, and optimized Google Business Profiles for organic search traffic acquisitions. Learn more about Kelco’s website redesign and development project.

John Bean Technologies

John Bean Technologies sitecore website

John Bean Technologies (JBT) Corporation wanted to migrate their Sitecore website to a WordPress site hosted on WP Engine. They chose WordPress for their website because of its enhanced content management system, which streamlines the editing process for multiple editors.

JBT Corporation partnered with Americaneagle.com to build their site because of their expertise in WordPress and manufacturing website design. The team developed a website with intuitive content management functionality and incorporated an auto-translation tool for the site’s English content. Read about JBT Corporation’s food manufacturing website design.

Talerico-Martin Bakery

Multiple devices displaying Talerico-Martin Bakery website with images of donuts and bakery information.

Talerico-Martin Wholesale Bakery desired a website designed on the WordPress platform because their previous site ineffectively displayed the brand’s capabilities and successes. They approached Americaneagle.com to create a new WordPress site to showcase their growth and support designs for marketing materials.

The Talerico-Martin website has been redesigned on WordPress to give it a modern, sophisticated look that aligns with its other marketing materials. Additionally, the new website offers a one-of-a-kind experience for current and potential customers that showcases their hard work across our three divisions: frozen, fresh, and retail. Learn more about Talerico-Martin’s website redesign and development project.

Horizon Steel

Digital devices showcasing Horizon Steel's website with images of steel products and company information.

Horizon Steel wanted a new website that would grow the digital footprint of its brand, products, and services. They chose Americaneagle.com to build their new website, harnessing WordPress’s advanced content management system.

The Horizon Steel website now offers comprehensive business information, valuable resources, and convenient ways to engage with their locations, professionals, products, and services. Read more about Horizon Steel’s WordPress website design project.



Handi-Foil wanted a new website built on the WordPress platform. They contacted Americaneagle.com, whose team created a new website, a powerful marketing tool showcasing Handi-Foil as an industry leader in bakeware. The new site includes a multisite solution to provide a seamless experience for "Bake America" consumer products and "Handi-foil of America" wholesale products. Read more about this manufacturing WordPress UX web design example.

Shamrock Technologies


Fast-growing Shamrock Technologies’ worldwide manufacturing facilities needed an enhanced website while migrating to a new CMS. They had Americaneagle.com develop the new site on the WordPress CMS, which featured a new, easy-to-use responsive design and a fully functional site on mobile and tablet. Read more about the Shamrock Technologies WordPress redesign.

Composite Panel Association

Composite panel website on devices

Composite Panel Association needed to upgrade its website and content management system (CMS) as its previous site lacked database integration, required too much third-party developer assistance, and needed to be more effective and updated.

They approached Americaneagle.com to build a site that would suit their members and customers better. The new WordPress website supports sharing gated and public content on safety or economic shifts, provides better user experiences, and is scalable for continued growth. Learn more about the Composite Panel’s WordPress website and CMS development project.

WordPress Website Design FAQs

Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding WordPress website design.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that provides various design tools and features to support users in making highly personalized, custom websites that perform how they need them to.

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is a collection of files that determine your website's look and feel, including a choice of website layout, colors, fonts, and other design elements. These custom-design themes can be easily installed and switched to tailor the appearance and function of your site.

How Do I Choose the Best Design Theme for My Website?

When choosing a custom WordPress theme, it is essential to consider how you need your website to perform. Select a theme that suits your website's purpose, required functions, and design preference. You will want to pick a theme that is also well-coded, responsive, and offers the features you need.

How Do I Use WordPress Design to Improve Page Speed?

You can use WordPress design to improve page speed in various ways, such as removing unnecessary features from your website that, in turn, remove unneeded code that slows your site. Also, you can optimize the images of your pages, limit the use of plugins and scripts, and more.

Do I Use WordPress Design to Create a More Mobile-Friendly Site?

WordPress offers designs that have responsive themes that adjust to any device or screen size. It also allows you to use plugins that help optimize for mobile devices.

What Plugins Do You Recommend for Website Design?

When using WordPress, it's important to choose plugins that will improve your website's functionality, performance, and design. There are many plugins to choose from, so focus on ones that align with your website’s purpose.

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