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The WordPress Edge Podcast at Americaneagle.com

Enterprise builds at scale.

The ultimate destination for professionals seeking to harness the power of WordPress for large-scale enterprise solutions.

In each episode of The WordPress Edge, our host and expert guests explore the latest techniques, tools, and strategies for optimizing and scaling enterprise WordPress to meet the demands of modern businesses. From architectural guidance to marketing insights, The WordPress Edge covers everything you need to know to get the most out of your WordPress enterprise solution. Whether you're a business leader, marketer, or someone with a passion for WordPress, join us on The WordPress Edge as we explore the cutting edge of WordPress at scale.

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The Host

Landon DePasquale Host of the WordPress Edge Podcast

Landon DePasquale

About Landon DePasquale

Landon DePasquale’s introduction to WordPress started back in 2006, when he was working for a marketing firm building custom WordPress websites for managing email marketing content. He started with building sites and using WordPress’s flexibility to see what could be built beyond a blog.

Landon continued working with WordPress in various roles, from full site builds for software companies, to consulting, before joining Americaneagle.com in 2019 as a Project Manager on the WordPress team. Landon has fulfilled a variety of operational roles at Americaneagle.com, from Project Manager to Scrum Master to Product Owner, all of which has lead him to his current role as an Enterprise Web Strategist.

Landon has worked with a wide variety of Enterprise clients in his current role, both around WordPress and beyond. His current role as an Enterprise Web Strategist, is focused on helping understand client's business needs and then translating them into functional requirements for the technical team. Often this involves a blend of client engagement around requirements, guidance around web best practices, and discussions of specific solutions, as well as facilitating design studios, and helping identify value for the client. Landon is excited to share his own stories and personal experience managing WordPress implementations, along with stories of others in the WordPress community on The WordPress Edge podcast.


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