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Since 1946, ASQ has been dedicated to teaching and promoting the philosophy and implementation of quality for thousands of professionals across the globe. The association currently offers certification programs in 18 different areas, including engineering, inspection, management, software quality, supply chain and equipment calibration. In addition, ASQ provides its members with a vast volume of educational material, including 300 training courses and 600 publications on the subject of quality.


With more than 50,000 publications, hundreds of books and courses available, the search functionality on the ASQ website was a severe challenge. Members often had a difficult time finding what they were looking for and the organization’s customer service department regularly received calls from searchers trying to get help accessing material. The level of satisfaction with regard to search results and relevance was much lower than ASQ wanted to provide. Another issue was that it was often easier to find resources on the ASQ website through Google than it was from the on-site search tool. Lastly, nearly all of ASQ’s web based resources were still housed on a former, external platform and not contained within the current Sitecore CMS. This was a concern for ASQ from both a security and accessibility perspective.




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ASQ choose to design and implement a comprehensive on-site search solution for their members. Industry partner Coveo was chosen to be integrated onto the website, which has had a very positive impact on the search quality that visitors are experiencing. ASQ’s members are now able to easily find content and receive search results directly from the search tool that are much more personalized and relevant to their needs. In addition to integrating Coveo, designed and developed several custom-built search pages into Sitecore that address the specific needs of those looking for such topics as instructor resources, books and standards, as well as training content. The migration of the enormous ASQ content database to the Sitecore platform has been a seamless process and will be completed in the near future. As migrates more online documents, courses and other valuable resources onto the Sitecore platform, ASQ’s concerns about data security and accessibility issues continue to diminish.

ASQ's members can now easily find what they're looking for with a vastly-improved search functionality that is more personalized and relevant to their specific needs. Member search related calls into ASQ’s customer service area have virtually stopped as website visitors are experiencing a higher level of satisfaction with search results. ASQ’s volume of online sales has increased due to the much improved on-site search functionality and the member’s average time on the website has increased and bounce rates have significantly declined.

"The Knowledge and Publication Workgroup was receiving multiple calls, emails and IMs per day from Customer Care reps with questions from customers about whether we sold something. After the Coveo implementation and custom search page designs completed by, those questions and requests dropped nearly to zero."

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