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One Cohesive Site Brings Rebranding to Life for Astec

Astec is a leading global manufacturer of specialized equipment for asphalt road building, aggregate processing and concrete production. Founded in 1972, their business has built a respected reputation for bringing state-of-the-art technology to traditionally low-tech industries.

Challenges was engaged by Astec as part of a broader corporate branding initiative. The organization’s website was identified as a primary focus of the efforts toward establishing one cohesive brand across its entire portfolio. The new site would merge 16 separately-branded websites and hundreds of products into one unified experience.

Astec was confident that was the right partner for the development of their rebranded website. With expertise in a wide range of digital solutions, the digital agency assessed the business portfolio and options to best serve Astec’s growing needs for integration and scalability within a defined budget. Sitefinity was identified as the right platform to serve its current and future needs.

The project team was given a tight three-month timeline to define key functionality, structure business-driving content, and then build, test, and manage content-building efforts. The launch was planned to coincide with a large corporate event that had been scheduled to introduce the new, unified brand. 



  • Manufacturing & Distribution


  • Strategy & Insights
  • Web & Application Development
Astec web and application development


The new site, combining all the company’s offerings, multiplied the breadth of content and number of products exponentially. A new product module was built to display all necessary product information in a consistent way, highlighting key details such as specification tables, downloadable resources, and key product features. The Module centralized all Astec products into one site experience. Advanced search capabilities within Hawksearch were also deployed to ensure an efficient and intuitive avenue for users to quickly find what they need.

A tool was created to allow Astec customers to search nearby dealers based on a desired product type and geographic location. With it, users across the globe would be able to efficiently search for dealers and representatives via country segment, such as state, province, or territory, and zip code selections.

All former site domains would be redirected to the new site. anticipated that the first time each visitor attempted to go to their regularly-frequented URL, the redirect would be quite unexpected leading to confusion and even distrust. To help mitigate that shock factor, Sitefinity’s content personalization tools were leveraged. The new site would recognize a redirect and present a prepared alert at the top of the homepage specific to the brand of the referring URL. This helped to ensure the user that, although the experience looked different, they had arrived at the appropriate destination. A prominent banner image, which was also determined by the referring URL, would feature a piece of equipment from the former URL as well. Astec and the development team placed a high value on the comfort of familiarity.

The new website,, successfully launched on schedule to replace the previous 16 subsidiary websites. Dealers, customers, suppliers, and consumers are finding detailed information about the company, its product offerings, and industry resources in one unified, seamless location. 

We made the decision to unify to make it easier for our dealers and customers to do business with us. The rebrand enables us to better leverage our growth as one Astec team rather than individual brands.
Barry Ruffalo President & CEO

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