Why Enterprise WordPress Websites Need 24/7 Managed Hosting & Support

WordPress is the content management system (CMS) powering over 40% of the world’s websites. The platform’s open-source flexibility, scalable solutions for multifaceted functionalities, and custom development tools have made WordPress increasingly popular for enterprise businesses. If you have an enterprise-level website, it’s imperative for you to invest in enterprise WordPress development and support that goes beyond the basic functionality of your site. This type of support is important for securing digital assets and ensuring operational efficiency; both of which are vital due to the complexity and size of an enterprise-level website. With Americaneagle.com’s vast experience and enterprise managed hosting capabilities, enterprise businesses can ensure optimal functionality, security, and streamlined operations.

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The Americaneagle.com Advantage: 24/7 Enterprise WordPress Support 

Americaneagle.com is uniquely qualified to provide 24/7 managed hosting enterprise WordPress support. We provide tailored solutions for enterprise-level WordPress needs, and our unparalleled hosting proficiency reaffirms our commitment to creating and supporting award-winning websites.

Historical Precedence

Here at Americaneagle.com, we are experienced in hosting websites for a massive influx of traffic in a short amount of time, such as the traffic generated from a Super Bowl commercial. This expertise demonstrates our ability to handle both traffic and potential security threats simultaneously in order to ensure operational efficiency. We have a deep understanding of the need to provide support that can handle mass amounts of website traffic, planned or unplanned, and ensure that your website can run efficiently.

Comprehensive Maintenance & Support

We understand the need for continuous website maintenance and support, therefore we provide more than just managing updates, plugins, and platform upgrades. We offer comprehensive security and performance checks in order to safeguard our clients’ enterprise WordPress websites.

Expert WordPress Developers

Americaneagle.com boasts a seasoned team of experienced WordPress developers who are proficient in all angles of the platform. Our team ensures that no WordPress development issue is too big or complex to troubleshoot and fix.

Dedicated Server & Emergency Response Teams

We have a specialized group solely focused on server management and emergency response for our enterprise WordPress websites. The team provides robust performance and rapid response to any server-related issues, ensuring that your enterprise WordPress websites runs smoothly and reliably, 24/7/365.

24/7 Customer Service with Real-Time Ticketing

Americaneagle.com has a dedicated customer service team who provide unparalleled enterprise WordPress support through timely resolution of queries and issues with efficient real-time ticketing systems. Your enterprise website’s digital needs are our priority and we ensure prompt attention to detail through our system.

Why 24/7 Hosting Support is Essential for Enterprise WordPress Websites

Enterprise-level websites are not only large and complex, they also experience large influxes of website traffic and need support in order to ensure their website can run efficiently during periods of high traffic.

Expert Development Capabilities

Our expert development capabilities encompass a deep understanding of advanced programming, integration, and optimization techniques. This ensures that projects are executed with precision, efficiency, and innovation in a manner that aligns with both current industry standards and future technological trends.

Round-the-Clock Traffic Handling

Over time, businesses have transcended boarders and times zones, which means that consistent traffic management is a vital component in ensuring a seamless user experience. If your business serves global audiences, you need to be prepared for cyberattacks from anywhere around the world, no matter the time zone.

Immediate Bug Fixes and Troubleshooting

As the digital world continues to grow, it’s never been more important to ensure that you have swift and effective solutions to maintain user trust and site credibility. This goes beyond technical glitches and includes rectifying vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals, preventing cyberattacks, and more. If your enterprise WordPress website is being monitored and supported by an experienced team, you ensure that your website is protected against potential vulnerabilities and prevent as many issues as possible.

Continuous Security Monitoring and Upgrades

Each day, cyber threats evolve, making it more important ever to upgrade security protocols and the quick deployment of security patches, platform upgrades, and plugin upgrades. When your WordPress enterprise website is being consistently monitored, you are ensuring that your website will always stay up to date. Not only does this improve your website overall, but is vital for deflecting hacking attempts, malware injections, and ensuring the digital safety of both your enterprise and your customers. In addition to this, we offer real-time vulnerability scanning, routing vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and the implementation of DDoS protection measures in order to preemptively identify and address potential security issues.


As the traffic on your website grows, the potential for security threats or downtime also grows. The scalability features on WordPress ensure that both of the threats can be handled and prevented effectively. When your WordPress enterprise website is being consistently monitored and managed, you can rest assured that your website will grow alongside your business and has the power to handle security threats.

Better Website Speed & Performance

Enterprise-level websites tend to be larger and more complex than others, meaning these sites need to be hosted on a platform that provides security and user experience that meets the needs of that size. WordPress has the capabilities to handle an enterprise-level website through ensuring the website has a high level of speed. If a website loads slowly, it not only influences the user experience, but it can also give opportunity to cyberattacks, which will further degrade the website. By implementing 24/7 WordPress support for your enterprise solution, you can rest assured that your website will provide a positive user experience and your sensitive data on your website will be secure.

Dedicated Support

Having a team that provides dedicated 24/7 support is imperative for your website to run efficiently and provide users with the best digital experience. A dedicated team not only responds to the functional needs of your site but also continuously monitors your site for potential security threats, which increases user trust and brand reputation.

Performance Optimization & Load Balancing

If your enterprise WordPress website is an ecommerce site that can experience high levels of traffic during holiday seasons or the Super Bowl, it’s imperative to work with a company that can continuously monitor and support your site. Otherwise, you run the risk of your website not performing during these peak times of revenue generation and web traffic, which can lead to a domino effect of losing customer trust and loyalty. Having a trusted partner that can ensure operational reliability during these times is one of the most important reasons to ensure your site provides a positive customer experience.

Secure PCI and GDPR Compliant WordPress Hosting Company

One of the most important aspects of your website is ensuring that it is PCI and GDPR compliant alongside regional data protection regulations. This ensures that all sensitive data on your website is safe and secure. When your website is consistently being monitored, you can ensure that the security and compliance aspects of your website are not only up to date, but also work to prevent against cybersecurity attacks. Ensuring that your website is secure and compliant fosters trust among your customers and prevents financial and reputational setbacks that can arise from data breaches.

Americaneagle.com Enterprise WordPress Hosting Partners

As an Enterprise WordPress Hosting Partner, Americaneagle.com harnesses the capabilities of industry-leading hosting platforms in order to deliver unmatched performance, reliability, and support for enterprise-scale WordPress initiatives.


"The partnerships that Americaneagle.com nurtures in the WordPress hosting domain are more than just about offering space on a server. They are about creating an environment where enterprises can thrive, innovate, and lead.”

- Ellis LaMay, Director of WordPress Operations at Americaneagle.com. 


Americaneagle.com & WP Engine

Together, Americaneagle.com and WP Engine guarantee high-speed website experiences that perform even under the heaviest traffic, ensuring that users consistently have an exceptional experience. This partnership emphasizes a fortified defense against cyber threats through daily backups, real time threat detection, immediate security patches, and more. WP Engine’s staging environment allows our incredibly skilled developers to test and deploy changes effortlessly, all the while ensuring that the live site remains uninterrupted. Americaneagle.com and WP Engine have a deep understanding of the ways in which digital assets and business growth work together, and the hosting environment of WP Engine can scale enterprise-level websites seamlessly in order to accommodate spikes in traffic.

Americaneagle.com & WordPress VIP

With WordPress VIP, Americaneagle.com guarantees a platform that’s built for high-performance, ensuring load times remain low and user engagement stays high. Beyond the standard security protocols, this partnership brings to the fore advanced security measures, including automatic threat assessments, dedicated hardware firewalls, and DDoS mitigation, safeguarding both data and intellectual property. For enterprises that prioritize regular publishing, WordPress VIP’s content management capabilities ensure that content is delivered timely, accurately, and optimized for all devices. Americaneagle.com is committed to creating custom solutions with WordPress VIP to ensure that the digital strategy is tailored to the business vision.

Why Opt for Enterprise WordPress Support and Client Maintenance Services

Through the enterprise WordPress support and client maintenance services offered by Americaneagle.com, consistent monitoring of your digital assets means that you are defended against cyber threats. Not only does this prevent downtime and lawsuits, but you will also be able to foster a trusting relationship with users and avoid legal issues. Having 24/7 WordPress support and enterprise managed hosting services enable your website to stay one step ahead of potential cyberattacks, which is imperative when cyber threats are consistently evolving.

Americaneagle.com: Experts in Enterprise WordPress Development & Hosting Services

The role of enterprise WordPress support has never been more critical, especially in the realm of cybersecurity. Contact Americaneagle.com today to ensure your WordPress site isn't just functional and feature-rich but also fortified against the many cyber threats in the digital world.

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