What is WordPress VIP? Enterprise WordPress Hosting and Security

WordPress VIP is an enterprise business solution from Automattic, the global leader in advancing enterprise WordPress capabilities and its open-source community. WordPress VIP combines the ease-of-use and world-renowned flexibility of the WordPress content management system (CMS) with a managed platform environment of unmatched performance, security, and support for enterprise brands.

Some of the most iconic global brands entrust their digital solutions to WordPress VIP. The enterprise grade security, reliability, and scalability of WordPress VIP empowers these brands to create excellent customer experiences through their digital solutions.

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What are the Main WordPress VIP Features and Benefits?

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

For two decades, WordPress has been the open-source CMS of choice for websites all over the world.

In its first years, some IT departments elected to host WordPress websites on-premises (on-prem). Soon after, hosting providers were offering “bare” hosting plans that offered small businesses the benefits of using WordPress without the layers of necessary hosting considerations. These “bare” hosting plans may still be suitable for WordPress websites with limited storage and functionality needs. They provide the fundamental hosting services required to run a WordPress website. The increasingly complex responsibilities of testing and deploying WordPress updates, updating server asset configurations to meet increasing demand, assessing plug-in vulnerabilities, maximizing caching mechanisms and content delivery networks (CDNs) for optimal performance, and more has made on-prem hosting and “bare” hosting impractical for enterprise businesses.

Today’s enterprise businesses that want to deploy all the advantages of WordPress with unparalleled security, scalability, intelligence, and performance require next-level hosting services. Enterprise WordPress hosting from WordPress VIP provides the leading-edge option for today's most successful businesses. 

Security and Compliance

Because of the large market share (over 40%) of the world’s websites on WordPress, it is a platform that is highly targeted by bad actors. WordPress VIP’s extensive security measures and infrastructure are designed to provide peace-of-mind for enterprise businesses, managing risk, threats, security, protection, and compliance. WordPress VIP documentation includes an expansive and transparent section focused on security.

24/7 Support

Platform support from WordPress VIP provides 24/7 access to the knowledge, experience, and help from a deep roster of support engineers all across the globe. Confidence of enterprise clients on WordPress VIP is affirmed by service-level agreements (SLAs) that include 99.99% uptime and industry-leading response times for support.  

Security and Performance Features 

WordPress VIP is confident its enterprise-grade WordPress security is consistently maintained at the world’s highest level. It is the only WordPress managed solution that has achieved FedRAMPⓇ Authority to Operate (ATO).

Multi-Layered Security Controls and Protection

WordPress VIP prioritizes security controls and protection at every level of their enterprise solutions and services. Multi-layered security, including edge protection, secure networking, access controls, continuous security monitoring, code scanning, and more ensure maximum protection against potential threats. Leading brands within security-focused and highly-regulated industries like banking, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, software, government, and public utilities are among WordPress VIP’s trusting clients.

WordPress VIP features a read-only file system that prevents bad actors from writing malicious files to the server.

Vulnerability Management and Regular Security Testing

Security vulnerabilities within WordPress can occur when there is a lapse in platform updates. WordPress VIP continuously monitors for security patches and gives leading brands peace of mind of knowing all platform updates are tested and deployed without fail. Proactive, rigorous, and regularly-scheduled internal security testing, third-party vulnerability audits, and penetration assessments at WordPress VIP anticipate and remedy digital threats before performance can be impacted.

Granular Access Controls and Authentication

Multifactor authentication and granular access controls lead client confidence in WordPress VIP usage. WordPress VIP detects brute force attacks and blocks them at the network level. An audit trail is also recorded for all logged-in activity.

Headless CMS

WordPress VIP capably powers the WordPress back-end for connecting to headless front-end applications. Recent features such as the Block Data API make it increasingly easier to integrate headless applications with the world-class block editing experience within WordPress. VIP even allows you to run a node server on their infrastructure to directly host your frontend application.


Containerized Environment and Auto-Scaling

The containerized environment of WordPress VIP isolates platform components for optimal agility and scalability. Auto-scaling seamlessly manages surges in traffic and expansion without the need for manual adjustments, guaranteeing a stable level of performance and uninterrupted availability. Scalable WordPress hosting proves invaluable to enterprise businesses, enabling them to effectively manage heightened customer interactions and transactions, especially during peak periods, without compromising the quality of the user experience.

Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

WordPress VIP is built on an expansive global network of data centers throughout the world. A content delivery network (CDN) deployed by WordPress VIP in those locations provides localized, speed-enhancing edge caching services for optimal user experiences. High performance and faster load times from CDN also benefit search engine optimization (SEO) for enterprise businesses on WordPress VIP. For additional options for CDN flexibility and service, an enterprise plan that includes Cloudflare is now also available.

Multisite Deployments

WordPress VIP provides multisite capabilities within one enterprise installation. Many businesses leverage this capability for websites carrying uniquely marketed brands, custom product domains, or blogs. Maintenance is streamlined behind a centralized core environment and asset libraries.

Content Management

Data-Driven Content Strategy and Optimization

Content editors and marketers are able to identify performance and ROI with WordPress VIP’s premium Content Analytics offering by Parse.ly. Website professionals recognize Parse.ly as a leading technology brand with a respected reputation for leading edge web analytics and content optimization software. Intelligent dashboards clearly indicate trends in reach, engagement, conversion, channel performance, and more. Businesses win with content strategies informed by VIP Content Analytics by Parse.ly and consistent, data-driven performance optimization.

Real-Time Insights and Social Interaction Monitoring

WordPress VIP Content Analytics by Parse.ly updates instantly, offering content teams the opportunity to make data analysis and data-informed priorities a daily habit. Insights are available across digital touchpoints, including social media interactions and referrals, that spotlight trending content.

Content ROI and Custom Reporting

Both ready-made and custom reports can be analyzed and made available in multiple file formats, as well as sharable links, with WordPress VIP Content Analytics by Parse.ly. Marketers are able to track content value, performance trends, and prove ROI to their stakeholders.

Build Impactful User Experiences

Within the consistently updated WordPress CMS editing environment of WordPress VIP, it is easier than ever to bring creativity to life. The platform’s WordPress content creation environment is fully WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Creative designers, writers, and marketers are all empowered to do their best work. Fully modular block editing and templated themes can be efficiently repurposed, copied, modified, and published.

API Accessibility and Technology Freedom

Solution engineers and developers can access a wide range of content from within WordPress using comprehensive REST APIs. User experiences can be customized for optimal channel delivery, maximizing front-end technologies, languages, and frameworks for touchpoints.

Reduced Time to Market

The intuitive WordPress editing environment and tools within WordPress VIP allow more teammates to confidently contribute toward on-brand content success. Workflows can be designed to match business needs and promote efficient content creation, editing, and publishing. The WordPress block editor enables marketing teammates to combine text, photos, forms, videos, testimonials, or other pieces of content in minutes without needing technical support.

Empower Tech Team

The WordPress development environment that is within WordPress VIP, the platform’s extensive API integration, headless flexibility, documentation, configuration, testing and deployment control make WordPress VIP’s managed solutions a popular option for architecture and development teams.

Who Should Use WordPress VIP?

Large Enterprises and Corporations

Digital solutions for large-scale enterprises must efficiently navigate through complex business goals, technology, databases, audiences, branding, content strategies, and more. They experience high volumes of web traffic and have uncompromisable expectations for security and scalability. In the competitive digital marketplace in which enterprise businesses engage, WordPress VIP is a reliable, high-performing partner. They can confidently accommodate surges in traffic, ensuring enterprise business resources remain accessible without sacrificing speed, performance, or user experience.

Media Companies and Publishers

Media companies and publishers require digital speed. WordPress VIP provides a dependable environment that can scale to even the highest-volume of content demands, offer publishing speed that is nearly instantaneous, and provide real-time insights and analytics. The intuitive WordPress content editor within WordPress VIP makes contributing a breeze, and welcoming new contributors a snap. Enterprise-level content strategies, workflows, publishing, optimization, and analysis make WordPress VIP an excellent choice for media companies and publishers.

Government Agencies

Every enterprise values security, but maybe none as highly as government agencies. For that reason, WordPress VIP is at the top of the list of digital solution partners for many public entities. Government agencies require secure, reliable, and compliant digital assets. WordPress VIP hosting follows meticulous and stringent security standards, offers multi-layered resource and data protection, and ultimate reliability, making it a smart choice for government websites and other digital channel engagement.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions require versatile platform tools to manage content that is often provided by a wide range of contributors, departments, and expertise. WordPress VIP’s flexible WordPress content management, multisite deployments, and user-friendly environment make it an ideal partner to deliver course information, student services, and more to an educational institution community.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies need a performance-driven digital environment that supports the creation of successful omnichannel campaigns. WordPress VIP’s ease of use empowers marketing and content teams to focus on their creative work and effective content distribution across digital channels. The built-in, sophisticated platform analytics enable marketers to assess reach, engagement, and conversions to inform the consistent optimization of campaign messaging, touchpoints, and timing. The creative tools, analytics, and multisite management of WordPress VIP make it a valuable asset for marketing agencies and the clients they serve.

Technology and SaaS Companies

The extensive API flexibility of WordPress and WordPress VIP make it a leading choice for technology and SaaS companies. Versatile content that is managed in an intuitive, integration-ready environment makes WordPress VIP popular among technology professionals.

WordPress VIP Cost

Providing the world’s most trusted WordPress hosting services for enterprise brands, WordPress VIP offers a tiered pricing model for annual plans. Many features that are additional fees with other hosting providers are standard inclusions within the WordPress VIP cost. Custom quotes that detail considerations and recommendations relating to traffic, storage, and additional service needs are provided by WordPress VIP to assure businesses there are zero hidden expenses.

What Sets WordPress VIP Apart?

WordPress VIP is built on the world’s most popularly deployed CMS, WordPress. It was purpose-built for the world’s highest volume, most security conscious, and most demanding digital properties. All that is added into the WordPress VIP platform solutions around the open-source CMS tool provides enterprise businesses the security, flexibility, integrations, and performance they demand. Enterprise WordPress VIP provides the optimal infrastructure to achieve scalable WordPress.

Target Audience and Hosting

WordPress VIP’s solutions are continually refined and developed to equip enterprise businesses to grow digital reach, engagement, and conversions. WordPress VIP provides fully managed hosting with advanced security, scalability, and reliable support for enterprise-level digital traffic, capabilities, and service.

Features, Customization, and Security

Enterprise brands have access to premium features within WordPress VIP, such as omnichannel content development, management, and distribution; extensive business system integration within APIs; customization tools for developers; enterprise-grade security with multi-layered protection and regular-scheduled security audits.

Pricing and Support

Providing the world’s most trusted WordPress hosting services for enterprise brands, WordPress VIP offers tiered pricing for annual plans. Many features that are additional fees with other hosting providers are standard inclusions within WordPress VIP. Custom quotes from an expert WordPress VIP consultant assure businesses there are zero hidden expenses.

What is WordPress VIP Partners Program?

WordPress VIP Gold Agency Partners are among the global elite in WordPress development and solutions capabilities. When the world’s most recognized brands deploy WordPress within their business technology solutions, they team with WordPress VIP and a Gold Agency Partner. Each WordPress VIP Gold Agency Partner has been interviewed and meticulously reviewed in relation to large-scale WordPress development solution success, security performance, client satisfaction, integration proficiencies, and more.

Americaneagle.com is a WordPress VIP Gold Agency Partner

“As the most strategic WordPress agencies and consulting groups, Gold Partners are validated and vetted to handle some of the world's most audacious, complex enterprise WordPress implementation and transformation projects on WordPress VIP. Gold Partners have completed WordPress projects with some of the largest organizations in the world and continue to drive value, evolve processes, and push the boundaries of open source with WordPress VIP.” - WordPress VIP

The professional team at Americaneagle.com is highly experienced and proficient in maximizing business potential within WordPress VIP, providing tailored solutions that align with enterprise business goals and each client’s unique digital marketplace. Your enterprise WordPress business deserves world class WordPress development and hosting services. Contact us at (877) 932-6691 to explore how WordPress VIP can be the trusted hub of your digital strategy, providing a secure, scalable, and flexible solution for your content management needs.

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