The Importance of Good Copywriting

Much of UX design (and website building in general) is focused on broadcasting authority and building trust. Our product will help you, we promise. We are a professional company, trust us with your credit card information. Our experts have your best interests in mind, do business with us.

All conversions necessitate at least a semblance of trust.

A quick way to lose that valuable trust is to present a webpage that is nonfunctional or riddled with simple errors. Links that don’t work, pages that won’t load, and search bars that fail to deliver relevant results are all factors that drive away potential users. But an arguably greater danger doesn’t come from the tech: it comes from the page copy.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the writing of persuasive marketing and promotional materials. Copywriting is everywhere – on web pages, in your inbox, at the bottom of navigation apps, on the radio. Copywriting is even on your dating apps; one source praised Tinder for the copywriting on its messaging screen. Almost everything you read online, from meta descriptions to product descriptions to full web pages, is an example of copywriting. Copywriting is an essential part of any digital marketing toolbox.  

Role of Copywriting

Text on a webpage is crucial. Like most writing, online copy is used to deliver information in a way that is accessible and comprehensible. If someone already knew everything there was to know about a product, service, or provider, there would be no need to visit the website at all. Good copywriting is important because it attracts, informs, and retains interested parties.

At its most basic, copywriting delivers information to prompt action. Page content encourages conversions, meta descriptions promise relevance, footers link to newsletters, and social media fosters loyalty. It is the most essential form of communication between brand and consumer.

Risks of Poor Copywriting

While good copywriting offers copious rewards, poor copy comes with costly risks. Weak writing is dangerous. Elementary mistakes can be fatal. Improper capitalization, typos, poor grammar, or (god forbid) weird spacing combine to create an impression of neglect and unprofessionalism. If your company can’t be relied upon to spell ‘because’ correctly, how can users see your site as a dependable source of information? Once broken, consumer trust isn’t easy to win back, especially in a marketplace as competitive as Google search results. On the most basic level, poor copywriting shows inattention and destabilizes faith in your product.

Potential converters aren’t the only ones reading your website. As Google’s algorithm becomes more and more advanced, so do the bots looking for thin copy. Basic errors, repetition of phrases, and a lack of formatting all combine to reduce the likelihood of your page ranking well. Careless copywriting reduces interested buyers and can limit how many visitors see your website at all.

Rewards of Strong Copywriting

Strong copy, on the other hand, reinforces the authority of your site and increases usability by giving readers clear information. Optimized keywords, a focus on your audience, and strong writing skills can all be leveraged to create copy that elevates the perceived value of your site. A great way to do this is by creating seo-friendly content which can help in improving your site's visibility on search engines. It’s worth noting that strong copy doesn’t just apply to longer pieces. A thoughtful microcopy detail, like having [email protected] be the login example email, is a simple way to connect with your audience. Competent copywriting isn’t simply a plus to website design. It’s a necessity.

Invest in Good Copy

Copywriting is a brand-wide call to action. Every element of your website should be engineered to capture and retain the user’s attention. Elegant design, clear usability, and worthy product are all important elements to a successful website. Exceptional ROI-driven copywriting boosts your brand’s message, tone, authenticity and perceived dependability.

Copywriting is an important digital marketing tool. has vast experience assisting ecommerce clients with web development and digital marketing. We’ll optimize your site for ecommerce traffic and innovate to promote your products. See our digital marketing services and join our list of successful clients today.

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