What is Content Intelligence & What are the Benefits?

The idea of reading your customers’ thoughts is rapidly shaping into a promising reality thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

We’re not talking about some futuristic tool only reserved for the Fortune 500 companies that will somehow tap into an audience’s deepest desires and turn those into conversion-guaranteed website copy, emails, and social posts.

Instead, let us introduce you to the fascinating world of content intelligence, a process that relies on AI to deliver a bulletproof content marketing strategy roadmap.

Read on for a quick crash course into content intelligence and learn how to make it work for your company, big or small. 

What is Content Intelligence?

You don’t have to be a tech wiz to know that a computer program can scan and draw patterns from enormous amounts of data.

Throw natural language processing (NLP) into the mix and that software will be able to read and understand content. Take it a notch further with machine learning, and now, the program can predict what type of content makes your customers take out their credit cards or hit an important conversion event.

This is what content intelligence tools do. They suggest compelling topics that your customers will love and act upon based on market and competitor analysis. And they also tell you where to promote it for maximum results. 

The Benefits of Content Intelligence 

When you consider the advantages of content intelligence, you can’t help but agree with  Salesforce, who described it as ‘car navigation for your marketing.’

Here are some of the ways content intelligence helps you level up your marketing game:

  1. It predicts the effectiveness of your chosen type of content based on competitors’ historical performance, so you can focus on producing less, yet more impactful copy.
  2. It helps you create not only the right type of content, but content that uses the exact style and tone of voice for your audience. This means you’ll always channel your efforts where they can yield maximum results and build a unified brand voice across multiple marketing channels.
  3. It helps portray your brand as the go-to source for high-quality, trustworthy information in your industry. As a result, you’ll see an increase in domain authority (DA) and you’ll start ranking higher in search results and become a part of the Google 3 Pack (the first three results that get displayed when users do a search with local intent). Recent research shows that if your business locations are not in the 3 Pack listings, the odds of reaching those customers are slashed in half. 

Content Intelligence Software 

You’ll be relieved to learn that content intelligence tools are within your reach and there’s no shortage of resources to learn how to properly use them. Here are a couple examples worth looking into:


Thanks to its proprietary technology, StoryBook™, Contently will quickly become your perfect content consultant. The platform excels at giving you suggestions for content topics, formats, channels, and the voice your audience expects.

Don’t have the bandwidth to craft all this amazing copy? At Americaneagle.com, we have a team of professional copywriters specialized in crafting copy for any type of industry who can ensure your content is SEO-optimized and aligns with user intent.


You can see what type of content your competitors are banking on, but won’t really know if they actually get any results from it. Enter BuzzSumo, software that scans billions of data points across social media feeds, forums, and competitor websites to capture evergreen and trending ideas that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy. From SEO insights to content distribution tips and monitoring viral keywords, BuzzSumo does it all.

What’s more, the tool can identify the best influencers to partner with in order to reach conversion-ready users.


Crayon’s software provides you with competitive intelligence that will help you create a high-quality content strategy. You’ll gain an understanding of what works for your competitors, from social channels to review sites, and discover key, high-performing messaging that you can adapt for your content strategy.

Challenges with Content Intelligence 

While these tools will take care of the heavy lifting for you, it can be challenging to sort through hundreds of content suggestions and turn them into a powerful content marketing strategy that pays dividends in the long run.

This is where Americaneagle.com experts can help. Take a look at our comprehensive content marketing and copywriting services and contact us today to start a long-lasting partnership.

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