Try on Your Customers Search Shoes

Keyword research is an important part of online content creation and search optimization. Read on to find out more about how keyword research can help potential site visitors find you.

Why Keyword Research?

Write for Your Audience

Many of us are subject matter experts who are used to thinking and writing in the technical language we use in our industry. When conducting keyword research, it is helpful to step back and think about what potential customers might type in the search engine to find our products or services, rather than focusing on industry jargon.

Drive Traffic to your Site

Whether you’re writing articles, blogs, product descriptions or event details, keyword research can help you rank for the questions, words and phrases your users are searching for, therefore driving relevant traffic to your website.

Top Tips for Keyword Research

Keep it Relevant

Conducting keyword research is not about tricking Google into ranking your site, but ensuring the people that want to find you, can. Ensure you aim to rank for keywords that are truly relevant to your website and your users.

Think in Terms of Words and Sentences

Keyword research includes short key phrases too. When typing sentences into Google or any search engine, language is often quite informal, off the cuff, and might be phrased as a question. Bear this in mind when compiling keywords.

Make the Most of Metadata

Be sure to include target keywords in the Title Tag, Meta Description, Headings, and Image Alternate Text. Google and other search engines look to your metadata to determine the relevancy of your page as well as the content on the page itself.

Write for Your Reader

Above all, providing a great experience for your users is the priority. Post content that is educational, helpful or interesting to your readers, don’t force keywords in where they don’t belong, and write content that adds value to your site.

Ask the Professionals

If you’re in need of professional keyword research, we can help. can:

  • Assist with keyword friendly content writing

  • Optimize your metadata

  • Provide you with your current keyword rankings, your competitor keywords, and additional keyword targets

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