SEO: 6 Reasons to Outsource

Without Search Engine Optimization (SEO), how will your customers find you? SEO is an important part of marketing and business, and for some companies, outsourcing can be the best way to get the high quality SEO services they need. Read on for 6 reasons to outsource your SEO.

1. Outsourcing is affordable

If you’re a large ecommerce business with a need for numerous digital marketing staff members, it’s quite possible that you might tackle your SEO in-house. However, if digital marketing is not a key part of your business, or you’re a smaller company without someone to take on this role, outsourcing your SEO to an agency could be the perfect solution.

Hiring a full-time, in-house SEO professional perhaps doesn’t fit into your marketing budget. Choosing to work with an agency can enable you to pay for the set number of hours that’s right for your business, on a monthly basis.

2. You’re Looking for Expertise You Can Trust

Agency SEO experts generally have an impressive depth of industry knowledge. If you’re looking for an SEO expert, choosing an agency you trust is a good way to ensure you feel confident in your investment.

3. Access to Customer Service and Support

Choosing to work with an agency has many perks, including the ability to call your SEO expert with concerns, questions, or should you encounter an unexpected incident. Should you choose to outsource, select an agency that will assign you to an account manager so you always know who to call, and that will provide you with regular updates.

4. Additional Team Members

Many agencies, like, have in-house staff and partners to meet your every need, should you require additional services to support the work of your SEO account manager – content writers, for example, can provide valuable original content. Our clients can use their SEO hours towards content writing that will enhance their SEO, to implement the changes suggested by their SEO account manager. Working with an agency also provides you with the opportunity to cross over to other channels that support SEO, like landing page creation, social media and PPC.

5. Choose an Agency That Knows Your Business

If you choose to outsource to an agency you’re already working for, they’ll have a head start in terms of knowing your business, your goals and where best to focus efforts in terms of keywords and reaching your target audience. Many customers see the benefit in working with a team that has built their site and has a depth of understanding of their business like no other agency. 

6. Technical Expertise

Many SEO elements require technical expertise to both interpret the severity of an issue and to implement changes on the website.  A technical SEO specialist will be able to evaluate high impact vs. low impact SEO items and also spearhead efforts with a programmer to address and resolve issues.

Additionally, Google’s algorithms, and therefore SEO tactics, are constantly changing and staying on top of these developments is very time consuming. SEO is not something that can be worked on once and forgotten. Research into industry trends, website specific rankings and competitor rankings is ongoing.  Agencies have the advantage of multiple tools for mining data and the resources to keep on top of your SEO long term.

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