Getting Hubspot Call To Action Buttons to work in Sitefinity


Working with Hubspot Call to Action (CTA) is easier than ever with Sitefinity’s Embed Code widget, part to Feather. Here are the four simple steps that will make the Hubspot CTA to work on a Sitefinity page.

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Five Main Ingredients of the User Experience


If you can find ways to improve the user experience, you'll find that your visitor task completion rate increases, and that means more money and more leads. But what are the elements that make up what the industry refers to as UX (User Experience)?

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NiUG Recap

Steven LaGow Blog Author Steven LaGow October 13, 2017 Comments

Last week, was fortunate to sponsor the NiUG Discovery Conference at the Marriott Crystal City in Arlington, VA. This yearly event is a chance for us to reconnect with the iMIS User Community and our many industry partners.

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Improve Your Product Experience for Significant ROI

Americaneagle Partner Partner October 12, 2017 Comments

For companies today looking to expand their market presence and online revenue, one of their most valuable assets is the product information critical to converting prospects into buyers. So why do most companies still manage that product information in spreadsheets and maintain multiple versions of their product data?

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Recap: Forum 2017

Rachel-B-Web Rachel Bennett October 05, 2017 Comments
Digital Marketing Forum 2017

The Forum is an annual event that holds for its clients to educate them on the latest important web topics, trends, and solutions. The event provides the opportunity for clients to network, ask questions, and find out more about the wide range of services has to offer, from digital marketing to search, hosting, and more.

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HTTP Post driving you Postal?

James Grergory James Gregory October 04, 2017 Comments
HTTP Post Driving  You Postal

The other day I was looking for a way to handle a common dilemma with MVC forms and Sitecore. It goes like this: Put an “Add To Favorites” button in the page header and an email subscription form in the footer. Both do form posts. If the developer uses a common MVC form technique (reusing the action name, just decorating [HttpGet] or [HttpPost]) then both forms get submitted. Sign up for the newsletter and voila, you’ve favorited the page! Whoops. This is because the HTTP post verb is global to the page request.

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Holiday Planning for SEO & PPC

Courtney-V4 Courtney Bessert September 29, 2017 Comments
Holiday Planning for SEO

Before getting caught up in the Fall pumpkin-spice-everything season, make time to plan ahead for the holiday shopping season. Consider all facets of offline and online marketing and begin planning early! For the sake of this article, let’s focus on two important aspects of online marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC).

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How to Choose an E-Ticketing Provider

Staff Blogs Staff September 25, 2017 Comments
How to Choose an E-Ticketing Provider

If you’re ready to upgrade your ticketing solution and are searching for the perfect provider, there are certain things you’ll want to bear in mind before you commit. Here are some tips for anyone wondering what to consider when choosing an e-ticketing provider.

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