Sitecore Express Migration Tool 2.0

Ahmed Okour Ahmed Okour April 21, 2017 Comments

With Sitecore’s new Express Migration Tool, upgrading and migrating your old Sitecore instance becomes easier and faster, with less chance of issues caused by missing an upgrade step.

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How to Choose the Right Shipping Carrier

Americaneagle Partner Partner April 20, 2017 Comments

FedEx, UPS, and USPS. They are three of the most used shipping carriers worldwide, and odds are you’re shipping with at least one of them currently. Your e-commerce business may be shipping out many products, but do you know if you’re using the best option for your business?

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Transportation Technology Partners: An Interview with Tam


I recently had the opportunity to speak with Chung Chung Tam (Tam, as he prefers to be called), Senior Vice President from the Transportation Technology Partners (TTP), a division of, about TTP and the work they do. Read on to find out more about our great TTP team!

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How to Build a 360° View of Your Members & Create a Personalized Digital Experience –Part 2, the Personalization Process


Welcome back! In my last post I went over the first half of my presentation at Personifest on how to build a 360° view of your members. Today I will continue with information from the second half of my presentation on personalization.

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Breaking Down the Mirai Botnet

Americaneagle Partner Partner April 13, 2017 Comments

The DDoS attack last year that took down Dyn, a DNS provider, was reported widely in the media. The blackout, which lasted a handful of hours on October 21, affected Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, PayPal and The Wall Street Journal, among others.

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How to Build a 360° View of Your Members & Create a Personalized Digital Experience – Part 1, Your Members


This blog post is the first of a two part series and will provide an overview of my presentation. This post focuses on the first topic – building a 360° View of Your Members.

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Making the Most of Mobile

Americaneagle Partner Partner April 06, 2017 Comments

You know how the joke begins--two guys walk into a bar and...everyone is looking at their smartphones. Consumers’ reliance (alright, alright--addiction) on their smartphones might be bad for dinner conversation and REM sleep, but it’s great for brands.

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How to Improve Page Speed for Your Website


The most important reason for a fast-loading website: user experience. With increasingly fast Internet speeds, users are not willing stick around for slow loading websites.

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Designing for User Goals

Americaneagle Partner Partner March 31, 2017 Comments
User experience image

Last spring, we had a big problem on our website. One of our most-visited pages was a big ugly dinosaur falling to its knees, dragging everything else down with it. As a remote user testing company, we have two distinct sets of users; our customers, with websites and apps they want to improve, and our test-takers, who sign up to make a little extra pocket money while providing feedback for the first group.

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