Wyoming Community College Commission

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One New Platform Powers Two Digital Solutions for State's Community Colleges

The mission and purpose of the Wyoming Community College Commission (WCCC) is to provide coordination, advocacy, funding, and accountability for the Community College System on behalf of the State of Wyoming.


Recently, the Wyoming Community College Commission partnered with Americaneagle.com to pursue optimal solutions for two specific online environments: a reimagined public website and a secure financial portal. Existing solutions had been built in a highly customized environment by a relationship the WCCC no longer maintained. With very little documentation or understanding of the existing solutions, the commission needed Americaneagle.com to deliver refined, performance-driven solutions that could be effectively self-managed by the WCCC team.
Wyoming Community College website on device screens, highlighting success with digital marketing agency and website services


A single admin interface within Drupal (the website content management system (CMS) selected for its intuitive administration interface, asset organization, website performance, and capabilities) now effectively serves both of WCCC's new digital solutions.

The commission's public-facing website now engages users and introduces them to the WCCC's history, services, upcoming events, and initiatives. The new web presence also provides popular landing pages for each of the eight colleges served by the commission, sharing performance details and information relating to curriculum, tuition, campus contacts, and much more.

A robust, intelligent site search further enhances the new website's usability and overall user experience. It utilizes Apache SOLR to build sophisticated indexes of website content and produces search results that can prioritize the most popular resources and promoted digital assets from WCCC.

For the state's community colleges connected to WCCC, the top-right corner of the public website is their secure entrance into a financial system they call the "Drawdown Portal." Each college can manage its grants and funding budget using the Drawdown Portal. Also redeveloped within Drupal, this redevelopment project required advanced, government-level security precautions, an embedded signature system, and robust testing.

Hosting services for the commission's new digital solutions are provided by Pantheon, a recognized hosting partner of Americaneagle.com. Pantheon's trusted performance and security have built its respected reputation. Its elastic architecture is designed to scale horizontally on demand, allowing the resources that dependably serve the WCCC website solutions to expand with traffic spikes and efficiently revert when appropriate.

The combined teams from Americaneagle.com and WCCC worked collaboratively throughout this successful redevelopment project. Americaneagle.com introduced the Drupal content management environment, capabilities, and best practices throughout project meetings and during testing before launching the two new digital solutions. When it was time to hand over the reins, the Americaneagle.com team recorded training sessions specific to the WCCC Drupal implementation and team members. While Americaneagle.com is still available for additional help and consultation, they also provided the recordings to the WCCC team to help them grow confidence and self-manage their new web resources.

Americaneagle.com successfully delivered WCCC one admin interface to capably self-manage their two unique digital solutions with Drupal. These solutions have modernized the commission's website, enhanced user experiences, improved performance, and advanced the portal interface and capabilities for the Wyoming colleges served by the WCCC.


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