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Leveraging HubSpot to Craft a Winning Digital Experience for Global Youth Hockey

Play Hockey delivers camps, clinics, leagues, teams, tournaments, and international tours to markets all across North America, as well as internationally. The organization leverages its strategic partnerships with Showcase Hockey, Euro Team Tours, the Midwest Hockey Program, Pure Hockey, G-SW, and more, to serve and support tens of thousands of hockey players, teams, and families every year.


Play Hockey's primary challenges stemmed from its evolution from a collective of smaller tournaments and businesses into a global entity. The existing website was outdated, lacking visual appeal and functionality essential for an international organization. Additionally, the absence of a customer relationship management (CRM) tool and a cohesive marketing strategy hindered its ability to manage operations effectively and connect with users.

Display of PlayHockey website on various digital devices with a background image of a player looking onto the rink.


The project initiated with strategic planning and enterprise architecture development to ensure a coherent and effective rollout. undertook Play Hockey's full HubSpot suite implementation, incorporating the Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and CMS Hub. This implementation marked a significant upgrade in operational capabilities.

A key component of the solution was the redesign of the Play Hockey website. The new design aimed for a modern and engaging look, catering to the needs of youth hockey enthusiasts and their parents. Alongside the website overhaul, executed a custom integration with Play Hockey's existing event management platform, Regystra, a robust sports CRM platform. The Regystra and HubSpot integration allows Play Hockey a singular view within HubSpot of the online registrations, tournaments, payments, and the relationships of teams and players for robust marketing automation and upselling.  This comprehensive CRM solution effectively aligned with Play Hockey's goal of standardizing and optimizing their operations, and delivers a foundation for continued global growth. continues to provide ongoing website maintenance and support, ensuring Play Hockey's digital infrastructure remains robust and efficient. This partnership has positioned Play Hockey to more effectively manage their expanded global presence, streamline their marketing and sales operations, and drive growth, setting a new standard in digital strategy for sports organizations.

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