Catholic Cemeteries of Chicago

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Kentico Implementation Brings Digital Success to the Catholic Cemeteries of Chicago

For more than 180 years, the Catholic Cemeteries of Chicago have served as a foundation to families, joining generations through Peace of Mind, Tradition, and Faith. They have 47 locations throughout Chicagoland, a variety of interment choices, and interest-free prepayment options to help prepare their patrons for tomorrow.

Challenges undertook a significant website overhaul for Catholic Cemeteries of Chicago, addressing a number of challenges the organization faced with its outdated online presence. The previous website had an antiquated design, both visually and in terms of functionality, making it difficult for internal team members to update content independently. The site also needed a branding and user experience revamp to better serve its community and facilitate key transactions.

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To resolve these challenges, introduced the Catholic Cemeteries of Chicago to Kentico, a content management system known for its ease of use, personalization, and form capabilities. The selection of Kentico as the foundation for the new site enabled a complete transformation, resulting in a modern, sophisticated online presence that significantly enhances user experience.

The redesigned website boasts several innovative features aimed at streamlining the user journey and promoting the organization’s three main objectives: facilitating visits to the cemeteries, purchasing grave decorations, and managing bill payments. Among these features, the “Locate a Loved One” function stands out, allowing users to find specific burial sites within the network of 47 cemeteries, complete with maps, directions, and QR codes for onsite navigation. The "Cemetery Finder" tool, powered by Google API, aids users in finding nearby cemeteries, boosting the site’s traffic and SEO. Additionally, an ecommerce component for grave decorations simplifies the purchase process and a contact/advisor functionality enables direct communication with cemetery advisors for planning and payments.

The project’s results speak volumes about its success. The new website not only presents a modern and sophisticated design but also offers a significantly improved user experience. Catholic Cemeteries of Chicago are thrilled with the outcome, noting an increase in site traction. Particularly noteworthy is the "Locate a Loved One" feature, which attracted more than 3,000 users in the first couple weeks of  the redesigned site's launch, underscoring the project's positive impact on the community's ability to connect with and honor their loved ones.

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