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PinMart is a designer and manufacturer of both custom and stock lapel pins, lanyards, key chains, and rubber bracelets. PinMart first opened for business in 1999 and has been with since 2007. They have seen significant growth and are now one of the Internet's number one provider of these product types. Most recently, PinMart has redesigned their site with, incorporating a responsive design, idev Content Management System (CMS) and Website Platform.



Today, PinMart is the internet's number one provider of lapel pins, emblems, lanyards, and recognition items. The key to any successful ecommerce website is to constantly monitor user behavior and all of your reporting metrics in order to see what’s working and what needs help. A redesign in order to address overall online advances that occurred since the last launch was undertaken, and the results have been nothing short of incredible. In addition to the idev Ecommerce platform update, with all of the latest ecommerce tools, implemented Hawk Search, a site search tool at the forefront when it comes to ecommerce site search. Increases in the conversion rate, amount of transactions, revenue, and user sessions all contributed to a smashing success for the redesign.

Customer Story


The origins of PinMart, manufacturer of pins for organizations of all kinds, started in 1964. Their online store,, was first opened for business in 1999 with 42 stock lapel pins. A longtime customer of, since then PinMart has added thousands of new products and many new product lines. 

PinMart Website Redesign Testimonial


We were looking for and achieved 4 goals for our homepage redesign: decrease bounce rates, increase conversion rates, improve navigation, and convey an image of authority and trust. Our analytics have proven we've met our goals.

Michael Dominelli
Vice President


Ecommerce Conversion Rate: Increased 37% (pre-launch vs. post-launch)                                                              
Transactions: Increased 40.5% (pre-launch vs. post-launch)

Revenue: Increased 51.8% (pre-launch vs. post-launch)

Sessions: Increased 2.5% (pre-launch vs post-launch)


Website Features

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