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Tangier Web & Application Development has earned a trusted global reputation for providing sophisticated website and mobile application solutions that are influential in growing the businesses we serve. has the experience and versatility to confidently take on any online project. From platform implementations and updates to design, development, and digital marketing services, we produce impactful digital solutions for some of the world’s most recognized brands. Since 1995, we've been at the forefront of internet and technology solutions, successfully developing thousands of digital solutions.

From conception to launch, our teams collaborate to develop websites and applications that deliver clear value for clients. In doing so, we do not believe there is ever a cookie-cutter, templated approach that works for unique businesses. We develop custom strategies and solutions to best serve each client relationship. That includes considering every available tech option, content priority, and bit of data to foster impactful, sustainable business success. is a data-driven company. When collaborating with each client, we identify and develop technology solutions that align with specific business objectives. Web and Application Development Services

Web & Application Development Services

CMS & Ecommerce Platform Implementation

At, we partner with world-class platforms to build a solution that enables you to achieve your online goals. Whether you’re seeking a content management system (CMS) or ecommerce implementation, our agile mindset brings you to the finish line as quickly as possible. 

System Integrations

Our dedicated integrations team takes a holistic look at all of your software systems to uncover opportunities to connect technologies, eliminate redundancies, and speed up systems. We partner with more than 200 solutions, so whether you’re looking for product information management (PIM), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), or other industry-related technologies, we’ll ensure every integration works together seamlessly. 

Onsite Search Implementations

An efficient and effective onsite search tool is crucial to the user experience. Our team takes the time to understand your users’ specific search needs so we can implement the tool that best enables their success. We partner with leading search providers, including Coveo, Swiftype, Sajari, and more, to help drive users to convert. 

Websites, Intranets, & Mobile App Development

Your success is’s success. Through our website development, intranet, and mobile app services, we help you realize the full potential of your digital presence, whether you’re looking to generate leads, increase conversions, streamline operations, or drive productivity. 

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