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More so than ever before, government and public sector websites need to multi-task and create a central space for connecting, conducting business, staying informed, showcasing top attractions, and much more. For government officials responsible for managing and making decisions, the right content management system (CMS) is a must. Government websites need to be secure, engaging, flexible, accessible, dependable, and easy to navigate. Drupal is an open-source CMS that can provide all of this and more. Read on to learn why Drupal is one of the best options for government websites.

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What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open-source CMS that is used by millions of people, top businesses and organizations, and governments to build, maintain, and manage their websites. This CMS is released under the GNU Public License, giving it inherent benefits like flexibility, cost, security, freedom, and accountability that are unmatched by proprietary software. 

Drupal and Government Websites

Government websites used to have the reputation of being one of the densest and most unimaginative sites on the internet. While the design of the page comes down to the creator of the pages, the denseness of the information comes with the territory of relaying information that can be data-heavy.

This is where a CMS like Drupal can assist with the creation and management of a website in order to ensure the information is digestible to a reader. Today, government officials understand the need for a balance between keeping the public informed and the importance of accessibility, security, and navigation. 

Why Choose Drupal?

The reliability and effectiveness of Drupal are a couple of the many reasons why it’s so popular among government organizations. Some of the other benefits include:

Drupal Integration

Because Drupal is an open-source CMS, it works well with other services and solutions, providing ease of integration. This allows for a government website to have the flexibility to accommodate both current and future needs. 


Security is at the top of the list for government websites, and Drupal has a robust and transparent security system. The open-source technology enables government IT officials to have access to the website code giving them the accessibility to input as many security systems as they feel necessary to withstand hacking and cyber threats. 

Accommodates Multisites

Any CMS for a government or public sector will need to accommodate a range of sites, and Drupal’s multisite feature streamlines the creation by enabling developers to copy the main site’s code base and create as many sites as they need. This will not only provide significant savings in development costs, but also ongoing maintenance.

There are no additional fees on Drupal that are associated with multiple sites. The scalability of Drupal is intertwined with multi-site functionality, which enables brand guidelines to be centralized while also giving independent agencies and departments the ability to manage their content. 


Not only does Drupal’s scalability allow for multisite functionality, but it can also handle a high volume of traffic on any of the sites associated with the Drupal code base. Government websites need to be ready at any moment for a high surge in traffic. This can be because of weather warnings, celebratory events, or civic upheaval. In these moments, it’s never more important for a website to be consistently functional when a high volume of people visit the site at the same time. Drupal is built to handle sudden surges and millions of visitors a month without crashing or breaking.

Multilingual Support

Drupal supports more than 100 languages, and although other CMS solutions offer multilingual support, Drupal offers extra features. These features facilitate translation capabilities. The content translation module in Drupal allows pages and individual content to be translated by creating a duplicate set in the translated language.

Americaneagle.com Drupal Web Development 

Americaneagle.com is a proud Drupal platform partner. We have over three decades of experience in helping companies transform their businesses. We have a deep understanding of open-source development and know how to fully utilize Drupal’s customizable and adaptable offerings to meet your unique needs. Contact us now for more information on our services.

Updating Drupal?

Is your government website already on the Drupal platform? If so, have you thought about an upgrade? Our Drupal web developers take a deep dive into your implementation to identify priorities and goals for your individual upgrade path, ensuring your site’s ability to leverage new features and continuously innovate. All you have to do is fill out our Drupal Upgrade Consultation form to get started. 

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