What is Drupal?

Drupal is a flexible content management system (CMS) based on the LAMP stack, a modular design that allows you to swap out features quickly and easily by installing and uninstalling modules. At the same time, installing and uninstalling themes allows the entire look and feel of the website to change. The base of the Drupal download is known as Drupal Core, which contains the PHP scripts needed to run the basic functions of the CMS, several optional modules and themes, many JavaScript, CSS, and image assets. You can also download more modules and themes from Drupal’s website. 

Drupal is an Open Source CMS

An open-source CMS such as Drupal features a source code that’s open to the public and is free to use by anyone with restrictions depending on the license. Using an open-source CMS like Drupal, you can continually test and develop the product; engaged programmers assist with constantly improving the code. 

Having the Right Development Team is a Must

Most Drupal websites sport a custom-coded theme or a highly customized theme, meaning that you’ll need to have an experienced development team to ensure the look and feel are professional. Quality Drupal creative design & theming services will provide expertise in layout design and spacing, interface design, and UX/UI to give your site a unique and professional look. This includes fully mobile, responsive themes. Drupal is not beginner-friendly, so having experienced developers and creators working with you to use Drupal to make your site beautiful and functional is key. Knowledgeable Drupal developers will build a Drupal experience that meets the custom business needs of each customer. They should have the ability to build a new Drupal website for you or upgrade your existing site to the latest Drupal technology. Drupal integration services with industry-leading enterprise software can create great user experiences and having the right development team that can create a Drupal roadmap will put you on the road to success. 

Drupal as a Content Management System (CMS)

Drupal content management makes creating a small and simple site with static HTML a quick process. While initially setting up a site in a CMS generally requires more time, you get the benefits of online editing, uniformity, and the possibility of creating more complex features that require a database. As you move forward, making edits is easier for less experienced content creators. Drupal is an experienced CMS, meaning that it has undergone many changes to remove bugs, improve functionality, and ensure your site, and the information stored, is secure. Drupal's fully customizable and adaptable features are built to meet the unique needs of each customer. In addition, Drupal is built with decoupled application architecture and includes API-driven content management, custom content authoring workflows, multi-channel content delivery, and customer personalization. It provides enterprise-level performance, security, and scaling.

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