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In this episode of the Lessons for Tomorrow podcast, Roger Walker, Ecommerce Practice Lead at Americaeagle.com, welcomes special guest speakers from OroCommerce Sawyer Frank and Rob Walter. Sawyer, Head of Sales at OroCommerce, brings seven years of experience in B2B ecommerce, particularly in apparel manufacturing and distribution. Rob, with a background spanning over 15 years in ecommerce, including stints at Salesforce and eBay, joined OroCommerce recently. Their combined expertise sets the stage for discussing the pivotal role of B2B ecommerce and OroCommerce's significance in meeting the evolving needs of B2B businesses.



How OroCommerce Adapts to Recent Trends Shaping the Ecommerce Landscape 

Rob highlights the challenge of navigating the multitude of ecommerce platforms and technologies available today. He emphasizes OroCommerce's versatility, offering both out-of-the-box simplicity and advanced capabilities for complex needs. Rob underscores the importance of prioritizing user experience amidst technological advancements. Sawyer adds insights on OroCommerce's integration of AI, particularly in product search and description generation, reflecting ongoing adaptation to emerging trends in ecommerce technology.

OroCommerce’s Plans Regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Sawyer reveals upcoming integrations in the request for quote process and CRM features, with the initial phase already implemented in search and product descriptions. Roger acknowledges the growing demand for tangible AI results, commending Oro's proactive stance. Rob highlights opportunities for integrators to leverage AI models, envisioning applications in customer service automation and personalized task management. They discuss AI's potential in streamlining sales processes and consolidating disparate data sources. Sawyer notes a resurgence in middleware adoption, reflecting a shift towards viewing commerce as a holistic business engine beyond ERP functions.

OroCommerce’s Seamless Integration with Third-Party Integrations

Roger dives into OroCommerce's approach to integration within complex ecosystems. Sawyer highlights the importance of prebuilt connectors, citing the upcoming native integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud as an example. He emphasizes Oro's commitment to tailored integrations over generic connectors, ensuring flexibility and functionality. Roger acknowledges Oro's exceptional connector flexibility, contrasting it with rigid alternatives. Sawyer discusses plans to expand connector options, including partnerships with third-party solutions. Rob underscores Oro's open-source nature, fostering a community-driven ecosystem of over 100 connectors, with ongoing efforts to facilitate collaboration and innovation.

How OroCommerce Supports Scalability for Growing Businesses

In addressing scalability, Sawyer highlights OroCommerce's robust core architecture and extensive feature set, enabling seamless growth over time. He emphasizes the platform's single-license approach, allowing businesses to expand into various modules like PIM, CRM, and marketplaces gradually. Sawyer notes the ease of transitioning from initial utilization to broader feature adoption, attributing it to Oro's configurability. Rob adds that scalability extends beyond technical aspects, requiring effective change management for widespread adoption across diverse organizational divisions. OroCommerce's architecture accommodates businesses of all sizes, supporting smooth transitions from initial implementation to significant expansion over time.

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OroCommerce’s Role in the Evolving Needs of B2B

Roger and Rob highlight the growing prominence of B2B ecommerce, driven by the need for digital transformation in modern workplaces. Rob discusses the shift from outdated technology to more intuitive digital interfaces, noting OroCommerce's B2B-centric approach as instrumental in meeting evolving business demands. OroCommerce's founders foresaw this shift, building the platform with B2B functionality from the outset. This strategic focus positions OroCommerce as an ideal solution for businesses seeking comprehensive B2B capabilities without the need for multiple disjointed technologies. The conversation underscores B2B's enduring significance and OroCommerce's pivotal role in facilitating its evolution.

How OroCommerce Addresses Challenges in B2B

Roger and Sawyer discuss into the complexities of marketplace strategies and OroCommerce's role in addressing associated challenges. Sawyer emphasizes the paramount importance of customer adoption for marketplace success, citing the need for a strategic approach to audience engagement. Rob underscores OroCommerce's support for marketplace initiatives, highlighting the platform's ability to seamlessly integrate diverse sellers and buyers. They predict continued growth in marketplace adoption within both B2B and B2C realms, highlighting the evolving nature of ecommerce channels and the potential for collaborative relationships between manufacturers and distributors

Introducing OroCommerce’s 6.0 Release Candidate

OroCommerce unveils the 6.0 Release Candidate, featuring exciting advancements set to elevate user experience. Sawyer emphasizes the significance of the new AI capabilities and highlights the modernized storefront theme, offering enhanced aesthetics and reduced total cost of ownership. Rob echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the appeal of the new theme and the integration with Salesforce. The release also introduces marketplace enhancements, including commission management and deeper integration with Stripe, along with updates to product kits, facilitating bundled product sales. These improvements promise to streamline operations and empower users with enhanced functionality and flexibility.

The Future Roadmap for OroCommerce

OroCommerce unveils plans for the future, emphasizing a commitment to B2B excellence. Rob highlights a forthcoming rebranding effort, aimed at increasing global awareness. The focus remains on B2B-first initiatives, with continuous feature releases and expanded integrations. Sawyer echoes the sentiment, stressing the importance of addressing industry gaps and staying ahead in B2B innovation. With a dedication to ecommerce excellence, OroCommerce aims to empower businesses with advanced features and integrations, ensuring they stay ahead in the dynamic B2B landscape. Their commitment to growth and innovation makes OroCommerce an exciting partner for businesses worldwide

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