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The Progress Sitefinity CMS is a headless, hybrid digital marketing platform designed for marketers and developers, giving them complete control of their digital transformation. Its powerful content management system (CMS) enables content creation, storage, management, and website presentation utilizing advanced tools and feature capabilities.

The marketing features of Progress Sitefinity consist of a web content management system that is mobile-first, highly customizable, and easy to use. It also includes insight-driven personalization and optimization, advanced search capabilities for content discovery, a NativeChat Chatbot, and Sitefinity’s digital commerce platform.

On the other end of the spectrum, the developer features include important business system integration, a hybrid headless CMS platform, security and compliance, Sitefinity Cloud, and the next-generation front-end framework NET 7.

Many enterprise-level businesses utilize Progress Sitefinity’s comprehensive tools and features to create, manage, and optimize digital experiences. Companies can leverage personalized web content to enhance customer experiences, implement marketing strategies quickly, and measure progress accurately.

Would you like to know more about Progress Sitefinity? Attend upcoming Sitefinity conferences and events to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. Connect, learn, and collaborate with others in the Progress Sitefinity community. Immerse yourself in inspirational keynote speeches and gain invaluable knowledge, products, and personal connections to thrive in our ever-changing digital world. 

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Upcoming Progress Sitefinity Event: Chef Roadshow ’24

Event details: On April 9, 2024, the Chef Roadshow will occur in Hannover, Germany. Learn more about the Chef and gain insights from experts at this event.

Benefits of attending: Discover how companies use Chef to increase efficiency and overcome complex challenges. Connect with other Chef users to learn best practices and expand your professional network.

Upcoming Progress Sitefinity Event: OpenEdge World Tour 2024 Brno

Event details: On April 10, 2024, the OpenEdge World Tour 2024 Brno will be in the Czech Republic.

Benefits of attending: Learn about the future of innovation at an upcoming OpenEdge event. You can meet with Progress, GALEOS, and their OpenEdge teams to gain insights into the latest advancements.

Upcoming Progress Sitefinity Event: OpenEdge World Tour 2024 Warsaw

Event details: On April 18, 2024, the OpenEdge World Tour 2024 will be in Warsaw.

Benefits of attending: Progress customers are welcome to attend this event and meet with the OpenEdge team. Discuss how to build, implement, and modernize business applications faster and more effectively. Connect with Progress employees to share and discuss ideas and stay up-to-date with the latest changes in the field.

Upcoming Progress Sitefinity Event: OpenEdge World Tour 2024 Amsterdam

Event details: On May 16, 2024, the OpenEdge World Tour 2024 takes place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Benefits of attending: Come and join the Progress OpenEdge team to explore the latest developments in building, deploying, and modernizing your OpenEdge applications. Whether you are an existing user or new to Progress OpenEdge, you will learn strategies for success and get a chance to network with the team.

Upcoming Progress Sitefinity Event: MarkLogic World Amsterdam

Event details: On May 16, 2024, the MarkLogic World Amsterdam will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Benefits of attending: Discover why so many choose Progress and MarkLogic. Learn best practices and implementation strategies for mission-critical data projects with MarkLogic and Semaphore by attending customer presentations. Find out more ways to improve the usage and performance of your MarkLogic implementation.

Upcoming Progress Sitefinity Event: OpenEdge World Tour 2024 Gent

Event details: On June 12, 2024, the OpenEdge World Tour 2024 will occur in Gent, Belgium.

Benefits of attending: Would you like to learn about the strategies Progress OpenEdge offers to achieve success? You can listen to our customers' success stories at the event, share ideas with our team, network with other participants, and enjoy snacks and refreshments.

Tips for Maximizing Your Experience

Don’t miss out on this year’s Progress Sitefinity events and conferences. Use these Progress Sitefinity events to learn about the latest features and updates, network with industry experts, gain insights into best practices and strategies, hear customer success stories, explore new business opportunities and partnerships, and more.

Get the most out of each Progress Sitefinity conference or event by planning and scheduling your time effectively. Schedule any meetings you’d like to have in advance and plan to attend the presentations, keynotes, and speaking engagements that are most important for you. Take notes during the event and follow up with the people you want to connect with afterward.

Make the most of your experience by engaging with the speaker and exhibitors actively. Don't be afraid to ask questions and exchange contact information. Who knows? You may end up with new business contacts and valuable insights that can help you in the future.

Attend a Progress Sitefinity Event

Register for upcoming Progress Sitefinity conferences and events today. Discover events and meetings that align with your interests and see how Progress Sitefinity can revolutionize your business. Check out more on the official Progress Sitefinity Calendar for the latest event updates and registration information.

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