Unpacking BigCommerce B2B Edition with Patrick Williams

In this episode of the Lessons for Tomorrow podcast, our guest host, Wayne Stratbucker, BigCommerce Practice Lead at Americaneagle.com welcomes Patrick Williams, Manager Global Partners at BigCommerce. The two experts sit down to discuss and explore B2B Edition, BigCommerce’s B2B ecommerce platform offering. They highlight its relevance in the booming B2B ecommerce landscape and its tailored solutions catering specifically to B2B businesses.

Key Features and Benefits of BigCommerce B2B Edition

B2B Edition boasts a variety of advantages for enterprise-level organizations. The platform includes sophisticated functionalities such as sales representative masquerading, intricate quoting systems, and company modeling to cater to diverse business needs. The scalability of the B2B Edition is also emphasized, demonstrating its ability to support businesses ranging from small shops to large enterprises effectively.

The key benefits of adopting B2B Edition include streamlined purchasing processes, personalized customer experiences, and the flexibility to grow with the business, positioning it as an all-encompassing solution for B2B companies.

B2B Edition Recent Updates

About six months prior, the launch of the B2B Edition buyer portal introduced a significant overhaul to the technology stack, incorporating a React application that expanded the range of administrative and developer tools available for making code adjustments and managing user approvals. Furthermore, the introduction of a GraphQL endpoint has enabled merchants to develop custom components beyond the confines of the buyer portal. The potential for open-sourcing the React Buyer Portal was also considered, which would allow developers to adapt and customize it further. This move could provide merchants with increased flexibility in designing their buyer experiences to meet unique needs and workflows, enhancing the overall utility of the platform for diverse business requirements.

How B2B Edition Improves UX and Conversion Rates

The unique value of the B2B Edition is underscored by its ability to offer extensive functionalities without relying on costly custom solutions or outdated tools. The emphasis is on informing agencies and merchants about the capabilities provided by the B2B Edition, facilitating a smoother digital transformation. The discussion also draws parallels to the B2C sector's migration towards SaaS solutions, highlighting the advantages of decreased technical debt and lower total cost of ownership. The customizable features of the B2B Edition enable businesses to personalize their ecommerce experiences, leveraging the efficiencies and scalability inherent in SaaS platforms. This adaptability not only enhances the user experience but also contributes to higher conversion rates, showcasing the comprehensive benefits of the B2B Edition for businesses aiming to modernize their ecommerce strategies.

Collaboration with Agency Partners in Developing B2B Edition

The collaborative approach in developing the B2B Edition, particularly with BigCommerce development partners such as Americaneagle.com, is highlighted as a key aspect of the platform's development strategy. This approach is characterized by a commitment to transparency and active engagement throughout the product development cycle. Agencies are involved in beta testing phases and are encouraged to provide feedback, ensuring that the final product is closely aligned with client requirements.

The value of such partnerships is underscored, as it enables agencies to offer more customized solutions and empowers merchants by involving them directly in the evolution of the platform. This mutual emphasis on prioritizing customer needs fosters a strong synergy between BigCommerce and its agency partners, contributing significantly to the enhancement of the B2B ecommerce experience for merchants.

How B2B Edition Empowers Mid-Market and Enterprise Brands

The potential of the B2B Edition to empower mid-market and enterprise brands with composable commerce experiences is discussed, noting that the adoption rate in B2B sectors trails behind B2C, attributed to differing maturity levels. The conversation brings to light the significant opportunity for brands to embrace headless architecture, which is particularly beneficial for crafting custom workflows and integrations.

The diversity of workflows inherent in B2B commerce and the need for flexible integration options are underscored, with a particular mention of Catalyst from BigCommerce as a forthcoming solution aimed at managing complex technology stacks while simultaneously improving customer experiences. This adaptability is viewed as a key driver for business agility and growth, especially for mid-market and enterprise brands exploring composable e-commerce avenues.

B2B Edition Future Developments and Enhancements

Upcoming enhancements to the B2B Edition are revealed, featuring significant updates such as the implementation of store credit rates at the company level and the consideration of open-sourcing the buyer portal. Further advancements include improvements in multi-storefront internationalization and multi-location inventory management, highlighting the platform's growing capabilities.

The modernization of B2B commerce is emphasized, with a noted transition from legacy ERP storefronts to more comprehensive and inclusive solutions like the B2B Edition. This conversation highlights a broader industry shift towards platforms that are scalable, maintainable, and focused on customer needs, positioning the B2B Edition as a forward-thinking solution for businesses dealing with the complexities of contemporary commerce.

Graphic quote from Patrick Williams on multi-storefront features by BigCommerce's B2B Edition tool.

Watch Your Enterprise Thrive with BigCommerce B2B Edition

B2B Edition is recognized as a critical tool for enterprises navigating the dynamic landscape of B2B ecommerce. With functionalities such as company-level store credit rates and the ability to manage multiple international storefronts, it provides the essential scalability and modernization needed for businesses to thrive. The ongoing collaboration with agency partners plays a key role in its continuous refinement, ensuring that it remains in sync with evolving market demands.

As companies move away from outdated ERP systems towards more flexible solutions, the B2B Edition emerges as a symbol of progress, encouraging enterprises to leverage its features. With the promise of further enhancements on the horizon, the B2B Edition is poised to reinforce its status as a fundamental element for success in the ever-changing B2B sector. Anticipation grows for future updates that will continue to shape its role in the industry.

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