The Power of Using Video Content in Your Marketing Strategy: Part II

*This blog is a continuation of “The Power of Using Video Content in Your Marketing Strategy.”

In part two of this episode of Modern Marketing Messages, our host, Taylor Karg, and expert guests Matt Gill, Director of Creative Services at Burn the Boats, and Stuart Hicar, Creative Producer at Burn the Boats, continue their discussion on the importance of video marketing in today’s digital age. They offer insights on how to optimize video content for different marketing channels, ensure the effectiveness of your video content, and create engaging video content ideas. They also caution against common mistakes people make when shooting video content and share their advice on how to succeed with video marketing.

This episode is a valuable resource for businesses that are looking to use video marketing to reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals. It provides practical tips and advice that can help you create high-quality, engaging video content that will capture viewers' attention and drive results.


How to Optimize Video Content for Different Marketing Channels

Stuart and Matt discuss the optimization of video content for different marketing channels. They emphasize the importance of understanding each platform and tailoring the content accordingly. They mention TikTok as an example of a platform that requires a different approach due to its unique characteristics. Stuart explains that TikTok videos are typically short, without someone directly speaking to the audience, and often in a different aspect ratio. He emphasizes the need to optimize videos for the platform they will be seen on to prevent potential customers from skipping them.

They also discuss the significance of adding text to videos for platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where many users watch with the volume turned off. Matt adds that on platforms like YouTube, longer-form content can be effective for engaging certain audiences. They highlight the importance of understanding the platform, knowing the target audience, and adapting the content to each platform's requirements. By doing so, marketers can increase the chances of capturing viewers' attention, driving engagement, and ultimately achieving their marketing goals.

How to Ensure the Effectiveness of Your Video Content

Matt starts by emphasizing the importance of defining key metrics for success, such as sales, leads, and brand awareness, instead of focusing solely on vague goals like brand awareness. They acknowledge that digital ads have a limited amount of time to capture viewers' attention, typically around 3 seconds, so the content needs to be impactful right from the start. They discuss the need to shoot video content with mobile viewing in mind because the majority of viewers will consume the content on their phones. This means framing shots closer and ensuring facial recognition and detail are visible.

Matt and Stuart highlight the value of establishing clear goals and objectives before shooting, as it allows the team to create content that aligns with those goals. Additionally, they mention the importance of solving potential issues before shooting by drawing from their experience and anticipating problems related to set design, aspect ratios, and visual storytelling. The discussion also touches on the importance of finding a balance between creating an immersive experience while still being transparent about the production process.

Finally, they share an example of shooting outdoor furniture on a soundstage to create an outdoor environment, showcasing the attention to detail required to strike the right balance between authenticity and creativity.

Engaging Video Content Ideas

As the discussion moves toward emerging trends in video marketing, Matt mentions the effectiveness of leveraging platforms like Facebook and YouTube for prospecting new clients and retargeting them with entertaining content to move them down the sales funnel. He emphasizes the value of incorporating comedy and personality into ads to cut through the clutter and capture viewers' attention.

Stuart adds that the power dynamic between advertisers and consumers has shifted, with the new generation of media-savvy consumers being well-trained in recognizing ads. He suggests that marketers should be honest with consumers and directly address them in a more authentic way. Stuart believes that being transparent about the unique selling proposition of a product and addressing the consumer's problem is essential. The impact of honest advertising campaigns like the Harry's Razor ad, which disrupted the industry by being transparent about production costs and pricing. The conversation also touches on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in copywriting but cautions against relying too heavily on it. While AI has made progress, it still falls short in terms of wit and creativity compared to human copywriters. They advise marketers to focus on proven strategies, stay informed about online trends, and maintain authenticity in their content.

Video Content Mistakes to Avoid

When shooting video content, there are a few common mistakes people can make. Matt points out that the biggest mistake is being boring as it can negatively impact a business and marketing budget. They emphasize the importance of capturing viewers' attention within the first 3 to 5 seconds of a video and highlight the need for visually appealing content, especially in social media marketing. They caution against underestimating the amount of work involved in producing high-quality videos and advise against relying solely on internal staff without the necessary expertise.

Stuart adds that what may seem boring in one industry might not be the case in another, so it's crucial to have a realistic understanding of what engages viewers in a particular context. They stress that marketers should consider the audience's perspective because what they find interesting may differ from the perception of the business owners or executives. They also discuss the importance of post-production and the role it plays in refining videos to make them more compelling.

The conversation emphasizes the value of trusting the creative team and their expertise in editing, writing, and videography. They highlight the dedication of creative professionals to deliver the best possible product and encourage clients to actively collaborate while also listening to the insights and recommendations of the experts. The section concludes with the acknowledgment that video production is an art that requires attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

The Video Marketing Strategy You Need to Succeed

Taylor asks for one piece of advice from both Matt and Stuart that they want people to take away from the discussion. Stuart emphasizes the significance of writing, highlighting that investing time and money into hiring a good writer is crucial. He explains that writing forms the foundation of a video project and solves a majority of the problems even before the shooting begins. Stuart encourages listeners to listen to the concerns and insights of the writers as they have the expertise to craft a compelling script. He also mentions the collaborative nature of video production and the need to trust the creative team in finding solutions during the shoot.

Matt supports Stuart's advice on the importance of writing and adds that working with an experienced production company is akin to starting at base camp when climbing Mount Everest. He emphasizes the value of the production process and the benefits of leveraging the expertise and knowledge accumulated by the team over time. Both Matt and Stuart express the advantage of working with professionals who have dealt with various challenges and can provide guidance and solutions based on their experience. They compare themselves to Sherpas guiding clients through the video production journey, offering wisdom and problem-solving skills. The conversation concludes with a plug for their company, commercial, highlighting their commitment to quality, experience, and expertise at an affordable price.

Burn the Boats Value Proposition

Stuart emphasizes that their primary focus is on good creative, which is essential for a successful video project. They believe that creative skills are inherent and can be honed through experience. Stuart mentions the importance of finding talented individuals who can contribute to the project, including writers, cinematographers, directors, and actors. He emphasizes that good creative is the key to capturing attention and delivering a compelling message.

Matt adds that Burn the Boats goes beyond just capturing beautiful images. They prioritize the creation of a strategy behind the video, ensuring that it aligns with the client's goals and effectively sells products or generates leads. They take pride in their creative abilities and are confident in their ability to compete with any other agency. Matt and Stuart assert that they have the expertise to deliver innovative and engaging content that stretches ad dollars and captivates audiences in the digital space. They express their willingness to do a free creative pitch and compete with other agencies, stating that they have the experience and track record of scaling businesses through their creative work. The section concludes with playful banter and an invitation for other agencies to step up to the challenge.

Matt Gill Discusses the Power of Using Videos in Your Marketing Strategy


Create an Effective Video Content Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals. However, it is important to create high-quality, engaging video content that will capture viewers' attention and drive results. If you are looking to use video marketing to grow your business, finding the right professional video production company is essential for success.

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