Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Automated Marketing Campaigns

Marketers across the globe are always looking for new solutions to streamline their workflow. One option for this is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), a digital marketing platform that combines marketing channels in one place. Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can automate email, SMS, mobile app, web, social media, and other types of campaigns. 

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an automation platform run by Salesforce that supports a variety of marketing campaigns and projects, including the following:

  • Email marketing. Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio, you can build, preview, test, and send emails with ease.
  • Content creation and management. Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to easily create and utilize content blocks, emails, templates, forms, and other content pieces.
  • Social media. Using SFMC’s Social Studio, you can create, schedule, monitor, and check the analytics of social media posts on a variety of platforms.
  • SMS and mobile push notifications. These can be sent and monitored using SFMC’s Mobile Studio to target the mobile user audience.
  • Data management. Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to easily import and transfer files, extract data, and create SQL queries, among other features — including an easy way to create automated workflows.

What are the Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Automation?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is composed of two types of services: studios and builders. Studios are intended for managing content and marketing channels such as SMS, social media, and email. Builders are intended to support campaign automation and data management. This includes mapping out user journeys, managing data about your audience, and building analytics reports. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is also integrated with a variety of third-party services, including CDP, analytics, Google plug-ins, and more.

These services are intended to provide a central hub for marketing teams, allowing all functions and channels to be managed in one place. This makes for easier collaboration with various sectors of marketing and reduces the need to use multiple services for multiple channels.

Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Automated Marketing Campaigns

SFMC is intended to combine all marketing channels into one central platform. This means the platform includes a wide variety of marketing tools to address different channels and audiences. These tools include the following:

  • Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, Web Studio, and Content Builder: These modules are intended to make reaching your target audience quicker and easier. Using these tools, you can send SMS messages, test emails, build web content, create landing page templates, or schedule social media posts, all on SFMC.
  • Advertising: This tool can be used to adjust your online advertising to match your CRM data, as well as find new audiences to target.
  • Automation Studio and Journey Builder: Using the Automation Studio, you can automate a variety of data management and marketing tasks. The Journey Builder allows you to map out the user journey of your site, then coordinate with the Automation Studio to make automated workflows.
  • Contact Builder: SFMC’s Contact Builder is designed to deliver data about your audience, including demographic and behavioral information.
  • Standard Reports: This module allows you to view analytics for email, web, and mobile campaigns, as well as audience behavior.

What Tools are Included in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

In addition to the base set of SFMC offerings, Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers users a range of technology-driven tools. These tools include Marketing Cloud Einstein, which uses AI to propel your marketing; Data Studio, which gives you access to large pools of anonymized data for advertising; Marketing Cloud Personalization, which tailors your messaging to the actions your customers make on your site; Loyalty Management, which allows you to build loyalty programs quickly and easily; and a wealth of other useful tools.

Learn More About Marketing Automation with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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