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Embarking on a website redesign journey is no small feat, especially when multiple systems need to be introduced across the digital landscape. Nordson Corporation, a global B2B manufacturer headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, recognized the need for a unified digital solution as their continuous expansion via acquisitions led to inconsistent brand representation. Partnering with the Sitecore web development team at, Nordson Corporation aimed to enhance its digital capabilities.

In this episode of the “Sitecore Water Cooler” podcast, our host, Jon Price, is joined by Scott Wilburn, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, and Jerry Berndobler, Web Development Manager, who provide insights into Nordson Corporation's background, the company’s diverse range of products, and its global presence spanning more than 35 countries. Let's dive into the Nordson Corporation website redesigning journey.

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What Type of Company is Nordson Corporation?

Nordson Corporation is a renowned B2B manufacturer headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, near Cleveland. Established in 1954, this global organization operates in over 35 countries, serving mainly manufacturers as its customer base. Nordson specializes in engineering and producing a wide range of products used for dispensing coatings, sealants, biomaterials, and other materials. Additionally, the company offers solutions for wood management, testing, inspection, UV curing, and plasma surface treatment. With 11 divisions catering to various consumer and durable technology markets, including packaging, electronics, medical appliances, energy, transportation, and construction, Nordson supports its products with application expertise and a network of global sales and service professionals. Its website serves as a vital resource for experts, decision-makers, buyers, investors, media, career seekers, and employees alike.

Acquisitions by Nordson

Nordson Corporation boasts a vast and diverse portfolio of divisions and acquisitions. Over the years, Nordson has integrated approximately 30 to 40 acquisitions, demonstrating its commitment to growth and expansion. These acquisitions have enabled Nordson to establish a strong presence in various industries, including packaging, electronics, medical appliances, energy, transportation, construction, and more. The seamless integration of these acquisitions has contributed to Nordson Corporation's comprehensive operations and its ability to provide innovative solutions to a wide range of manufacturing needs.

Nordson’s Previous Web Design & Development Experience

The previous redesign experience of Nordson Corporation dates back to 2014-2015 when they transitioned from an older version of Microsoft's CMS to a new site. However, before the most recent redesign launched in December 2022, the company embarked on a thorough discovery process. This involved stakeholder meetings with both the corporate team and various division teams, encompassing discussions on goals, pain points, ideal user experience (UX), target audiences, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Through analytics and competitive analysis, a comprehensive foundational document was created. The outcomes focused on improving audience acquisition, engagement, qualification, and conversion rates. Additionally, the discovery phase identified the need for an enhanced search tool to optimize the website's search experience. This information shaped the subsequent website design and development processes.

The Decision to Implement an Enhanced Search Tool

During the website redesign process, Nordson Corporation's team faced challenges related to search functionality. The decision to implement an enhanced search tool was driven by the limitations of the out-of-the-box capabilities provided by Sitecore. The Sitecore consulting team recognized the need for improved content filtering and faceting, which the existing solar implementation lacked. The out-of-the-box solution required extensive development work and offered limited flexibility in including external content or showcasing the breadth of Nordson's offerings within a unified search experience. The desire for a more versatile and comprehensive search functionality prompted the decision to pursue an enhanced search tool.

What is Coveo for Sitecore?

Nordson Corporation chose Coveo as their preferred solution for enhanced search based on several factors. Firstly, the recommendation from the project team and their positive experience with Coveo as a reliable platform for Sitecore integration played a significant role in the decision. Additionally, Nordson had observed Coveo's presence and reputation in the industry, having encountered them consistently at Sitecore Symposium events and recognizing them as a major player in the search platform space. Coveo's platform was deemed suitable for Nordson's needs, offering strong extensibility and alignment with their project goals. These factors collectively led to the selection of Coveo as the preferred solution for Nordson's enhanced search functionality.

Understanding Coveo for Sitecore & its Variety of Functionalities

During the discovery phase of the project, several key insights were uncovered regarding the Coveo implementation for Nordson's website redesign. The focus was on unifying the previously division-specific Nordson websites into a globalized platform. This involved identifying content types, implementing a global taxonomy, and creating search and landing pages tailored to specific facets and filters. Coveo offered great analytics and allowed for individualized listing and landing pages. Coveo’s partnership with Sitecore, as well as’s status as a Sitecore development agency partner, facilitated easy configuration and component integration, minimizing the need for extensive development work. Notably, the enhanced search functionality enabled users to navigate product listings and filter results based on their needs, while dynamic landing pages eased the burden on content authors and streamlined navigation.

New Website Features to Enhance the User Experience

The website redesign for Nordson introduced several exciting features. The product listings were enhanced with powerful facets, allowing users to easily filter and find products based on their needs. Specific product landing pages were created for divisions, application types, and facets, which could be dynamically updated through tagging and taxonomy. A product quiz provided an intuitive way for users to discover relevant products. The integration of Content Hub enabled a comprehensive resource library with direct downloads, eliminating the need for individual detail pages. The improved keyword search functionality offered autocomplete, relevancy, recommendations, and synonyms, enhancing the overall user experience.

Jerry Berndobler discusses the new Nordson website and its implementation

Roadmap for Future Website Design & Development

Looking ahead, Nordson Corporation has several plans and items on its roadmap following the launch of its redesigned website. The company aims to delve into analytics to gain insights into user behavior and search usage, leading to potential improvements. It’s also considering leveraging the IPX component of Sitecore's email product to enable in-page search capabilities for contextually relevant information. Additionally, Nordson anticipates advancements in the search functionality with features like chatbot-driven answers and deep-impact integration. While ecommerce plans are not explicitly mentioned, Nordson demonstrates a proactive approach to evolving its online presence and exploring new Sitecore SaaS products.

Key Considerations for Successful Website Redesigns

In conclusion, the conversation with Nordson Corporation's Jerry Berndobler and Scott Wilburn revealed their strategic approach to success and the importance of a customer mindset throughout the website redesign process. They emphasized the significance of the strategic discovery process and understanding the “why” behind their initiatives. In the future, Nordson’s roadmap includes leveraging analytics and metrics to drive continuous improvement. While specific plans for ecommerce were not mentioned, Jerry and Scott expressed an openness to exploring new Sitecore SaaS products, indicating their commitment to evolving their online presence. Their partnership and collaborative efforts were commended, and further collaboration in the future is anticipated.

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