Modern Marketing Messages Podcast: The Past, the Present & the Future of SEO

A few of’s SEO experts, Tony Stehn, Courtney McKeown, and Mike Ginley join the show to discuss Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We get into where SEO started several years ago, the current state of SEO, and what the future holds.

We unpack the actionable items that businesses are taking to improve their SEO over the last year during the big shift to digital, as result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Listen in as we also discuss what aspects of SEO businesses should focus on in 2021.

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About: The Modern Marketing Messages discusses the latest and greatest in both online and offline marketing tactics, strategies, and trends. We take a deep dive in to anything and everything marketing, speaking to the best and brightest minds in technology and marketing. Episodes will cover different areas of focus, from advanced SEO to paid search, personalization to influencer marketing and everything in between.

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