Lessons for Tomorrow Podcast: Reflecting on the Tech Industry in 2022 with Pantheon

Pantheon is the fastest, most reliable, WebOps platform with enterprise-grade security and customer support. They have over 300,000 websites hosted, 10,000 developers trained, and 100% successful website launches.

Zack Rosen, Co-Founder and CEO of Pantheon, joins our host, Tim Ahlenius, to reflect on the web/tech industry this past year. They discuss Zack's hobby project, California YIMBY, an initiative that aims to solve the housing crisis in California, how Pantheon started building digital products for the largest media companies in the U.S., and Zack's predictions for the future of the tech industry.

Zack pioneered the first large-scale Drupal website for the former governor of Vermont’s, Howard Dean, campaign in 2003, which helped revolutionize the business model of politics from offline to the internet. Pantheon continues to grow rapidly while retaining a focus on its talented and passionate team, loyal customer base, and the guiding mission of furthering the open web.

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Zack Rosen discusses the tech industry in 2022

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About: The Lessons for Tomorrow podcast is centered around conversations between industry experts sharing insights from the past, to apply in the present, to achieve success in the future. This podcast is the "motivational poster" in your ear; each episode is centered around conversations which motivate you to tackle new initiatives at your organization. We will be talking with some of the best and brightest minds in technology and marketing and will hear from the experts themselves about their latest experiences, their most recent challenges and the road ahead. Every episode has a different story, a different answer, a different approach.

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