How to Improve Local Search Engine Rankings

If your business operates in a physical location, one of the most important digital marketing strategies to put you front and center of the community is local search engine optimization (local SEO). From your Google Business Profile to creating relevant content, learning the intricacies of internal linking, technical SEO, and more, your business should clearly understand what it takes to succeed in local search results. These strategies will allow your business to flourish from an SEO standpoint and can be more beneficial to your audience. 

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How to Improve the Organic Rankings of Your Google Business Profile (GBP)

There are a variety of ways to improve the organic rankings of your Google Business Profile (GBP), such as implementing a Geo Grid tool. There are many versions of this tool out there, but uses Local Dominator to visualize your current ranking in local map packs around your business location and nearby areas. This empowers you to update your GBP which can positively impact your SEO.

There are also tools like Yext which leverages off-page signals by ensuring business listings on directories, like Yelp, are updated and syndicated consistently. The lists should have complete and accurate information regarding business name, address, phone number, hours, and all provided services to showcase your business to prospective customers.

Aside from implementing tools, it’s important to identify targets for improving rank on search engines, and make changes that help boost your business’s position. For businesses that don’t have a physical presence, such as a pest control company that has an office but services all cities within a 10-15-mile radius, take advantage of Google now allowing ads inside the local packs to increase visibility.

Working with an SEO agency can help your business grow from a local SEO standpoint and allow your business to thrive within your community.

Improve Your Website Content with ‘People Also Ask’ and ‘Related Searches’

A great way to improve your website content is to leverage the “People Also Ask” and “Related Searches” on Google as laid out by the examples below. The suggestive searches are essentially commonly asked questions with any given query on search engines, and can help guide your content based on what people are searching for.

The content can take a variety of formats, including how-to’s, checklists, and infographics to establish expertise. On-page elements, such as title tags, headings, and URLs, should be properly optimized for the target keywords. By leveraging these features, your business is able to guide it’s content to become more relevant to what’s being discussed within your industry. Not only can this information be more helpful to customers, but it can also enhance your business’s visibility on search engines.

Example of “Searches Related” to:

 Search engine queries about various types of air conditioners not working.


Example of “People Also Ask”:

Common troubleshooting questions about air conditioning problems in a search engine's

Top On-Page SEO Elements That Influence Organic Rankings

One of the most critical ranking signals from an SEO perspective are the top on-page SEO elements, which include the title tag, meta description, H1 heading, and more. These aspects of a webpage are the page’s “cliff’s notes” to search engines in regard to the relevance of the page. They should be optimized with target keywords in order to boost visibility and relevance.

When writing content, avoid overly complex headings with punctuation and links, as they can confuse crawlers and reduce the risk of your content not being ranked. Finally, pay attention to how headings and the architecture of the content may be rewritten in actual search results in order to better meet user intent.

The Importance of Internal Linking

Internal linking is something that many businesses allow to fall to the side, however it’s critical for impacting website traffic and reducing bounce rates. This is done because internal linking moves visitors logically through the website toward key product and conversion pages.

When internal linking, be sure to link important and relevant categories, product descriptions, reviews, purchases, and more within the paragraph body copy. It’s best to keep internal links on the same tab rather than opening new tabs in order to keep the disruptions at a minimum – external links to other sites can open in new tabs depending on the intent. While external links away from your website can provide SEO value, be sure to evaluate the intent behind the external link before sending users away from your site.

Technical SEO Factors That Affect Organic Rankings

Beyond on-page SEO, the technical intricacies of your website content wield substantial influence over organic rankings. It is imperative to meticulously implement canonical tagging to ensure alignment with URLs to send a clear signal of relevance to search engines, particularly concerning vital product and service pages. This practice aids in consolidating duplicate or similar content, guiding search engines to prioritize the intended primary page.

Additionally, optimizing technical elements, such as enhancing site speed and ensuring mobile responsiveness, contribute significantly to a positive user experience and, consequently, favorable search engine rankings. By addressing these technical nuances, businesses can fortify their online visibility and improve the overall performance of their website in the competitive digital landscape.

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