How Major Ecommerce Businesses Use Content to Increase Sales

Your ecommerce success depends on conversions and while there are several ways to give your sales a boost, content marketing is one of the most efficient. 

The numbers speak for themselves. On average, companies and brands that use content marketing see conversion rates six times higher than those that aren’t. Content marketing is not just producing and publishing content for the sake of filling white space on your website and social media platforms. It’s about creating an environment of trust with prospective customers, through unique and compelling copy. Why is this important?

For 65% of customers, trust in a brand matters “a great deal” or “a lot,” according to a recent survey. Content can convince people to invest in your products and services so they stay loyal to your brand for years to come. 

Whether you’re already using content marketing for your ecommerce store or you’re still wondering if it’s worth the effort, this blog post is meant to get you inspired. We’ll show you how big B2C and B2B ecommerce brands are leveraging content to stay on top — and how you can easily follow in their footsteps: 

1.) Mayo Clinic - Boosting Web Traffic Through Blogging  

Named the nation's best hospital in U.S. News & World Report's 2020-2021 "Best Hospitals" rankings, Mayo Clinic is also excelling at healthcare ecommerce. The organization is winning over customers with superior content published on their blog. 

Not too long ago, Mayo Clinic attracted a whooping 28 million organic visitors from search engines worldwide in just one month, with the majority of those views coming from its “Diseases and Conditions” subdomain. 

The healthcare organization employed data analytics to gain insight into what their readers are searching for and delivered exactly that in the form of blogs. Some of their top-performing articles are listicles like “10 ways to control blood pressure without medication” and each article benefits from dozens of other blog posts, as well as expert answers.

Learn from Mayo Clinic’s strategy and focus on producing consistent, high-quality, and engaging content tailored to your audience. Once you become their go-to source of industry-information, your website visitors will feel confident and conversions will climb.

2.) Lenovo, Salesforce & Zappos- Fueling Marketing Success With Video Content

One of the largest personal computer vendors in the world, Lenovo saw a significant spike in audience engagement when they embraced video content. The company started small, with a couple of product demo videos, before venturing into on-demand webinars and personalized video campaigns.

Lenovo recorded a 500% increase in click-through and conversion rates from B2B users alone by using personalized details throughout their videos, such as the viewer’s name, job title and company.

Here are more ideas to get you started with video content:

  • Recover abandoned carts with personalized videos. Identify customers who abandoned their shopping carts using your analytic reports and send them individualized video messages to remind them of a great deal that awaits their attention.
  • Capture more leads with video landing pages, which were shown to boost visitor-to-customer conversion rates by 80%. Here’s just one example of how Salesforce uses educational videos to help prospects learn about their solutions. The company has an entire video library featuring tutorials, interviews with experts, customer stories and more. 
  • Build brand loyalty via behind-the-scenes footage. Zappos is a big fan of using unscripted videos to drive conversions and connect with their audience on a deeper level. With 54% of consumers wanting to see more video content from brands or businesses they support, this is the perfect time to humanize your brand using video.

3.) Accenture, Hershey & CVS - Spiking Sales with Holiday-Themed Content And Promotions 

For ecommerce stores like yours, the holiday season is the most lucrative time of the year. One sure way to spur holiday sales is through themed content. Customers will love it and so will your budget since content marketing is 60% cheaper compared to traditional marketing tactics while generating about three times as many leads. 

Some of the biggest companies are already creating excitement about their products and services by tapping into their Halloween spirit. 

Retailers like CVS created a tradition by sending Halloween-inspired emails. Their steep discounts and gifts with purchases are communicated through “spooky” words and phrases such as “monstrous deals.”

Hershey set another good example of how you can get creative with your Halloween content. The confectioner launched a website that maps out how to trick-or-treat safely across the country. They also created a Halloween Squad consisting of experts who chime in with engaging content including Halloween-related recipes, decoration tips and games.

If you prefer a more subtle approach to themed content, look no further than Accenture. 

Last year, the leading global professional services company, posted a blog titled “Trick Or Treat: Keeping Tricks Out Of Customer Experience.” The article teaches businesses how to “build their customer treats to ensure there are no scary hidden tricks,” while maintaining a professional tone. Considering that 61% of online consumers make a purchase after reading a blog post, producing this type of content will pay dividends long after this sweet tooth-inducing holiday is over.

Content in itself cannot sustain your ecommerce business, but it can help you build a sense of trust with your prospective customers. This will lead to short-term sales and long-term brand loyalty.

The Digital Marketing team at can assist you with all your content needs. We know that ecommerce runs on “content fuel” and that’s what our copywriters excel at. We will work with you to develop strong, clickable content that makes your brand shine and your sales soar. Read more about our digital marketing services from web and business writing to email marketing, paid search, social media, and more. 

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