Convert Abandoned Shopping Carts with Email Marketing

Just like a physical store, your e-commerce store will likely have abandoned shopping carts. But unlike a physical store your e-commerce site is able to gather data and information on consumers that abandon their shopping cart.

While you can improve your conversion rate by analyzing where people leave your store, you can also take the opportunity to really target market these consumers through broadcast emails.

So what broadcast email strategies should you consider to raise your conversion rate? Here are the five practices and strategies that e-commerce stores can implement to improve and strengthen their conversion rate:

1. Timing is everything

When sending out emails to consumers that have abandoned their shopping cart, timing really is everything. You have to consider on what is too soon after the cart is abandoned and when it might be too late for the consumer to remember they were looking at an item. One way to combat this is by using an automated broadcast email system, like the one offers to their e-commerce clients. By planning ahead and automating the process of sending these critical emails you will save your staff time and the business money.

2. What type of message will you send

There are a variety of messaging strategies you can use. You could send a simple reminder, a promotion or an alert on availability. Many e-commerce stores are taking a couple of these types of strategies and spreading them over two or three emails. Sending a few different messages will allow you to test which message works with your audience.

3. Make it a social experience

Like other broadcast emails don’t forget to add social media tie-ins. Sometimes people abandon their cart because they need a second opinion. Give the consumer this opportunity by allowing them to make their decision socially. Encourage them to send it through Twitter for more opinion or have them forward it to five friends to get their opinion. This will make them more engaged and will make your items viral allowing you to market to a group of consumers through one person.

4. Add it to their wish list

Encourage the consumer to create a wish list or add the item(s) they want to their personal wish list. This makes them invested into the item and over time will have a higher chance of purchasing it.

5. Cross-sell

Add complementing items when sending a cart reminder email. Creating an outfit or showcasing accessories that go with the item in the cart will get the consumer thinking about the whole experience vs. just the need for one item. This may push them to go back to their shopping cart and purchase the item.

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