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In this episode of the Lessons for Tomorrow podcast, Nick Goodrum, Director of Accessibility at, hosts a discussion on AI and accessibility with special guests Izabela Misiorny from Siteimprove and Norbert Rum from



Izabela, the Chief Marketing Officer at Siteimprove, shares her journey from product marketing to understanding the significance of accessibility for business outcomes. She emphasizes the importance of educating the market about accessibility's impact on marketing strategies. This highlights the crucial link between accessibility and business success, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of AI's role in promoting inclusivity and accessibility in digital spaces.

The Evolution of AI

The evolution of AI spans over 50 years, but gained significant attention around 2021-2022 with advancements in machine learning and deep learning. Norbert, an accessibility industry veteran, delineates between artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. While machine learning like behavior has been utilized by platforms like Netflix, recent advancements, exemplified by GPT models, like ChatGPT, signal a new phase of AI technology. Technologies such as Alexa and Siri, which debuted over a decade ago, mark early stages of AI integration into daily life. This progression parallels transformative technological shifts like the advent of the internet and smartphones.

Misconceptions Surrounding AI Usage in Marketing

Common misconceptions surrounding AI in marketing stem from its perceived magic bullet nature. Despite AI's potential to enhance accessibility and marketing, there's a misunderstanding of its capabilities. Izabela emphasizes the need for thoughtful consideration when integrating AI. Challenges arise from the temptation to rely solely on AI without understanding its limitations. Blind reliance on AI can lead to incorrect information and poor practices.

Nick highlights the importance of human involvement in AI utilization to avoid potential pitfalls and ensure accurate results.

AI’s Impact on Digital Accessibility and Inclusion

AI's impact on inclusion and accessibility poses challenges for the blind community, especially when AI-driven overlays overload machines or browsers, causing crashes or memory depletion. These tools may attempt to fix non-existent issues, such as excessive lighting, making pages unusable for visually impaired users. Feedback underscores the importance of human involvement in AI-driven accessibility solutions, as blindly relying on AI can exacerbate problems. While machine learning aids accessibility, like optical character recognition facilitating digital library access for the blind, there's a critical need to ensure AI aligns with accessibility principles rather than exacerbating barriers.

Siteimprove’s Integration of AI

Siteimprove has carefully integrated AI into its product suite, emphasizing responsible usage and human involvement. Features like Page Sections leverage AI algorithms to identify and analyze content sections, aiding user experience optimization. AI Generate assists marketers in creating SEO-optimized content efficiently. Meanwhile, AI Remediate offers code suggestions to streamline accessibility issue fixes, reducing team workload by up to 25%.

These AI-driven solutions empower users to enhance accessibility and user experience while ensuring data privacy and addressing specific industry challenges, exemplifying Siteimprove's commitment to leveraging AI responsibly for tangible benefits.

How Siteimprove Ensures Accuracy of Accessibility Assessments

Siteimprove ensures accuracy in accessibility assessments by meticulously reviewing and confirming results before release. They prioritize simplifying the complexity of accessibility challenges, offering relevant context and suggestions for faster results. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of accessibility, Siteimprove emphasizes the importance of human oversight and checks to prevent misinformation and promote inclusivity. Amid evolving code bases and AI-driven solutions, Siteimprove advocates for a balanced approach, where technology acts as a supportive tool rather than a standalone solution, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness in achieving accessibility goals.

image featuring a quote by Izabela Misiorny on AI-driven error fixing using coding recommendations that save time and effort

Future Trends in AI and Accessibility

Looking toward the future, AI is expected to play a crucial role in enhancing accessibility practices, particularly by providing better feedback and support to developers. As awareness grows, AI tools may become more adept at identifying and addressing various accessibility issues, catering to different user needs. However, it's crucial to note that current AI tools excel in specific areas, such as image recognition or prompt generation, but lack versatility across all accessibility domains. Future advancements may focus on creating more comprehensive AI solutions capable of addressing a wider range of accessibility challenges, driving progress in inclusivity and usability.

The Progression of More Generalized Applications of AI

AI technology's progression toward more generalized applications is still in its early stages, with specialized tools dominating specific areas like development or image recognition. While there's hope for future advancements enabling AI systems to undertake multiple tasks seamlessly, the current landscape lacks such comprehensive solutions. Trends suggest that AI and machine learning remain compartmentalized, limiting their versatility across various domains. Over the next year or two, advancements may lead to more integrated systems. But for now, AI capabilities remain largely segregated into distinct functionalities, posing challenges to broader applicability beyond specific use cases.

Privacy and Security Concerns Surrounding AI

As AI adoption proliferates, concerns over privacy and security have emerged, particularly in regions like Europe where regulations are tightening. Siteimprove acknowledges these challenges but remains committed to responsible AI use. While some organizations hesitate due to privacy fears, Siteimprove emphasizes the need for human oversight to ensure compliance and data protection. The company advocates for a balanced approach, leveraging AI's benefits while respecting privacy boundaries. Additionally, Siteimprove suggests decentralized AI systems as a potential solution, allowing businesses to maintain control over sensitive data and tailor AI models to their specific needs, fostering brand identity and market expression.

Encouraging Continued Exploration of AI

This episode of Lessons for Tomorrow highlighted the various facets of AI's integration, particularly in promoting accessibility and inclusion. Siteimprove's approach emphasizes responsible AI use, considering privacy and security concerns amid regulatory shifts. While challenges exist, AI presents transformative opportunities, enhancing user experience and streamlining processes.

The conversation also showcased AI's role in simplifying complex tasks and addressing accessibility issues, showcasing specific features like content optimization and code remediation. Looking ahead, there's optimism for AI's continued evolution, though caution is urged in navigating ethical and regulatory landscapes. Overall, the discourse underscores the importance of ongoing exploration and innovation to harness AI's potential for positive societal impact.

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