The Sitecore Water Cooler Podcast: Building the Sitecore MVP Website

Every year, Sitecore honors the top contributors in the community by naming them MVPs. Thousands of applicants apply through the channel of the Sitecore MVP Website. In this episode, our host, Jon Price, spoke with team members who help build the Sitecore websites and help streamline the application process.

Our guests include’s Senior Sitecore Developer Naim Al, Joshua Hover, Director of Sitecore Project Management Operations, and Sitecore Solutions Architect Ahmed Okour. Combined, these three experts have more than 30 years of experience in Sitecore.

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Naim Al quote on Sitecore MVP site project

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About: For years, ‘water cooler talk’ has been a natural way for people in the workplace to come together and connect on common interest topics in what would otherwise be a formal environment; it boosts moral, improves culture and gets the creative juices flowing! Some of the best workplace ideas and conversations happen through face-to-face conversations around the ‘water cooler,’ so just as the name implies, The Sitecore Water cooler Podcast is a casual conversation between colleagues and peers centered around all things Sitecore. This podcast is an outlet for various Sitecore experts within the Sitecore community to have a meaningful discussion around the latest with Sitecore products, every day topics, challenges and successes associated with this top-of-line digital experience platform.  Each podcast episode will range in topic, but will be geared towards quick-hitting initiatives that affect how business is done today. Whether you’re a new Sitecore user, a Sitecore MVP, or just someone who wants to learn more about Sitecore technology and capabilities, then meet us at the watercooler!

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