PIM Solutions and Benefits for Brands

As companies continue to adopt new technologies, the need to create unified digital experiences through seamless integrations is more important than ever. Studies have shown that half of companies that manage online sales channels would add Product Information Management (PIM) software to their structure by the year 2021. Has your company?

A Product Information Management system allows your team to move product data seamlessly across channels. PIM streamlines the way that users interact with the product data that your managing day-in and day-out. With PIM, you can automate the creation, enrichment, translation, and publication of product information and content directly, establishing an exceptional customer experience in a global, omnichannel market.

Through automated and workflow driven governance within PIM, product stakeholders have an all-encompassing solution to onboard, enrich, and deliver their product data seamlessly across channels. Overall, what you expect from any new product solution is for it to help meet more of your business goals and meet them sooner. PIM will help you do this and we’ll tell you how.

Three Benefits of PIM for Brands

Uniform Messaging

Brand managers want a consistent and cohesive message across all channels. The data presented within this messaging must be uniform in order to show brand consistency. PIM systems are able to reinforce this uniformity because it serves as a single source of truth ensuring that the product data is enriched and consistent.

Omnichannel Source

Customers have drastically pivoted to purchasing online and with this, brands using PIM are able to capitalize on selling within marketplaces without investing as much time and resources. PIM solutions help to create a unified user experience across all channels, making cross channel promotion more seamless. PIM also allows teams to be productive while focusing on initiatives aimed at boosting revenue.

Modern Insights

As product trends evolve and new opportunities arise, brands must adapt their content to stay relevant and continue building customer trust. With a centralized data system, PIM presents the ability to create analysis reports on the product information while giving full control to administrators to pivot as needed. PIM reduces data errors and allows product managers to focus on crafting a more enhanced experience.

PIM Example in Action

inRiver for Adobe

Named one of the 10 best PIM software solutions of 2020, inRiver allows you to push product information to virtually any channel and is designed for both B2B and B2C retailers.

inRiver is the backbone of your digital commerce ecosystem, while making a lasting impression that converts customer browsers into buyers at every channel and touchpoint. inRiver’s integration with Adobe allows global brands and branded manufacturers to create a unique customer experience at scale by managing all content from one place while combining AEM product content with Magento.

  • The combination inRiver and AEM provide:
    • Real-time collaboration on media
    • Easy enrichment of high-quality product information
    • Flexible marketing model that changes and adapts to business needs
    • Faster time to market
    • Synchronize media metadata

Bringing inRiver and Magento together helps marketers, merchandisers and eCommerce professionals to:

  • Create and translate product stories to any language they need
  • Set the product change frequency to their way of working, either publish at scheduled times or as often as they need
  • Add product relations, bundle and group products synchronization
  • Automatically publish the latest, accurate product content across all stores, store view and websites

Americaneagle.com’s PIM Expertise

At Americaneagle.com, we look at every PIM integration project individually. Our first step is information gathering and understanding all of the business units that will be interfacing with the system. We focus on maintaining data integrity while eliminating inefficiencies in the workflow. Once all integration requirements are gathered, we create an in-depth, field by field integration plan. Our team provides a detailed plan laying out how data will flow between your website and various systems. If you are unsure of your current needs, our integration consultants can help.

Discover what PIM can do and learn more about inRiver’s powerful solutions here.

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