Creating Seamless Business Processes with PIM

Collecting, Enriching, and Spreading Data Across Multiple Channels

As companies continue to adopt several new technologies, the need to create unified digital experiences through seamless integrations has rapidly increased. Our dedicated Product Information Management (PIM) implementation team will work to efficiently manage, gather, and distribute product information for your business - all while cleansing your data to ensure a seamless integration across channels.

Providing Quality PIM Integrations
What is PIM

What is PIM?

A Product Information Management system allows your team to move product data seamlessly across channels. PIM streamlines the way that your users interact with the data your team is managing day-in and day-out. With PIM, business users can automate the creation, enrichment, translation, and publication of product information and content directly inside of this key system. It’s foundational to providing an exceptional customer experience in a global, omnichannel market. Through automated and workflow driven governance within the system itself, product stakeholders have a one-stop shop solution to onboard, enrich, and deliver their product data.

How Does PIM Work?

Data Acquisition (Gathering)

Extract the data from ERP, CRM, straight from a retailer/supplier, etc.

Catalog Management (Enhancement)

Product experience creation. Add text, stories, images, videos, documents, specs, SEO, etc.

Plan & Release (Develop)

Combine products into assortments, groups, showrooms, campaigns or other segmented targets for specific channels and customers.

Syndicate (Distribute)

Push product info to different channels like eCommerce, print, POS, advertisements, email marketing, retail, etc.

Insights (Summarize)

Product information management reporting contains valued intel such as completeness and performance.

The PIM Process Flow

How Does PIM Help My Team?


Accelerates the time-to-market of products, allowing teams to be productive while focusing on initiatives aimed at boosting revenue.


User experiences are unified across all channels through PIM, making cross channel promotion more of a seamless experience.


A PIM reduces data errors and allows product managers to focus on crafting a more enhanced experience.


Allows governance and control over product data and provides data functionality with integration capabilities.

How PIM Impacts Business


  • Collects data from existing sources such as an ERP or database
  • Defines and cleans data to distribute to your channels
  • Prioritizes data between sources


  • Enriches products with technical, usage, and emotional descriptions
  • Translate product information into multiple languages classifying and associating with specified channels
  • Manages the lifecycle of your data and maintains control of data completeness


  • Manages the distribution of data across multiple channels such as ecommerce, print, social networks, etc.
  • Selects specific catalog and attributes you want to distribute to each channel
  • Creates efficiencies to easily create multi-channel product distribution

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